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Garner State Park

Garner State Park, Texas

Since the dawn of time, civilization has been drawn to settling near water sources, and Garner State Park’s eight campgrounds bare no exception! The Frio River runs through Garner, framed by deep Read more...
Since the dawn of time, civilization has been drawn to settling near water sources, and Garner State Park’s eight campgrounds bare no exception! The Frio River runs through Garner, framed by deep canyons, crystal-clear streams, mountainous mesas and carved limestone cliffs. These dramatic rock formations weren’t born overnight, dating back to the Cretaceous age which, *drumroll* lasted from 138 to 63 million years ago. NBD. So what the heck should you do surrounded by such bountiful, beautiful land? In addition to a plethora of hiking, biking, fishing, and climbing, visitors can swim, float or boat the winding Frio which spans 2.9 miles. And when you’ve reached the end, just catch the tube shuttle back and do it again! That’s right, tube shuttle. When you’re done circling the Frio, gather near the park’s concession building on summer evenings for a jukebox dance, stay up late for a star party or join a Frio Bat Flight tour to see the nightly exodus of one of the largest Mexican free-tailed bat colonies in the world. If upon departure you decide that you actually want to stay in Garner State Park forever and ever, they’re always accepting volunteers to serve as a park host, maintain and restore habitats, lead programs, and generally lead a great example to all who come to visit.
River Crossing Campground
Location, location, location! The River Crossing Campground sits at the heart of Garner State Park....
Shady Meadows Campground
Jacob: Shady Oaks is the best camp site if you don't want to be surrounded by lots of people. Most of the...
Pecan Grove Campground
Shayne: I recommend not picking the sites near the showers/restrooms. Sure it seems like a great convenience...
Cypress Springs Group Campground
Cypress Springs Campground is the only camp on the east side Frio River. The site is RV-friendly and...
Rio Frio Campground
Trek: If you go here and you've got the legs you've to hike up Old Baldy Trail. It's an epic view.
Oakmont Campground
OG Garner represent! The Oakmont campsites neighbor Pecan Grove in the “Old Garner” premium area of...
Live Oak Campground
The Live Oak Campground has a similar set of perks to explore as their neighboring sites at Rio Frio....
Persimmon Hill Campground
Andrea: Garner is one of the busiest parks in Texas - lines can be as long as 3 hours to get in. Check the...
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