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RoundStone Campground in Pennsylvania

Host Round Stone says:

Jan & Jill's property, rests upon 400 acres & has been in their family since 1877. Jan's Great Great Grandfather purchased the property to farm and build an Ochre Mill. The mill was used to grind a red colored dirt called Ochre. It was ground with large round stones which were turned in the mill by a water turbine, where donkey & cart would bring them down the hillside. The ground Ochre was then transported by railcar to Philadelphia, to be used for paint pigments. The mill burned down in the late 30s & Ochre pits can still be seen while meandering throughout their property. Jan's Father, Captain Niles Grover, was a WWII Bomber Pilot, as well as, commercial airline pilot for many years. Upon his retirement, he and his Mother, Birte "Chris" Grover, dedicated their lives to maintaining the land and also ran a very well known fishing club here for many years. During which, two of the three cabins were both built back in the 1930's, timbered from this very property. 

Now that Jan has taken an early retirement, he has been opening up his beautiful grounds to campers alike. Their hard work and dedication is evident here at RoundStone. Seclusion and primitive camping are two business mantras highly valued. Each site was designed over the years to try and give as much privacy as possible. Spaced throughout the woods, you can have access to the streams to fish for trout, hike along the groomed trails or simply enjoy the wilderness at it's finest (weekdays are an even better choice). 


Posted on: June 08, 2019 07:20
Zip code: 18255
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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