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The DREAMCATCHER'S LAIR in North Carolina

Host Kimberly Dixon says:

This land  was purchased by my family when I was a young child. We camped out and rode our dirt bikes on the trails thru the woods.  I loved it so much that I asked my parents to sell me a few acres.  Since my father was sheriff,  the hunters called it the "Sheriff's Cable".  My drive entrance is where the deer jumped the cable to escape the hunters. The deer still feel safe here and visit often. 

I moved my home onto the land in 1994 where I lived and raised my children until  2009/2010. During the first 18 years  I ran a rescue/ kennel here. It was more like a halfway house for animals caught up in family break ups or moves  or any other situation that called for " a lil more time" than the local shelter could offer .  There were so many success stories here that I could go on for days talking about it !!! In 2002 I decided to convert the rescue into a farm to help with homeschooling my son . He thrived and was so proud when he went to shows with the livestock we had raised!  

After suffering thru a divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure in 2009/2010, I lost the property!  I went to Asheville,NC to study massage therapy so we would have something to rebuild our lives on once the smoke had cleared from all that had happened.  Though I had family and friends to stay with,  I was  still basically homeless and living out of my truck.

We thought all was gone until I received  a tax notice for one acre of the land that had been deeded separately and slipped thru the bankruptcy.  That acre would become mine and my son's camping area, just like this same land was when I was a child.  It was so hard to watch from the top of the hill as people walked in and out of the home we had lost!   No one bought it because it was in such bad shape!  The realtor signs kept changing until we found out that the property  had been sold  to a company in Texas which had purchased it  in a lot of 10 other non-sellable properties and was up for sale again. With the help of my parents, my youngest son and I were able to repurchase our home in August,2011!

The house had been badly vandalized and stripped!  The air conditioning unit had been stolen,  wire and copper pipe cut from underneath the house and buildings, backdoor had been kicked in and front door had a padlock but no door knob  and someone had used the back bedroom as a bathroom , as well as many other problems. My son and  I  worked hard to restore the home to what you see now!  Though we have come a long way, it is still  a work in progress!

My son has home of his own now!  I've been trying to find ways to have the land  help support itself so I  can maintain it on my own!  Finding  out about Hipcamp has been the answer to my prayers!!!  NOW, I can share my little piece of heaven with others and help to sustain it at the same time! Thank you Hipcamp for this opportunity!!!

Posted on: November 27, 2017
Zip code: 27574
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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