Hipcamper Standards

Our Hipcamper Standards exist to set expectations and serve as guidance for our community. All Hipcampers should review and adhere to these standards for safety, preparation, and respect.

Be prepared.

Ensure you have all the info you need before you go.

Review your Host’s listing details, rules, and welcome info.

Don’t forget to read through the information provided before asking questions. Check your trip confirmation page and/or confirmation email at any time to find these details and share them with your entire group—you’ll also be reminded via text before you leave.


Communicate with your Host.

If you’d like to adjust your booking or need any information about the listing or property, message your Host ahead of time to get things squared away. It’s also best to share your estimated arrival time with them so they can prepare and/or greet you.


Keep directions handy.

Know that some Hosts don’t recommend using GPS and instead provide detailed directions for how to access their property. Read arrival instructions before taking off (find them on your trip confirmation page), and ideally, download this and your Host’s contact info in advance. Not every Hipcamp has good cell reception.

Stay safe.

Do your part to avoid accidents.

Be fire safe.

Check the ‘Essentials’ section of a listing to find your Host’s rules relating to fires—not all Hosts allow them! If they are allowed where you’re headed, read our fire safety guide to brush up on how to build and extinguish campfires safely and take our quiz to ensure you’re doing your part to prevent wildfires. If your Host implements a fire ban at a site you’ve reserved, you’ll be notified right away. Also note that no fires means no fireworks!


Verify your group size.

Adhere to your Host’s occupancy limits and verify your group size with them before you arrive. Need to adjust it? Here’s how.

Review any safety warnings or emergency procedures.

Your Host may point out potential hazards or share relevant emergency information such as phone numbers or the location of the nearest hospital.


Know your vehicle’s limits.

Some Hipcamp properties are only accessible via roads that require a 4x4 vehicle, and we want to avoid you overestimating your car’s power and getting stuck. Be aware of road conditions and confer with your Host if necessary—some road information may be included in their listing description.

Be a respectful guest.

Hipcamp Hosts graciously share their own land with our community.

Read and follow the rules.

Stay respectful of your Hosts and their land by taking the time to review any rules or restrictions they may have. (These can be found in your trip confirmation details.) Make sure everyone in your group is aware of these rules in advance so that everyone can abide by them as required.


Limit noise.

If your Host has set quiet hours, be sure to respect these so others can enjoy their stay and neighbors can remain undisturbed. If quiet hours aren’t set, use your best judgment based on privacy and space to avoid being disruptive to others.


Be mindful of the local community.

Adhere to speed limits, be mindful of neighbors, and remember that rural communities are home to others.


Dispose of garbage, recycling, and compost responsibly.

Hosts either indicate exactly where you should dispose of your trash or make it clear that you should pack it out with you when you leave. Make sure you know where designated bins are if they have them; otherwise, bring trash bags (preferably compostable ones) to pack out your trash.


Dispose of human waste responsibly.

Hosts set rules for disposing of human waste to ensure it's done in a way that's good for the environment and compliant with local laws. Be sure to use any onsite facilities, if available. You are responsible for bringing your own camping toilet if the host doesn't provide one.


Keep control of your pets.

At Hipcamps where pets are allowed, you must keep your pets in your control, keep them from causing harm, and ensure they’re reasonably quiet during quiet hours. Be sure to review and follow your Host’s on- or off-leash policies, found on your trip confirmation page.

Be inclusive.

We expect that everyone works to foster a sense of safety and inclusivity while using Hipcamp, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political views, religion, national origin, or culture. This includes Hosts, Hipcampers, and Hipcampers’ guests, too. Using Hipcamp is an agreement to uphold our shared commitment to building resilient communities by fostering a hate-free environment. Learn more about our Inclusion Policy.


Leave it better.

Hipcamp’s most important value is to ‘leave it better.’ As a Hipcamper, this means making sure you’re respecting your Host’s land and rules at all times, and doing your best to ensure you leave the property and community as you found it or—ideally—even better.