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Best Camping in South Dakota

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Cedar Pass Campground

1. Cedar Pass Campground

Some of the most formidable landscapes in the United States also make for some of the greatest adventures. Characterized as a “bad land” by...

Nathan: Campground was very busy, but then again, we visited during the motorcycle festival. There is ton to do around the campground...
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Ditch Creek Campground

2. Ditch Creek Campground

Ditch work, ditch school, Ditch Creek. This campground is perfect for a quiet outdoor getaway. Just steps from the creek, the campground is mostly...

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Sage Creek Campground

3. Sage Creek Campground

Incredible silence, the smell of sagebrush in the air, and buffalo herds that mingle around the campground, make Sage Creek Campground worth the...

Jamee: Here in September, and what a phenomenal place. We had Bison grazing right next to our teardrop trailer. It was a very hot...
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Stockade North Campground

4. Stockade North Campground

Lots of sites, modern amenities, outstanding wildlife watching. . . what’s missing? At Stockade North Campground, the only thing missing is you!...

Stefanie : Stockade North Campground was in a great location to all of the activities Custer State Park has to offer! The campsites were a...
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Sheridan Lake South Shore Campground

5. Sheridan Lake South Shore Campground

Campers who stay at Sheridan Lake South Shore Campground will be in a nice large, developed site just a short jaunt to the lake. Pitch your tent in...

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Oreville Campground

6. Oreville Campground

Tumbling streams and hundreds of miles of trails, Oreville Campground offers opportunities for every sort of outdoor recreation. The campsites are...

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Hanna Campground

7. Hanna Campground

Sheltered by a forest of spruce and jagged mountains, Hanna Campground lies right in the heart of South Dakota’s gorgeous Black Hills National...

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Comanche Park Campground

8. Comanche Park Campground

If you want to check out Jewel Cave, the closest place to camp will be Comanche Park Campground. After spending your days exploring the underground...

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Timon Campground

9. Timon Campground

Get awed by some serious natural beauty at Timon Campground. Sites are shaded and right near a refreshing creek—perfect if you’re hoping to escape...

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Whitetail Campground

10. Whitetail Campground

Looking for a campground with secluded campsites in the forest? How about spacious camping spots with lake views? At Whitetail Campground, you can...

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Boxelder Forks Campground

11. Boxelder Forks Campground

Boxelder Forks Campground is great for campers looking for a quiet getaway, especially hikers and anglers. The campground sits in a mostly open...

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Castle Peak Campground

12. Castle Peak Campground

Looking for a secluded spot to camp along the banks of a shady creek? Castle Peak Campground is perfect for ya! The last eight miles of the road...

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Game Lodge Campground

13. Game Lodge Campground

Wanna get up close and personal with the local wildlife? Game Lodge Campground offers you a home where the buffalo roam. Up-to-date sites with...

Chad: I promise to leave a review once I've stayed here, but I'm excited to share that I scored a reservation. I'm new to this site,...
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Stockade South Campground

14. Stockade South Campground

Stockade South Campground is a gem. Though a bit smaller than its northern cousin, Stockade South offers all the same scenery, wildlife watching,...

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Sylvan Lake Campground

15. Sylvan Lake Campground

Sylvan Lake Campground is a great place to cool off in the summer. Located just off the highway, the pines of Black Hills Forest isolate this...

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West Whitlock Campground

16. West Whitlock Campground

Fish, camp, repeat. That’s how it’s done at the West Whitlock Recreation Area on the shore of Lake Oahe and the Missouri River. You could also...

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Blue Bell Campground

18. Blue Bell Campground

The moment you get to thinking the only thing South Dakota has to offer is Mount Rushmore, you'll know it's time to venture out to Blue Bell...

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Dutchman Campground

19. Dutchman Campground

Dutchman Campground is known as the most RV-friendly spot in the Deerfield Recreation Area. The campsites are widely spaced, with just a short walk...

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Pactola Campground

20. Pactola Campground

Into water views and water sports? Yeah, us too. Check out Pactola Campground, it’s got great views of Pactola Reservoir, and is just a short walk...

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Horsethief Lake Campground

21. Horsethief Lake Campground

What’s better than seeing Mt. Rushmore for the first time? Camping nearby next to a beauty of a lake among the pines that’s what! Horsethief Lake...

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Fort Pierre Campground

22. Fort Pierre Campground

You don’t have to be a hardened outdoor expert to rock a weekend at Fort Pierre Campground, a dispersed camping area that is the entirety of the...

Suzy: This is the type of camping that fills you with longing: for a memory that never forgets, for a body that never tires or dies,...
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Elk Mountain Campground

23. Elk Mountain Campground

Nestled cozily between dark forest and expansive prairie, Elk Mountain Campground is an outdoor lovers' respite in the southern black hills. Wind...

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Horsehead Campground

24. Horsehead Campground

Fishing, hiking, swimming and boating—Horsehead Campground features a whole lot to do in a quiet, natural setting. There's plenty of space between...

Hat Creek Campground

25. Hat Creek Campground

Hat Creek Campground is nestled in a mixed conifer forest along the banks of Hat Creek, known for its trophy-size trout. There are great adventures...

Cascade Campground

26. Cascade Campground

Lather up with sunscreen and kick back—Cascade Campground is where you'll find yourself chilling out after exhausting yourself with all the...

Cheyenne Campground

27. Cheyenne Campground

Located along the shoreline and next to the swimming beach, Cheyenne Campground is one of Angostura’s most popular places to rest your head at...

Big Sioux Campground

28. Big Sioux Campground

Big Sioux Campground sits along the banks of the cascading Big Sioux River. Bring your canoes to paddle through the cool waters and explore the...

Sheps Canyon Campground

30. Sheps Canyon Campground

Sheps Canyon Campground is a pretty sweet deal, by which we mean there's a ton to do. Sit back while we list the awesomeness in the form of a song....