Ochoco National Forest

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About Ochoco National Forest

At 850,000 acres, Ochoco National Forest, has got a few types of natural beauty to pull your senses up and out of wherever they might be. The forest is composed of three wilderness areas: Mill Creek Wilderness, Bridge Creek Wilderness, and Black Canyon. The three names couldn’t be anymore telling of the diversity of land you encounter in this forest. Geological formations stand over dense pine forests, conifers, and lodgepole pines. Mountains roll in all directions and deep canyons swallow your perspective. On the diverse dry lands black bears, elk, mountain lions, wild turkeys, and mule deers roam. Down below, the smile of the North Fork Crooked River is alive and well.

Campgrounds in Ochoco

Skull Hollow Campground

1. Skull Hollow Campground

With a supremely welcoming name, Skull Hollow Campground is ready to host you and your hollow skull for all kinds of outdoor shenanigans. Views of...

Fresh Off
Fresh Off: Smith Rock State Park doesn't allow car/van/RV camping, but Skull Hollow does and it's only 15 min from the park.
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Haystack West Shore Campground and Day Use Area

2. Haystack West Shore Campground and Day Use Area

Grab a scenic, high desert spot at Haystack West Shore Campground and Day Use Area. There are 14 campsites with picnic tables, fire rings and two...

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Big Spring Campground

3. Big Spring Campground

Ponderosa pine forest, meet babbling creek. Babbling creek, meet happy camper. Happy camper, meet ponderosa pine forest. Well, now that we’re all...

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Wiley Flat Campground

4. Wiley Flat Campground

Wiley Flat Campground is in a classic idyllic Oregon meadow. The kind where a stream runs through the middle, wildflowers and grasses wave lazily...

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Elkhorn Campground

5. Elkhorn Campground

Elkhorn Campground is one of the free rugged campsites in the Maury Mountains. If you’re into rockhounding, sleeping near the legendary Maury...

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Walton Lake Campground

6. Walton Lake Campground

Serenity now! Nestled in old growth ponderosa and amongst mountain meadows, Walton Lake Campground is a fine choice for a much needed vacay. There...

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Ochoco Divide Campground

7. Ochoco Divide Campground

Perched at 4,800 feet above sea level, Ochoco Divide Campground is immersed in a splendiferous ponderosa pine forest. There are 25 single sites...

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Haystack Reservoir Campground and Day Use Area

8. Haystack Reservoir Campground and Day Use Area

Imagine setting up camp with the trio of volcanic peaks known as the Three Sisters utterly perfecting your experience. Now, make it a reality by...

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Bingham Springs Campground

9. Bingham Springs Campground

Rustic Bingham Springs Campground has just four campsites, but each of them has a fire ring/grill, picnic table and shares the vault toilet on the...

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Frazier Campground

10. Frazier Campground

Located near the Frazier Creek headwaters, you’ll find Frazier Campground surrounded by tall grasses and towering ponderosa pines. This spot is...

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Barnhouse Campground

11. Barnhouse Campground

Between the coyotes howling and owls whooing that you’ll hear during your summer night stay at Barnhouse Campground, you may even catch sound of...

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Ochoco Forest Campground

12. Ochoco Forest Campground

Quaint best describes Ochoco Forest Campground. This small five site setup can service tent or trailer camping with fire rings, drinking water,...

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Wolf Creek Campground

13. Wolf Creek Campground

Adjacent to the creek, Wolf Creek Campground has 16 campsites in a shaded ponderosa pine forest, each of them with picnic tables and space for one...

Wildcat Campground and Day Use Area

14. Wildcat Campground and Day Use Area

Cool, calm and collected, Wildcat Campground and Day Use Area offers refuge from intense heat during endless summers. There are 17 sites with room...

Whistler Campground

15. Whistler Campground

The best part about Whistler Campground? It’s a rockhounder’s dream come true. The second best thing? It’s free to pitch your tent at one of the 4...

Wildwood Campground

16. Wildwood Campground

Firs here! Get your firs here! Wildwood Campground is scattered with Douglas and Grand firs in addition to Ponderosa pines and western larch. It’s...

Cottonwood Campground

17. Cottonwood Campground

A free facility, Cottonwood Campground is located near Rock Creek and the Historic Summit Trail. There are seven campsites that welcome tent or RV...

White Rock Campground

18. White Rock Campground

Choose your own adventure during your stay at White Rock Campground! This free facility offers 3 sites of varying sizes, including 1 that’s sizey...

Deep Creek Campground

19. Deep Creek Campground

Deep Creek Campground is situated among many ponderosa pines with a beautiful view of Western larch trees across the Crooked River. There are no...

Double Cabin Campground

20. Double Cabin Campground

The imaginatively named Double Cabin Campground is a short walk from the equally-inspired Double Cabin Pond. Something tells us that you’ll find a...

Biggs Springs Campground

21. Biggs Springs Campground

Take a sabbatical from your push notifications with Biggs Springs Campground. There are only three campsites with fire pits/grills, picnic tables...

Cottonwood Pit Campground

22. Cottonwood Pit Campground

In the words of a YouTube-famous gnarly surfer bro, this camp is so pitted. Like seriously though. Cottonwood Pit Campground smack in the middle of...

Antelope Flat Reservoir Campground and Day Use

23. Antelope Flat Reservoir Campground and Day Use

If sleeping near a lake but probably not having a direct view of it sounds like your kind of adventure, Antelope Flat Reservoir and Campground is...

Sugar Creek Campground and Day Use Area

24. Sugar Creek Campground and Day Use Area

Highly-developed, Sugar Creek Campground and Day Use Area has 17 campsites, three of which meet some ADA compliance objectives for the Forest...

Salters Cabin Horse Camp

25. Salters Cabin Horse Camp

Shake it like a saltshaker! The Salters Cabin Horse Camp is named for the historic cabin on site that belonged to the salter, who spread salt on...

Scotts Campground

26. Scotts Campground

Scotts Campground sits near the Bridge Creek Wilderness as well as the Big Summit Prairie, so get out there and explore! The campground itself is...

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Hipcamper Fresh Off

Smith Rock State Park doesn't allow car/van/RV camping, but Skull Hollow does and it's only 15 min from the park.

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Hipcamper Anna

Skull Hollow is a good basecamp for Smith Rock climbers and other adventurers. The sites are quite large, especially towards the end of the loop. Expect a terrain of juniper and sagebrush, a firepit, picnic table and great star gazing! There is no running water so be sure to pack in your own.

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History of Ochoco National Forest

The Ochoco National Forest’s history is as diverse as it’s land with historic trails and old timey cabins and railroads. The land was originally a part of Deschutes National Forest, but was cut off from it back in the early 20th century and Ochoco National Forest was formed.

The geographical boundaries go hand in hand with the cultural history – cattlemen fought with sheepmen, so instead of letting them go to war over specific boundaries set up by the respected groups, Washington decided to divide the land, making Ochoco National Forest its own entity in 1911.

In the following decades, the resources of the land were cut, harvested, and mined, all the while people were beginning to realize that treating the land in this way was not the most optimal due to the scars left. Today, industrial mining and the lumber industries have faded into the past and respectful recreation is the present and future