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La Salle Lake State Recreation Area

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La Salle Lake
La Salle Lake
La Salle Lake

La Salle Lake State Recreation Area, Minnesota

Minnesotans have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their amazing state parks, great outdoors life and beautiful landscape, and La Salle Lake State Recreation Area is no exception. La Salle Lake Read more...
Minnesotans have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their amazing state parks, great outdoors life and beautiful landscape, and La Salle Lake State Recreation Area is no exception. La Salle Lake clocks in at over 213-feet deep, making it the deepest lake within the border of Minnesota. Plus, there’s over 990 acres of awesome-looking woods, steep valley slopes and dramatic ridges that surround the lake—all the more reason to get out here and explore! Miles of hiking trails will lead you through the rocky terrain, complete with plenty of bird’s-eye-view lookouts of the grand La Salle. Avid backpackers can hike the Challenge Trail, a more remote, backwoods experience with river crossings and steep ascents. You’ll want to bring your binoculars and zoom lenses for some up-close-and-personal birding, waterfowl spotting and white-tailed deer locating. If you are a Minnesotan, get out here because this park is right in your backyard.
LaSalle Lake Campground
Anglers, pitch your tent at La Salle Lake State Recreation Area Campground. La Salle Lake has some of...
Public campground
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