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Chamba's Mountain in California

Host Cheri Snook says:

This Land is a gift to me, and it is a opportunity for others to seek peace and quiet on this earth. watching sunsets and the skys full of stars with gentle winds in the summer this is a sanctuary to get away from the frenetic noise of the world.  the long drive way to the house keeps you a secret hidden from the world, take the back roads for walks or mountain biking, you can go to either fork of the river by any means possible of your choice transportation the yuba river is less than 15 minutes either way by car.  Or just walking the back trails and roads are pretty quiet.  This property has gifted me healing and survival for my life and my children and animals.. We  have 2 dogs, black and chocolate lab, one is friendly and the other is the land keeper and keeps bears, coyotes, racoons at a distance.. there are 5 cats that will walk with you and they enjoy there freedom of the land as well.  I like to see people have some peace in their life and this is pretty quiet space to nap, read, rest and dance like no one is watching cause no one is.... enjoy

Posted on: May 22, 2019 22:29
Zip code: 95959
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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