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Wild Thingz Eco Farm in California

Host Sarah Brown says:

This secluded canyon in the mountain wilderness was once home to the Kawiiasu Indians. Oaks trees over 300 years old once served as a staple food source for them, and acorn grinding stones are found throughout the area. A cave is situated at the top of a nearby cliff where free range goats live at night, and venture down to the Eco Farm during the day. Wild Thingz Eco Farm was founded in 2017 from a vision of former Hollywood stuntwoman/actor, artist and massage therapist Sarah H. Brown. The motto is 'Wild Thingz Live Free' and it is a journey into building a life off grid, in harmony with nature and wildlife, while producing an abundance of food sources. Drawing from Native American knowledge and Permaculture/Organic/Regenerative practices, this is the beginning stages of building that dream on the 20 acres of land.

The bottom portion of the property is the current camping area where large trees create shade and beauty. A dirt road passes by near the camping area, but usually only has 1 car a day travel through. Occasional free range cows will meander through the camping area, and are generally afraid of people. Up above is the communal area which is under construction. It has a 40 foot shipping container covered in art, a bicycle powered wash machine, a safe area for chimenaya fires, and magnificent views in the day or night.

Classes and tours are available on a number of topics related to living and growing off grid, foraging wild foods, natural building with earth, making yucca baskets, composting and more. 

Book a massage in the shade of the oak tree, do a yoga/stretching session in the woods, enjoy meandering through back country roads, or relax in the hammock. Be left alone or join Sarah for fires, classes, conversation or music. Nature is here to nurture and inspire you. Come home the the wild.

Posted on: August 31, 2019 12:22
Zip code: ?
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