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The Peaceful Glen Homestead in Virginia

Host Greg Dommert says:

Can you remember a younger, more innocent time when days were filled with play and the sights and sounds of your environment? When you walked near the woods and could hear the echo of an owl hooting, the call of a bobwhite quail or the croaking of a frog? Well, this is your future at The Peaceful Glen Homestead. 

We are in the heart of our nation's Civil War history, 2 miles off I-85 in Dinwiddie County, VA. We are an 11 minute drive from Historic Downtown Petersburg, which has become a booming hub of entertainment and really cool restaurants. We’re just a few minutes' drive to the historic Western Front of the Petersburg Battlefields, the Petersburg crater on Crater Road and right around the corner from the Pamplin Historic Park and National Museum of the Civil War Soldier. In a 20 minute drive, you could be on Lake Chesdin, or in 10 minutes, the Appomattox River. 

Our property is part of a 1920s vintage original 50-acre farmstead established by Thomas Jefferson Rivers and his wife Jordana Rivers. The Rivers family farmed this land until the 1980s using mules and home-built farm implements. He grew corn, wheat, hay and whatever was selling until he passed away. Their sons-in-law took over farming the land until the 1980s. The property fell on hard times during the 80s and 90s and suffered some neglect, then in the early 2000s James and Sally Wilson purchased the property and began an extensive overhaul of the house and utilities. 

We purchased the property in 2014 and completed the home renovations and upgrades and began the process of soil building and reforesting several pastures on the land using permaculture principles of capturing and harvesting rain water in tree growing systems called Swales, Hügelkultur and Island Guilds. We’ve planted over 800 fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes and vines and look forward to the growth of new baby trees in our plant nursery. 

We have many trails that flow over 10 acres of forested woodland that can be navigated with basic hiking skills, great for small children and families. Wildlife in their native habitat can be seen and experienced up close or from a distance. Many of our campsites incorporate the view of a lovely new growth hardwood forest edge bordering a beautiful meadow pasture of clover, fescue, lespedeza, timothy, orchard and several other types of forage grasses. 

We do not own grazing animals but the local deer population is quite enamored with our well-kept pastures. Productive nut and fruit trees, berry bushes and vines of over 20 varieties will be harvested at their due time and they are readily available for inspection and viewing. Our primitive tent sites are equipped with a large fire ring and fire wood is provided. We practice a regenerative, resilient method of modern homesteading. We waste very little here and recycle/compost everything. 

We offer tours of our full scale Living Systems Greenhouse and alternative energy demonstrations. Our efforts are focused on being good stewards and doing no harm to the land. The Peaceful Glen Homestead is sure to offer campers young and mature a peaceful experience of reconnecting with nature.

Posted on: January 14, 2018 14:02
Zip code: 23805
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