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Looking for room to stretch that provides beauty, privacy and a place to play with your dog? Want to go camping in the woods?  

Located in beautiful Rogue River, Oregon, 5 miles off of I-5 at Exit 48.

All sites have plenty of room and are easy to socially distance from other sites.  

Property consists of meadows, woods, protected pull-in spots among the lar


Looking for room to stretch that provides beauty, privacy and a place to play with your dog? Want to go camping in the woods?  

Located in beautiful Rogue River, Oregon, 5 miles off of I-5 at Exit 48.

All sites have plenty of room and are easy to socially distance from other sites.  

Property consists of meadows, woods, protected pull-in spots among the large Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir trees as well as Incense Cedars and Madrones.  This acreage is beautiful and has many wonderful hiking areas.  You can hike up the mountain and then keep going for about 3 miles along the ridge heading south.  Birds are abundant as are many deer and elk and all of the animals you'd expect in the woods, there are many regular visitors. 

NEW in 2021 - We have added an outdoor open hot shower with on demand hot water that heats up to 111 degrees!  It rocks to be able to get clean with hot water after recreating.

There is plenty of fire wood cut, seasoned and available to purchase at the campground and Sites 1,2,3, 5 and 6 have burn pits. Site 4 has a wood stove you can burn a fire in, since it is nestled well within the trees and open burning would not be safe.   Bring your own fire starter, paper, matches, etc.  Site 7 does not have access to a fire pit. 

Games are available upon request and can be played in your site or in front of the stacked firewood, near the hand washing station.  We've got Ladder Ball and Corn Hole, etc.  The Horseshoe pit is always available across from Site 1 in the small orchard.

Water on demand and BBQ's are available at most sites, see Site descriptions for details.

Site 1 - Lower Meadow -  Site 1 allows multiple tents and there is a large picnic space and a picnic table and a nice sized inground burn pit for families and small groups.   Site 1 provides 30 amp RV electricity and also has regular 110 electrical plugins at the pole. Water is available for your RV or camping use.  There is a large propane BBQ with an additional side burner for pans or you can cook over the open fire of the burn pit with a hanging rack we provide.  This site also has limited use of the on site RV, including a 4 burner propane cook stove and an RV table for 4, but no guests are allowed to sleep overnight in it. Enjoy walking around or playing yard games in this meadow under the large evergreen trees.  Easy to socially distance from others here.  This site allows you to pull in a long RV and you can pull all the way through and circle around over the meadow when you leave.  DIRECTIONS: Auto parking or RV gravel pull-in spot is located as soon as you enter our first gate, immediately to your left, pull in between the on-site vintage RV and the in-ground Burn Pit. 

Site 2 - Middle Meadow - This site provides a beautiful wild and open meadow among some very large pine trees with its own picnic table, propane BBQ, and small portable fire pit.  This is a lovely meadow setting for individual campers or families and small groups, with room for multiple vans, RV's, and vehicles to all pull in and park.  Easy access, but depending on where you decide to park, you might need to bring your self-leveling for longer RV's.  No electricity in this site, but there is 110 electricity available at the main first gate at the pole that you can use to charge cell phones, air mattresses, etc.  Easy to socially distance from others here.  You can see campers far off in Site 5 across the meadow if they are there. There is very little poison oak around this meadow, only within 10' of the driveway, none within the meadow itself. There is a water hose at your site for easy access water on demand.  DIRECTIONS: Located past Site 1 and continue through the open 2nd gate and then take an immediate right into the Site 2 meadow.  You can place your RV's and cars anywhere in the mowed part of the meadow.  Your spot ends where you see the landscape timbers marking the end of your area.  Site 5 is on the other half of this large meadow. 

Site 3 - Secluded Honeymooners spot – Perfect for 2 people in a tent, van, or small RV.  While you don’t have to be on your honeymoon to reserve this spot, it does provide a lovely small private level RV or Van space.  There is not any electricity in the site but with its own 2 Adirondack chairs, foot stools & side table, a mini Weber kettle BBQ (bring your own charcoal, fire starter, etc.) and now we added a new small fire pit for those evening fires, maybe smores is what you love. This is a favorite spot, so private and green. It does have a bit of poison oak in the surrounding bushes, so take caution if you choose this nice secluded spot to stay within the site itself. Enjoy this sweet little spot by surrounding yourself with greenery and privacy.  We brought a water hose into this site, so you have water on demand and fire protection for your BBQ and Fire Pit. Easy to socially distance from others here.  Enjoy the sounds of the birds!  If you want even more privacy we do allow campers to put up your own privacy screens if you want to bring one just to block off behind your vehicle.  Only the end of your site is in view of Site 1 even though they are quite a distance away.  DIRECTIONS: Located past Site 1 and then turn left at the first dirt road and then make an immediate right into the Site 3 pull-in.   This is a pull in and back out site. 

Site 4 - Secluded in the woods spot - Perfect for 1 large tent and is more raw and rustic then the other sites.  This is a site you can pull up into.  It has no electricity.  You have your own propane BBQ and a large outdoor Wood Stove that you can make a fire in.  There is so much overhang of trees we prefer to keep fires within the wood stove.  We do have a burn pit, but it is only allowed at certain times (ask us please) and only in a specific spot that is open above.  It is truly camping in the woods on a rough trail.  We did excavate a nice, large flat tent pad. Very green and yet conveniently located off of our long driveway.  If you are looking for more seclusion and a feel of being in the greenery at the base of our mountain, then this site is perfect for you.  No large motorhomes in this site - you may need to back out of this site depending on if Site 6 is occupied or not.  If Site 6 is open, you can pull through instead of backing up.  You have water on demand in this site.  Easy to socially distance from others here.  Site 4 has its own trash can. Site floor is dirt and forest floor.  You are in the woods.  Enjoy!  DIRECTIONS: Located past the 2nd gate, past Site 2, keep going and in the woods to your left - just look for the pull in which is actually pointed back and to the left.  

Site 5 - Open meadow, surrounded by woods.  Perfect for families and multiple tents or smaller RV's. This is a site you can pull far into - just watch out for tree stumps you'll need to drive around.  You have your own nice large low round table and 4 chairs.  It has no electricity.  It does have a beautiful propane BBQ, water on demand and a lovely burn pit.  It is truly camping in the open meadow and great for star gazing at night.  You can see site 2 across the meadow when campers are there - but there is tons of space in the large distance between you.  Your site ends where the garden timbers mark the dividing line down the middle of the meadow.  Conveniently located off of our long driveway.  If you are looking for a more open space to see the sky and a feel of being in the open, then this site is large and perfect for you.  Multiple tents can be set up in this site.  While long motorhomes can stay in this site, smaller RV's and Vans would be more appropriate due to the tree stumps.  However, there is plenty of room for all.   Easy to socially distance from others here.  Site floor is dirt and meadow grass.  There is some poison oak close to the driveway.  Then just meadow grass with no poison oak within the meadow itself.  This is a meadow we mow periodically.  We are in the process of clearing and burning brush in this site, so there are two burn piles here that we are working on.  DIRECTIONS: Located past the 2nd gate, past Site 2, keep going and on your right before the old metal shed (needs to be torn down) - just pull in anywhere. 

Site 6 - Parking in seclusion - perfect site for sleeping in your vehicle.  This is a pull in level spot to park.  We provide 2 red camping chairs for your convenience.  This site has a nice fire pit and a propane BBQ  as well as water and trash.  You can utilize the overflow parking area up the hill past the porta potty if you want some extra space.  NOTE: Read about Site 12 - it is visible from Site 6.  You can enjoy the space of Site 12, but be aware of the view of the parked and stored equipment and building supplies. DIRECTIONS: Located past Site 1, turn left at the first dirt road and pass Site 3 on your right, pass the porta potty on your left and keep going up a slight hill and hang to the right.  

Site 7 - Tent and car space.  Has tall table and 3 chairs.  This is a small site pointed into the woods, just enough room for a small tent and one car.  Perfect for 1-2 people.   Nothing else is provided in this site.  You can access water at the Handwashing station and a central trash can.  You can access the porta potty back through the 2nd gate and up to your right.  Enjoy the Horse shoe pit across from Site 1 and ask us for games that you can play in front of the wood area.  You can utilize the overflow parking area up the hill past the porta potty if you want some extra space.  This is a great spot for hikers who just want to be in the woods and go walking up the mountain.  DIRECTIONS: Come through the 1st open gate, keep going through the 2nd open gate, keep going past Site 2 on the right and then when you see Site 5 on your right - it is directly across from Site 5 on your left. 

Site 12 - This is a large over flow dirt parking area right now - it is up where our building supplies, fencing, equipment and old RV's are stored and is more than a bit unsightly on the one side.  The other sides are lovely hillside and wooded - it is visible to Site 6.  Some might like it a lot for certain situations.  It can support multiple motorhomes, but it is just a dirt spot with a good view looking up the mountain.  DIRECTIONS: Located past Site 1, turn left at the first dirt road and pass Site 3 on your right, pass the porta potty on your left and keep going up a slight hill and keep going past the tree (left or right) straight up into the open dirt area.  You'll see large wood rounds and stockpiles of wood that haven't been cut to size yet.

RESERVATIONS: A regular reservation includes up to 4 people per site.  You can add up to 2 more per site for a daily fee in sites that support more people. More than 6 people and you are required to reserve an additional site unless they are your children. Your reservation includes 1 RV and 1 car or either is fine.  Additional people over 4, as well as tents and vehicles past the ones included are each charged additional daily fees of $10 each per day.  Only Sites 1, 2, 5 and 12 can accommodate groups larger than 6 even when people are staying in multiple sites.  Sites 2 and 5 are in the same meadow and combine well for parties. Congregating in a single site is considered a health hazard during Covid-19.  No groups larger than 10 adults or a total of 12 with children are allowed at this time.  Sites 3 & 4 are typically limited to 4 people, so please ask if the site you are requesting can handle your needs.  

HOSTS House:  The Campsites are 1/8 of a mile down the hill from the camp host's house - they cannot see the campground.  

FUN for everyone: There is a Horseshoe Pit as you come in the first gate on your right and we have other games including Corn Hole and a version of Lawn Darts and also Ladder Ball.

DOGS are welcome, please keep them near you at all times and don't let them wander off.

NEW! HOT SHOWER:  We have a hot water on demand open outdoor shower located next to the hand washing station with a convenient hand wand, lots of water pressure.  The temperature is nice and warm and adjustable up to 111 degrees.  It is intended to be open and is not private, so wear your bathing suits!

HANDWASHING STATION: Past Site 1 and just before the 2nd gate you'll see a tall garden fence.  The handwashing station is on the western side of the garden fence.  There is a red toggle that turns the water on and you just put your hands under the water and it streams out lots of water.  When you are through turn the red toggle off.  Bring your own towels. 

DISHWASHING STATION: We provide a dish washing station.  You bring your own washtub/sponge, soap/detergent, towels, etc. We have a wire table nearby for dish drying.  We do put supplies out and have earth friendly detergent and sponges while supplies last.

ELECTRICITY: There is 110 electricity available right behind the first entry gate at the pole that everyone can use to charge cell phones, air mattresses, etc. 

Property is a 1/2 mile in from the main road and 5 miles up from the freeway.  Located at the base of a small mountain range of BLM property.  Great hiking.  

No walking down through any gates or onto any neighbors property.  We do not provide any creek access and it is strictly forbidden by the neighbors whose property it is on.  

ALL SITES - ENTIRE CAMPGROUND - You can ask to reserve all sites for maximum privacy, only available when no other sites have been reserved. It's super nice to have the whole place to yourself!  When families have reserved the whole campground they have had very special experiences.   If you are looking for less busy times, the middle of the week tends to be more open and the weekends tend to be busier.

Campsite area
Bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, trailers, RVs
8 sites
Up to 10 guests per site
Park at listing
ADA access
Campfires allowed
Toilet available
Pets allowed
Potable water available
Kitchen available
Showers available
Picnic table available
Bins available
No wifi
Camping vehicle details
No electrical hookup
No water hookup
No sewage hookup
No TV hookup
Generators not allowed
Pull-through site
Max length 60ft
Accommodates slideouts
Surface type: grass or field
Surface levelness: flat
Have a question? Send Rebecca a message!
  • Check in: After 2PM
  • Check out: Before 12PM
  • Cancellation policy: Moderate
  • On arrival: Go straight to camp
  • Minimum nights: 1 night
  • Accepts bookings: 18 months out
  • Response time: Within 6 hours
  • Response rate: 100%

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We are 5 miles away from Rogue River where there are miles of bike paths. For serious bikers there is a famous trail in Rogue ...Read more


We are 5 miles away from the wild & scenic Rogue River. Lots of boating opportunities.


We are 5 miles from the wild and scenic Rogue River, where some of the best fishing in the world occurs.


Lots of room to hike and roam in the woods.

Horseback riding

Bring your own horses and climb the mountain if you like!


We are 5 miles away from the wild & scenic Rogue River. Lots of paddling opportunities.


Mountain is right behind us - direct access. There are many well groommed and popular hiking spots in our area. The Table Roc...Read more

Snow sports

Mt. Ashland ski and boarding is just an hour away. Great snow sports here. Crater Lake is about 90 minutes away. Lake of the ...Read more


Rogue River in the summer time is great swimming and fun.

Whitewater paddling

There are many guided tours in Southern Oregon for White Water adventures.

Wildlife watching

Elk & Deer herds are abundant. All usual forest animals are around, but they usually try to avoid humans.


Natural features you'll find at Hidden Forest Getaway-Rogue River in Oregon.


We live in a forested property, the campground is at the base of our mountain range. There are many Ponderosa Pine and Douglas...Read more

Hot spring

Southern Oregon has hot springs! You might want to google the best hot springs hikes.


We recommend Lake of The Woods for a day trip on Hwy 140. They have live music on the weekends and their marina has recreation...Read more


Our little mountain is a 3 mile stretch of BLM that divides East and West Evans Creek Roads and has Evans Creek flowing on the ...Read more


Site 1 camping is in the Lower Meadow, Site 2 and 5 are in our Middle Meadow. Site 3, 4, 6 and 7 are in the woods and trees. S...Read more

River, stream, or creek

We are 5 miles away from the wild & scenic Rogue River. Lots of river opportunities.

Swimming hole

We are 5 miles away from the wild & scenic Rogue River. Lots of swimming opportunities.


There are many waterfalls in our region. Google them and take day trips to many of them, as you please.


40 acres


40 acres


Easy access driveway and flat, parking.


77 Reviews

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If you stayed here and have some insider info for us, let us know!
Hipcamper Ann
Ann N.
recommends this listing.
(Site 6)
March 31st, 2018

Hidden Forest Getaway is a hidden gem and it's hands down one of the most beautiful campsites I've been to this year. Rebecca's place is tucked away in a gorgeous area of the Rogue River. The property is 40 acres so you can spend all day simply hiking and exploring the wildnerness. We came across wildflowers, elk tracks, and morel mushrooms on our hike here.

You can also pretty much pitch a tent anywhere. We were undecided between two great spots - a secluded nook surrounded by a canopy of trees or the large grass lawn next to the vintage trailer, which has a stove, fridge, bathroom, and indoor dining table available for campsite guests! Both had their draws - being totally in nature or having some comforts/luxuries. We set up our tent and took it to both spots to try them out and in the end decided on the one closer to the trailer as the fire pit and grill won us over. If you had a large party, this spot would be ideal as you really could spread out.

All in all, great place, great location, great host!

tent forest peopleWalking into the forest at sunset.Very peaceful here.The secluded campsite, surrounded by a canopy of trees and the sun shining divine rays on the tent was just pure heaven.
Hipcamper camp
Camp S.
recommends this listing.
(Site 6)
March 29th, 2018

This was a really beautiful setting! We enjoyed lots of trees, open skies and camp fires. We were given several options of where we wanted to pitch our tent... it was hard to choose, they were all lovely. There is running water and toilet access inside an RV. There is also a stove available which we didn't end up using. The hosts were very kind and allowed us to explore the woods on their property to check out the trees and wildflowers (which there are plenty this time of year). Overall it was a nice getaway.. very peaceful and beautiful. Thank you!

Hipcamper Julio
Julio N.
recommends this listing.
(Site 7)
July 12th, 2018

Rebecca is a great host! She was very communicative and clear with all instructions and directions. She greeted us at her beautiful Hidden Forest Getaway, which is also an Elk haven, and showed us various places where we could set up camp. The campsite was well-maintained, had access to water, bathroom, fireplace, wood, and other camping items. Rebecca also gave us a list of recommendations for activities to do in the area, which are plentiful. We decided to try the Hellgate Jetboat Excursion, which was well worth it, and we also visited some great wineries. Overall, our camping experience was very enjoyable and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for adventure, relaxation, and great hospitality!

Hipcamper Rebecca
Response from Rebecca, the Host, on July 12th, 2018

It was really great meeting you both and I'm so glad to hear your stay was so enjoyable. I'm happy to hear you decided to go on the Jet Boat rides, they are super fun! The wine tasting is amazing in this area and you chose two really great wineries. Next time maybe you can squeeze in a trip to Crater Lake and catch a couple of different wineries, there are so many to choose from... We were so happy to share our beautiful forest with you and we look forward to seeing you again. Happy travels.

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Hipcamper Susan


Susan P.
doesn't recommend this listing.
(Site 2)
July 17th, 2020

After reading 44 great reviews for Hidden Forest Getaway, I guess I will have to be the odd woman out. I would not camp here again and I would not recommend this place. But evidently I am a different sort of camper.

The website photos are beautiful and I was expecting a quiet, pristine forested area with a big grassy meadow where the kids could run and play soccer and croquet and ride their bikes. In fact, the grassy area was the best thing about the campground. But the forest was not “hidden” since the graveled road (admittedly shown on the website) is in fact the driveway to the owners’ home that goes through the campground. We were gone most of every day but when we were there the owners and a few workers drove through occasionally and they did go slowly so as not to stir up dust, but still, so much for “hidden” and privacy. And the photos did not show the rusted farm machinery, the abandoned motor home and motorcycle and various other structures that were behind the trees and shrubs but still visible.

Not noted on the website (but included in the 14 pages of general information and rules I received after I had reserved) was the fact that the sprinklers would go on every night in Site 1 and we were not to leave anything out that might get wet. We would have had to move tables, camp stove, games, bikes, towels and suits on a clothesline, put the rainflies on our tents, etc. Then put them all back in the morning. I will say that Rebecca came to talk to us and was willing to negotiate and agreed to our suggestion that we would hand water (which we did every morning for a decent chunk of time). But we should not have had to do that after paying a considerable amount of money to rent the campground. The expectation that we would break down our camp every evening and endure a virtual rain shower flies in the face of any logic of Site 1 being a campsite. That should have been stated on the website and it shouldn’t be rentable as a campsite.

The campground is on their 40 acres but the hiking trails that are mentioned are overgrown with grasses and poison oak and we could never find a way through so gave up. There is a lot of poison oak, especially in the smallest site and it was recommended in the information that if you wanted to sit outside in this site, you should put a tarp down. We didn’t go near this site and I wondered how you would get a tarp covered in poison oak oil home safely.

There was road noise from the 2-lane highway – starting at 5 am and weirdly at 10 pm. The rest of the day was mostly quiet.

The surrounding area is beautiful and we spent two lovely days on a creek with the kids. But I would not return to this campground. If you are a camper like me, who likes quiet and privacy, this is not the place for you. But if you don’t mind the above complaints, and want a big grassy area for kids to run and play and maybe you have an RV, then this will work.

Hipcamper Rebecca
Response from Rebecca, the Host, on July 18th, 2020

Susan, you were the first camper in 3 years to greet us with negativity when you arrived. It seems you were unhappy when you arrived and it was impossible to please you throughout your stay. It is evident that we were not a good match for one another. As for your long list of complaints, our online listing and rules match our hand out and is updated regularly, our access road to our house is just that, the grass you enjoyed so much and said it was the best thing about your site, is only green because we water it. You were the first campers to demand we shut off our entire automated water system for your long stay and then you insisted it was no problem for you to hand water, which was only done by you in one area where you had your grandkids running through the sprinkler. I'm not sure what 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. traffic you heard, but the only traffic we usually hear is at rush hour when neighbors in our small valley are coming home or going to work, of course you can hear some traffic in the distance since we are in a valley, but it's not a lasting issue. Our junk is hidden unless you want to go look for it, but with 40 acres we do have things sorted and areas where we store things. This is the first time I've ever heard anyone complain about privacy. We do not provide groomed trails through the woods. We work so hard to give people their space and after check in we rarely have contact and in one review you are trying to convince others to not enjoy what you enjoyed for an entire week. Why did you stay so long? We work so hard to create a peaceful, beautiful, rural space for people to relax in. I hope you find your happy place somewhere and we will continue to provide a restful, beautiful rural land for many campers to enjoy.

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Hipcamper colleen

The sweetest hidden forest

Colleen D.
recommends this listing.
(Site 3)
May 8th, 2021

I had the great pleasure of staying here the past two nights. I chose #3 because of the incredible council of trees that surround the space and it was the most tucked away. i have a rooftop tent and it was a perfect area for it. There are lots of reviews describing the place itself...i just want to add how special the land is..its really magical. I was by myself on this trip, but i could see this camp being perfect for families too. rebecca has done a great job setting up each site with chairs and fire pits, grills etc. an awesome outdoor shower! its a super well thought out experience. as far as privacy...#3 is the most private. they are all beautiful!

Hipcamper Athena

Beautiful and quiet

Athena B.
recommends this listing.
(Site 1)
May 31st, 2021

It was very nice for me and my family, which we have a 3 month old so it was nice to have privacy but still close enough to the town and enough amenities for the baby. It was beautiful location. Onlt thing is there was no water play for the kids near by that was safe for the kids. Rogue River runs too fast. Very sweet hostess. I will come again.

Hipcamper Sarah
Sarah E.
recommends this listing.
(Site 3)
June 1st, 2021

Great location, host, and stay. The shower was a great amenity! Check out the Applegate river for swimming and grab a pizza from the Wild River Brewery! Make sure you bring bug spray and if you have dogs that like to wonder I don't suggest site 3. Sites 1, 2, and 5 seemed great! Would stay again if we were in the area.

Hipcamper Kevin
Kevin T.
recommends this listing.
(Site 5)
July 10th, 2018


Hipcamper Rebecca
Response from Rebecca, the Host, on July 10th, 2018

It was our pleasure to host you and your wife and two wonderful dogs! Your teardrop trailer is adorable. We are so glad you enjoyed your stay with us. Hopefully, we'll see you again in the near future.

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Hipcamper Brian
Brian S.
recommends this listing.
(Site 7)
August 6th, 2018

Rebecca and her husband Rico were top-notch hosts. They were helpful without being hovering, always with great recommendations for local shows, eateries, and where to take a raft. They even thought to water the grass before we got there so we would have green but not get wet. The set up is all anyone could want: plenty of space for a large tent and a nice motor home we could use when it got too hot. We hope that, though this was our first trip there, it won’t be our last. Well done and thank you, Rebecca and Rico! You are tops in our book!

Hipcamper Rebecca
Response from Rebecca, the Host, on August 21st, 2018

Thank you so much for staying with us! We are so glad you had such a great time when you were here. It was super hot, so we are glad you took advantage of the air conditioning in the motorhome. Hopefully, we will see you again next year. Until then, all our best!

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