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Quiet RV and Camping Paradise in Idaho

Host Janine And Kendall Jolley says:

This property was once owned by a relative of mine who had homesteaded here.  After he died, his daughter then owned the land until she was old and wanted to move.  She sold my sister and I each 1.5 acres of ground.  We have chosen not to build on this land that we've owned for over a decade, because we want to build something amazing and not sully the land until we find something amazing to put on it.  For now, we want to share the joy of the land and make enough to pay our taxes on it!  We love the trees, the birds, and the running water on this property from Fox Creek.  It's been organic pasture land only as long as I can remember, and I'm older.    We do NOT want party animals using this property......quiet, respectful families or small groups are perfect.  Don't disturb our nice neighbors who live pretty far away, but who are used to quiet.  Don't even light a tiny campfire unless you KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT, AND HAVE WATER AND A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO PUT IT OUT.  Otherwise, get a propane firepit, and have no worries.  : )   We prefer RV's, but tents who have toilet accomodations with them are ok too!  Please don't leave a mess.  We will charge your deposit if you do.  But, we have 5 other rentals, and don't normally have anything but happiness and a clean spot when vacation guests come.  Please be one of those guys!  

Posted on: May 30, 2018
Zip code: 83455
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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