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Ainanani / Means Beautiful Land in California

Host Angelina Morrison says:

The farm was a cattle and alfalfa only ranch before we owned it we have been farming it for over 17 years we homestead farm we alway have kinda been open to the public. For a few years when our children were very young the farm was one of the pumpkin patch with the full works a country story, petting zoo and pony and buggy rides and lots of pumpkins now the children have grown and we retired from that the pumpkin patch now we raise more livestock, gardening and fruit orchards people when they come to visit or buy eggs they all seem to love it here some take there time leaving just to walk and talk to the animals. We always think its not pretty or attractive anuff and people would say its your ideal farm its what a real farm looks like what real homesteading is all about.  We Hope that other may want to visit and enjoy there stay here. We would have to say mid spring to summer is the most prettiest here everything green and orchards full of blum baby animals all through the farm gardens just starting. our summer some times can be warm the filed kinda got that gold dry look, fruit hanging from the trees, garden just about in full blum, animals grazing hay filed's all around us being harvist summer is also getting ready for the fall harvest and winter shelters for the out door livestock pruning the orchards, and much more. Its a continuing cycle and it puts you in the real, slow you down just enuff to make you think, lesson, understand and appreciate life the land, water, animals the hard day after day no punching clock time your on mother natures time who can be one of the most unforgiving boss to being the most loving and giving boss and through all this is where your food comes from your life nourishment. Peace and Love to you all hope to meet one day come see what our little part of the world have here on the farm to offer you. 


Posted on: June 02, 2018
Zip code: 96038
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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