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Laughing Mountain

· Glendale, Josephine, Oregon
10 acres hosted by Terrah B.
1 lodging site · 2 tent sites
Come see us under "Laughing Mountain" on youtube! Hello friend, let me take you on a tour of our Laughing Mountain mission statement and backstory. We have discovered that Laughing Mountain is not just a physical place on a mountain top, it is also a metaphysical entity that has dreamt itself awake. The irony of the fact that the creation of Laughing Mountain, has been nothing but blood, sweat and tears, pays homage to the reality that just like us, this mountain is a work in progress, we are all slowly chipping away at the masterpiece that is our divine self awakened. Laughing Mountain is a living thing in flux as it heals and breaks and mends itself all in the name of healing to help others heal too, it is the columniation of lifetimes of trauma experienced by humanity and their desperate dreams of freedom. Dreams of something better. Dreams of awakening. Laughing Mountain is the dream of the people, it is not Bryan or Terrah’s alone, we are simply here healing with it, and you. We weren’t aware of the sentience and trauma of the land at first, only our own need for healing, and desire to help others heal in the ways we’d found healing, by creating a sacred space in nature for everyone to use. As we began this dance of chaos with the land and all things residing in it and around it, we realized the land was as spiritually sick as we were. A microcosm of planet Earth, it has been raped, pillaged and neglected, it’s future never considered, it’s native stewards murdered, all in the name of greed. After 2 years of profound breakthroughs, mind bending healing ceremonies, confusion, emotional melt downs, everything malfunctioning one after another and questioning our choice to be here, we couldn’t help but feel like we were being sabotaged by something… We were. She was trying to get our attention, as were all of the negative energies trapped here. Suddenly an epiphany struck us both, in the thick muck of a terrible physical and energetic rut, we knew we needed to heal the energy that had been left lingering here from all of the traumatic events that happened all around us for hundreds of years. Just like us, trauma was trapped inside her from other people, just like the ancestral trauma we all suffer from on planet Earth. This is when we realized the land had called us here to help it, and in turn it would help us heal too….and it has. We now know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. When you come to this living mountain, speak kindly to her, she hears you, honor the Takilma ancestors who came before us, the plants and the trees the snakes and the bees, because we are all in this together. There is no you or me, there is only us and we. You and I are one being united in our desire for balance and peace on this planet, let’s walk together and support each other on this journey back into the welcoming arms of our own divinity. A little about our land; GPS will not take you to the right place, it tries to use roads that don't exist anymore so we give coordinates for the beginning of our road. We send you coordinates, very detailed directions, troubleshooting tips, and photo maps we made. As long as you successfully used the coordinates its easy. There is no service here for the most part, mile marker 4 on the main road gets service if you need it! We have a brand new beautiful shower, outhouses that look like bird houses, a sink and picnic tables and a ceremony space. We have two new Bell Tents we are creating listings for, one 13ft with its own outhouse and tucked away from the rest of the campground in a beautiful spot and a 10ft one closer to the main camping area, which contains a sink, 2 outhouses and picnic tables. There are several camp spots for you to pitch your own tent! we never have more than 2 groups of campers at a time and no more than 4 people each. Our driveway is steep, fancy and low riding cars, electric cars, and inexperienced drivers BEWARE!! We highly recommend 4WD!!! If you have 2WD and it rains which in the summer it never does but we have had late rains this year, we can shuttle you up the driveway and lock the car behind the gate. there is also a beautiful camp spot on the creek at the bottom of the driveway if you want to camp there, you will not have ammeneties down there. We are in the mountains, the roads here are windy and narrow for a few miles, if this makes you nervous I don't recommend it. We recently became WWOOF hosts, if you’re interested in WWOOFING or helping us with any projects we can discuss additional free nights! I need help creating a garden, planting trees, creating soil, artist for painting/murals, composting, nature art, creating beautiful camp sites, medicine making, all of the infrastructure needs replaced from solar to pluming and we’re building a tiny house eventually too so there’s something to learn for everyone! FYI there are small pockets of poison oak here but I keep the sites and trails as clear as I can. Please let us know if you’re interested in plant ID walks, Mushroom ID, medicine making, gold prospecting, boat rides or fishing. We prefer you don't pay ahead of time for extras incase we're unavailable for some reason, you can paypal us or bring cash. Our Creation Story; Our part of this living dream began long ago before either of us were born, in the cries of our ancestors, their fear and suffering imprinted into their DNA and passed down for centuries. These mementoes of trauma left to awaken in us as mental illness, autism, and addiction. This dream for us both, began as a nightmare we called life and it would be a long dark road before we found our light. Sometimes beauty is born of ugly. Bryan and I are the male and female aspects of the same suffering, each choice for freedom from our suffering bringing our paths closer to alignment. We both experienced trauma induced severe physical mystery illnesses around the same time as well, which only drove us deeper into our healing journeys. It all started with a prison break. From lands and people that did not support our freedom of spirit or growth of that spirit, far across the country from this very different world we now live in. Oregon and California feel like another country to me. The freedom of creative self expression as I drove through the southwest and bummed around on Cali beaches was life changing, healing and inspiring. The universe smiled upon us both as we would escape to the same place around the same time, with the same dream of helping the world heal. With nothing but a dream of mending our own broken hearts, no money, no jobs, no place to go to, just utilizing our WWOOF work trading accounts to act as a compass for the universe to create the miracle that was our eventual meeting in the sleepy NorCal beach town of Crescent City California. This dream is still in its infancy, a 2.5 year old toddler wild and free, testing its limits and falling on its face…a lot. We’ve spent the entirety of our time here navigating our relationships to ourselves, each other, our neighbors, our dream for this land and the land itself. It’s been a clumsy walk and we only now are finding our equilibrium and beginning to find a balanced pace here. Living off grid is very difficult to those who don’t know! Light switches do not always turn on at the flip of the switch or toilets flush, you actually have to build infrastructures yourself and maintain them, you are the power company, water and gas. There is no garbage collection either so we ask that you put thought into what you bring here, let’s lay down our disposable lifestyle and be mindful of Mother Nature and the need to be responsible for our waste. Only when you remove yourself from the convenience of modern life do you truly grasp how distant we have become from our origins, how stressed and careless. We rarely think about our impact on the world around us. We desire to share this place with people so they too can awaken to the myriad of responsibilities we have forsaken and the people and land and animals and insects we harm in our wake, and also the love we can give and receive from the living land all around us. We are only working toward this, we still use gasoline, phones, plastic, but we are aware of its unsustainable nature and are moving in the direction of sustainability and regeneration. We hope that while you are here walking our many trails through the forest that it awakens you and inspires you to join us on this journey and make change in the world, but first you must make change in your mind and heart, and that starts with healing your trauma. We offer this space to all who come here because we believe healing should not be a capitalist commodity. We have dedicated our lives, money, time and sometimes sanity to this cause and we are grateful to anyone who would like to volunteer on any of our many projects! The end goal for Laughing Mountain is for it to be a thriving sanctuary for all natural and spiritual/energetic modalities of healing for the public long after we are gone, this is not just for us, it is for you too, your children and grandchildren!
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9 ratings · 7 reviews
Zephyr M.recommends
April 3, 2024
Laughing Mountain Campsite
Remote and cozy!!!
I love Laughing Mountain!!! As a couple of young females, my friend and I felt very comfortable on this property, especially due to the communicative, helpful and super sweet host, Terrah! Everything is as pictured and there are thoughtfully made trails between sites, group/common areas, the cutest composting toilets in the world and a well maintained shower with a beautiful view :) Lots of area on the property and surrounding blm land to explore, but there’s also plenty of birds and wildlife to watch just from sitting about anywhere here!!!
Alexandra L.recommends
July 27, 2023
Laughing Mountain Campsite
Terrah was so friendly and you can tell she has put a lot of work into the campsites and is continuing to do so. The super clean (and also very aesthetic) outhouses and showers stood out to us. Would really recommend!
Brianna V.recommends
July 18, 2023
Laughing Mountain Campsite
10/10 Experience @ Laughing Mtn
Terran was SO wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about our experience. We arrived late in the evening and she offered to meet us at the main road to guide us up to the site, as it can challenging to find in the evening - I already knew at this point she would be a great host! The property is beautiful and has so much to offer. Don’t let the “no cell service” fool you and make you think that you won’t have a host available to you! Terrah provided a walkie talkie and made sure that she could be available to us whenever we needed, and we were so grateful for that. She was so kind and helpful throughout our whole stay and we will definitely be making another trip to Laughing Mountain in the future. Thank you Terrah (and Sacha, the sweet pup)!
Rachel F.recommends
November 22, 2022
Laughing Mountain Campsite
Thanks Terrah and Bryan!
My friends and I had the absolute best time during our stay. Terrah and Bryan are the sweetest and most generous people I’ve met. The campsite was clean, quite, and had some of the most amazing views of the mountains and the stars at night. We will for sure be back to laughing mountain ⛰️
Ginger S.recommends
June 30, 2022
Laughing Mountain Campsite
Beauty and privacy
I was blown away by the running sink and shower, glamping tent and privacy. What a great deal. I was expecting much less. It was wonderful. Terra was very nice too. We got to see her plants and go on a plant walk which I highly recommend. I want to come back for mushroom season in the fall.
Tom M.recommends
June 13, 2022
Laughing Mountain Campsite
Terrah and Bryan were absolutely wonderful hosts!!! Their property is absolutely beautiful and peaceful, we had a great time walking all the trails behind their property. Terrah was super wonderful and spent time showing us all the cool plants and mushrooms on the property and was unbelievably knowledgeable about each plant and their medicinal uses. We hope to come back soon and spend some time on the river close by!!
Glendale, Josephine, Oregon, United StatesTraditional, ancestral territory of Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla, Takelma, Cow Creek Umpqua, Modoc, Tolowa Dee-ni’, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, and Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians First Nations according to To respect the Host's privacy, the precise address of this land will be provided after booking
Hosted by Terrah B.Joined in April 2022
Response rate: 100%Response time: Within 6 hours
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