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Judi & Henrys Crashpad 1620 in North Carolina

Host Judi Judi says:

This is our story , well I have this land its 6.43 acres . This is how it all started there was a hippie fest going on in town and it was posted on social media . Someone posted they were looking for a place to camp but they didnt have camping at the fairgrounds where the event was . So I messaged this person and said I have a big yard maybe they could camp here but I have no facilities water toilet etc. We spoke and the gentleman said he would like to do that him and his group . I have never done anything like this  they paid me to stay ,but before I knew it I had 32 people coming here 2 pop up campers a 30 ft pull behind and 12 tents WOW . So of course I had to get the porta toilet thats how it ended up down there . The weather was threatening us so some people cancelled but in all we ended up with 16 people here it was a fun time for all . Thats when I decided to join hipcamp now we are on our hipcamp journey . My fiance Henry built a shelter and  a rain barrel water isnt drinkable , as time goes on we will be cleaning out more of the land for more camp sites . Hope y'all come visit . 

Posted on: May 31, 2018
Zip code: 28146
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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