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Best Camping in Minnesota

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Lake Maria Campground

1. Lake Maria Campground

Remotely located among the riparian confines of Lake Maria, this campground's numerous walk-in style, primitive campsites offer backpackers the...

Sammi: Great cross country ski trails in the winter!
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Gooseberry Falls Campground

2. Gooseberry Falls Campground

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has dubbed Gooseberry Falls State Park “the gateway to the North Shore,” and who are we to argue?...

Austin: Beautiful falls here, definitely a must see! Park isn't all that big but its a good one night stop when visiting the parks of...
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Red Fox Campground

3. Red Fox Campground

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. . . that is, unless you are in Minneopa State Park, which has some of the best in the state. Chase these waterfalls...

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Bear Head Lake Campground

4. Bear Head Lake Campground

Black bears, nesting eagles, wolves and moose call Bearhead Lake State Park home, and we’re so grateful they let us crash their party. Nestled in...

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Flour Lake Campground

5. Flour Lake Campground

Ahh, the sweet absence of sound. Flour Lake is one quiet body of water, and its campground will allow you to get comfy along it’s lovely shores. If...

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Oak Woods Campground

6. Oak Woods Campground

A place where pelicans hang out is bound to have some good fish in the water. Time to plan that next fishing trip at Lake Shetek State Park. Shetek...

Paula: If you are looking for seclusion , visit this campground in October , when Minnesotan's start to hibernate . The lake is a huge...
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White Fox Campground

7. White Fox Campground

White Fox Campground is an ideal spot for hikers. Pitch your tent along the banks of Albert Lea Lake, pack some snacks and water in your bag, and...

Paula: If you paddle into the canoe in sites , bring DRY wood with you . There will be some wood at the sites for you but it could be...
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Interstate Campground

8. Interstate Campground

Hey, amateur geologists—head to Interstate State Park Campground and explore the ten different lava flows 'n' two glacial deposits that are exposed...

Paula: There are a few car camping sites here that are fairly secluded . The campground is located on the St Croix River . The hiking...
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Kilen Woods State Park Campground

9. Kilen Woods State Park Campground

Hey hikers, looking for a place to camp near expansive and diverse hiking trails? Try Kilen Woods State Park Campground. First thing you should do...

Kate: Nice campground and great showers but the trails are not too well maintained. It was also extremely windy.
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Riverside Campground

10. Riverside Campground

Riverside Campground is a shaded oasis, nestled alongside the area’s towering pines and other dense foliage. Sites, while not given any designating...

Paula: The sites here are not very private but if you go in the month of October to the primitive sites along the river , you will...
Blue Mounds Campground

11. Blue Mounds Campground

An Oregon Trail throwback without the dysentary? Blue Mound State Park will make your childhood dreams come true. At Blue Mound, Bison herds graze...

Paula: Some of the cart in sites are AMAZING and very secluded with rock formations . The trails are beautiful with many blooming...
Camden Lower Campground

12. Camden Lower Campground

Take a trip to Camden State Park, and you’ll come home with a triumphant win for the Instagrams. In the fall, the Park’s trees—Woodlands, maples,...

Camden Upper Campground

13. Camden Upper Campground

Camden State Park shines year-round, but take a trip there this fall, and the trees—woodlands, maples, basswoods, oaks, and cottonwoods, to be...

Paula: There is a DNR trout stream here . There is also a very nice swimming hole that would be perfect for a family trip .
Cuyuna Country Campground

14. Cuyuna Country Campground

The Portsmouth Campground is everything you’d want a campground to be. Nestled on a lake with panoramic views, you can enjoy swimming, fishing and...

Paula: f you live in Minnesota , you know the winters can be brutal and often times , many Minnesota residents side with the bears and...
Fort Ridgely Campground

15. Fort Ridgely Campground

Situated slightly out of the way on the southern end of the park, the rustic campsites at Fort Ridgely Campground offer a little more privacy and...

Paula: There is a DNR trout stream here with the most beautiful rainbow trout . Make sure you are fishing in open trout season and...
Glendalough Campground

16. Glendalough Campground

And now for something completely different…check out Glendalough’s Cart-In Campground to get away from the same old, same old. Just grab one of the...

Paula: These cart in sites are pretty amazing and roomy . The chain of lakes surrounding this area are great to paddle in . We...
Prairie Campground

17. Prairie Campground

Fish and frolic alongside your pelican friends in Minnesota. Wait, what? That’s right, folks, pelicans aren't just at the ocean. At Lake Shetek...

Sunrise Campground

18. Sunrise Campground

When you camp at Sunrise Campground, you'll probably want to wake up early and watch the glistening sun awake over Minnesota’s Largest Lake! Or...

Minneopa State Park Group Campground

19. Minneopa State Park Group Campground

Welcome to Minnopa State Park Group Campground. Derived from the Dakota language, “minneopa” actually translates to “water falling twice,” an...

Kye: By far the most beautiful place within hours of the area! The waterfalls and the sandstone cliffs covered in moss and carved...
Chase Point Campground

20. Chase Point Campground

Water views and forests and historic landmarks abound near Chase Point Campground. Pitch your tent on the hill above the lake, surrounded by a...

Tall Pines Yurt
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21. Tall Pines Yurt

Tall Pine Yurt-The Tall Pines Yurt is located on remote small bog-like BWCA Lake with easy access to other BWCA Lakes. Yurt can accommodate six...

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Savanna and Riverway Campground

22. Savanna and Riverway Campground

Savanna and Riverway Campground sits along the banks of the St. Croix River. This wild and scenic river is a great spot for kayaking and exploring...

Jenna: The Savanna Campground is more secluded than the Riverway Campground. Some of the best hikes are around the Hardwood Hills...
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Wild Motive Woods Camp
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23. Wild Motive Woods Camp

Relax in our tiny cabins in the woods! This is a unique mix of remote, rustic living mixed with modern amenities (like wi-fi!) and vintage decor in...

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Trail's End Campground

24. Trail's End Campground

Camping at Trail’s End will give you prime access to the Seagull River, plus Seagull, Gull, and Saganaga Lakes. You’ll notice an interesting...

Kjersti: Fantastic campground with excellent swimming at the edge of the BWCAW. Come in July/August and find thousands of wild...
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Frontenac Campground

25. Frontenac Campground

Talk about a tent with a view: the campground at Frontenac State Park sits right on the edge of the park’s bluff, 430 feet above the water. You’ll...

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Great River Campground

26. Great River Campground

Sweeping Mississippi River views are just a short hike away from the Great River Bluffs State Park Campground in Great River Bluffs State Park....

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Tettegouche Baptism River Campground

27. Tettegouche Baptism River Campground

With cart-in as an option, you may just feel like a Minnesota pioneer at Tettegouche Baptism River Campground. The sprawling area sits along...

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Tettegouche Camp

28. Tettegouche Camp

Tettegouche Campground sits on the banks of the Baptism River. Many hiking trails lead adventurers through the untouched forest of yellow birch,...

Jay: Wonderful mix of cart-in, hike-in and car camping sites. Well groomed hiking trails and scenery. I enjoyed having the...
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Ninemile Lake Campground

29. Ninemile Lake Campground

You’ll feel like a true explorer when you come to connect with nature at Ninemile Lake. This lovely body of water is full of islands and hidden...

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Banning Campground

30. Banning Campground

Climbers, this one goes out to you. As one of only five state parks in Minnesota that allows rock climbing, Banning State Park Campground holds its...

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