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Week of September 24
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The best camping near Callahan, Florida.

Beautiful wildflowers
Enjoy learning about beekeeping
Enjoy wildlife and native pollinators.
Hands on beekeeping experience!
Pets are welcome!
Good Karma Honey Bee N Bee
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Christine: I stayed here last weekend with my pug and it was a perfect retreat! The space is spot...
Plug is attached to side of garage, park anywhere near there for power connection.
Close to Fernandina Beach & Amelia
Aerial view of the property, arrow indicated RV parking location.
50 amp plug, please bring an adapter if you have 30 amp plug.
Rob: We are offering up our back yard for overnight RVers who want to be close to Amelia...
Site 6
Magnolia Site
Stargazing Friday & Saturday nights (weather Permitting)
Dale: Site,s for small RV's and Vans, Magnolia can be used for tents also. 6 & Magnolia...
Long Leaf
Turkey Oak
Wax Myrtle
Main Entrance
Star Gazing
Dale: We offer 4 secluded tent sites, all  a short distance to the centraly located outdoor...
Stars Aligned River Retreat
a well equipped kitchen
George set up a nice fire right before the sun went down
kayaking on the river that runs through the preserve
looking down the cabin
Jane: Stars Aligned River Retreat is a spectacular place to stay. George and Michelle have t...
Okefenokee Pastimes Tent Sites
Okefenokee Pastimes Tent Sites
Okefenokee Pastimes Tent Sites
Okefenokee Pastimes Tent Sites
Okefenokee Pastimes Tent Sites
Angela: Be sure to check in before closing time 9 AM to 6 PM Tuesday - Thursday, 9AM to 8Pm Fr...
Basic Cabins -no linens or bath
Basic Cabins -no linens or bath
Dale: Basic cabins have heat & a/c with a double bed and a single bed. You must provide...
RV Sites - 1,2,4,5,10,11,14,15
RV Sites - 1,2,4,5,10,11,14,15
Dale: This site is large and easy to pull-through site level & well drained. Trailers and...
RV Sites - 3,7,8,9
RV Sites - 3,7,8,9
Dale: This site is for medium length rv's , is easy to pull-through, level and well drained....
Scenery of Newell Lodge
Horse grazing
Frontage of Prperty
Massive Oak Trees grace the property.
Buffalo Creek Campsites@Newell
Kay: Located in rural Georgia on a  57 acre tract of a beautiful  live oak trees, we offer...
Where we set up the tent for the night.
We arrived after a rainstorm, which made for pretty dramatic colors. Also, the overview of the stables and main housing area.
horse animal
Lots of critters.
Stable help.
Equestrian Facility
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Jason: Very primitive. Good for a last minute spot if you're in a bind.
Deluxe Cabins
Deluxe Cabins
Deluxe Cabins
Deluxe Cabins
Deluxe Cabins
Dale: Deluxe Cabins are furnished with linens, towels, a/c, heat, full bed and Bunk beds,...
Premier Cabin
Premier Cabin
Premier Cabin
Premier Cabin
Premier Cabin
Dale: is furnished with linens, towels, a/c, heat, full bed and twin bed, private bathroom,...
Finca Mycol (Eco/Permie Camp)
Finca Mycol (Eco/Permie Camp)
Finca Mycol (Eco/Permie Camp)
Finca Mycol (Eco/Permie Camp)
Finca Mycol (Eco/Permie Camp)
Lauren: Literally such a cool place! Plenty to do and see with a great community-like culture. ...
Ranger Park
Ranger Park
Ranger Park
Ranger Park
Ranger Park
Maureen: Pitch a tent or a hammock in our tucked-away grandaddy oak grove. Views of prairie and...
One of the many areas available to sleep. We stayed in the screened room to the back.
Easy access to the Suwannee River!
Passing the time. Also, another view of the screened in room with electricity.
Large fire pit, plenty of room for tents and hammocks.
Not quite primitive.
Suwannee River Retreat
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Dan: Where to start, where to start... Oh! On arrival! Janet (host) greeted us at the e...
forest people camper
tent lodging water
forest people hammock
tent forest lodging
Lots of space to lounge on the river directly behind where you pitch your tent.
Springs/Nature Paradise
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April: Mike and Angela were amazing hosts. Super friendly and helpful. The campsite has access...
the entrance,
"LEE's EDEN!!"
"LEE's EDEN!!"
one of the trails
trail off ur site
Janet Lee: Why go to a campground where  the campsites are right on top of each other?  Come to my...
North Meadow and Squirrel Grove
How our farm got it's name!
Deer in the North Meadow
Crystal Springs and Dark Rivers
Crystal Springs and Dark Rivers
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: Sandy and Erica’s camping spots are down a long dusty road with lots of old moss strewn...
Morning vibes
Meditation with Shana
"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." – Buddha
Alex doing some yoga in the AM
"The mind is everything. What you think you become." –Buddha
Ryan + Alex
Ryan + Alex: Forest Meditation Sanctuary is a full time yoga/meditation retreat. It is also a conser...