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FarFar Away Farms in Tennessee

Host Kathi Gustafson says:

We started with horses, but after being hit by a F3 tornado in 2008, we had to sell the horses because the fences were all destroyed.  When rebuilding, we decided to put up fences that would hold anything, even goats!  God must have had a plan, because when we added the next door 17 acres to the farm, we discovered that one lone goat had been left on it!  We wanted him to have company, so we bought him 2 girlfriends...  Nature happened, and the babies came the following December.  Come to find out, the two "girlfriends" were milk goats!  Once we discovered how good the milk tasted, we were hooked!  Goat milk cheeses and soap were soon plentiful.  

Fast forward 10+ years....  The goats transformed the tornado ravaged landscape to allow us to raise and sell grass fed cattle and to cut hay off fields that were once choked with brambles.  And, we are able to do it all without using chemicals or herbicides!  

We strive to have our farm as close to nature as possible, with fences being the only evidence of our presence on the land.

Posted on: December 13, 2017
Zip code: 37083
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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