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Banks Lake
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The best camping near Banks Lake, Washington.

Get Away 420
Marla: Completely secluded, except for coyotes and an occasional Jack rabbit. Hike to camp in a primitive...
Direct book$40/night
Steamboat Rock Campground
Stephanie: Lots of amenities and very popular. I prefer some of the smaller campgrounds along Banks lake that don...
Public campground
Sun Lakes-Dry Falls Campground
Ash: Tent camping at Sun lakes - it is a good park.
Public campground
Jennifer: If you want wilderness, this isn't the place for you. If you want a relatively warm water summer swim ...
Public campground
Jones Bay Campground
Are you jonesing for some lakeside R&R? Take the trip to Jones Bay Campground. Here you will find...
Public campground
Spring Canyon Campground
Feel like you might have been a fish in your past life? Revisit those happy times at Spring Canyon...
Public campground
Spring Canyon Group Site
Hello gorgeous. Let the jaw drop upon arrival at Spring Canyon Group Site. Large enough for six...
Public campground