Palmetto State Park

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About Palmetto State Park

Central Texas or Peruvian Amazon? Though the surrounding forestry and plants would lead you to believe the latter, the former is where this 270-acre state park is truly located. Along the San Marcos River, the landscape is lush with green foliage and filled with tropical dwarf palmettos, which may or may not have something to do with the park’s title... There are no shortage of exhilarating activities to take part in here with camping, hiking, fishing, picnicking and birding a-plenty among the verdant surroundings. Swimming, tubing, pedal boating and canoeing are other fun activities available to park goers on the four-acre Oxbow Lake or in the low rapid, steady current waters of the San Marcos. If you do venture down river, be sure to note where the put-in/take-out points are, unless you want to eventually find yourself in the real Peruvian Amazon!

Campgrounds in Palmetto

Palmetto Campground

1. Palmetto Campground

What better way to get after a beautiful day than a gorgeous sunrise hike on the San Marcos River Trail? At sites 1-19, you’ll be ready to go after...

Ashton: If you go here be sure to check out the Palmetto Interpretive Trail. It's a very short trail but you feel like you're walking...
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Hipcamper Ashton

If you go here be sure to check out the Palmetto Interpretive Trail. It's a very short trail but you feel like you're walking through the time of the dinosaurs.

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Hipcamper Sarah

Palmetto is pretty centrally located only two hours from Houston and an hour from San Antonio & Austin. Best time to go is probably the spring where there is plenty of water in the creeks and plenty of green!

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Hipcamper michelle

Great park to see handy work of the CCC, aside from being a lush and tropical adventure. We were there in the spring, when it was rainy and overcast. The park was green and lively, even the water was covered in either tiny water plants or algae? it was beautiful, whatever it was. Several hiking trails, fishing and camping ( of course). Look out for dinosaurs.... or snakes!

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History of Palmetto State Park

Palmetto State Park, named for the tropical dwarf palmetto plant found there, is 270.3 acres located in Gonzales County, northwest of Gonzales and southeast of Luling. The park abuts the San Marcos River and also has a four-acre oxbow lake. The land was acquired by deeds from private owners and the city of Gonzales in 1934 to 1936, and was opened in 1936. The beautiful stone buildings in the park were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s.