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From public parks to private land, we're the most comprehensive guide to getting outside.

Our mission

Get more people outside

Hipcamp is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. By connecting people with the land and each other, Hipcamp works to support those who care for the land and get more people out under the stars. We do this because we believe humans in nature bring out the best of human nature.

Our values

Leave it Better

From the codebase to our ecosystem, we endeavor to create a positive impact on our teammates, our work, our communities. We are continually improving (Kaizen!) and approach our work with the responsibility of stewardship.

Create Magic

We create magic for our customers, our teammates and the communities that we impact. Magic takes many forms, from a magical camping spot on a waterfall to an upgraded internal process. Our business regenerates our bodies, spirits, rural economies, and our ecosystem--how we create this business incorporates that magic every step of the way. Ikigai.

Make Things Happen

With grit and passion, we build, we ship, we create. Like a river, we wind around blocking boulders, take big dives off cliffs, and push through underbrush to get to our ultimate destination. We cultivate resiliency and embrace the adventure.

Win Together

We prioritize the team's win over personal glory. We make the time to communicate well. We invest in getting to know our teammates and build relationships before we need them.

Land Sharing

The sharing economy goes wild

“The next wave of conservation has to be about engaging private landowners.” Rand Wentworth, President, Land Trust Alliance

Over 60% of the United States is privately owned. It is essential to the future of our planet that much of this land remains undeveloped to maintain wilderness habitats and corridors that allow plants and animals to thrive and migrate naturally.

By connecting landowners who want to keep their land undeveloped with our community of responsible, nature-loving Hipcampers, recreation can help fund the conservation of this land.

And land sharing isn't just important for the environment—it also creates an entirely new way to get outside. Campers can escape the crowds, reconnect with nature and experience new land and cultures outside of the city—from organic farming, wild foraging, outdoor classrooms, group campouts and indigenous land stewardship.

Join the land sharing movement! Find out more about listing your land or refer a host .

Our story

It started with a wave

The Hipcamp story began with waves—gorgeous, glassy, barrelling waves. They were crashing on California’s Central Coast at Andrew Molera State Park as Hipcamp founder and CEO Alyssa Ravasio watched in frustration.

She had spent several hours searching dozens of websites for a spot that fit what she thought was a simple request: a beach to set up camp and watch the first sunrise of 2013.

Although she found the state park as a result of her work, she didn’t discover one essential detail until she got there: it was an amazing place to catch a wave. “When I arrived,” she said, “I found out that even though I’d read so much about this place, I hadn’t learned that it was home to a great surf break. I’m a surfer and hadn’t brought my board!”

At the time, over 30% of the California State Park system was threatened by closure due to lack of revenue. With this fact plus her disappointing research session, Alyssa set out to build technology to help people get outside, connect with nature, and find the right spots for them.

And so the idea for Hipcamp was born. Alyssa attended Dev Bootcamp, an intensive 10-week coding training, and built a basic version of Hipcamp in 2013 before co-founder Eric Bach joined later that year. Hipcamp has since grown into the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping.

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