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Best Camping in Colorado

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Kurt's Yurt
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1. Kurt's Yurt

In the shadow of the 14,035 ft. , Mt. Sherman, Kurt's Yurt is a 16' diameter yurt that sets on a 24' x 24' deck. It is nestled in the trees just...

Jane: I thoroughly enjoyed the location of this yurt, it was remote enough to really feel alone in nature, but not too far from...
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Second Wind, Rustic Camping.
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2. Second Wind, Rustic Camping.

If you've never heard the wind rush through the feathers of a Eagle orHawk as it flies overhead, this is the place for you, All the privacy you...

Northbound and
Northbound And: If you're looking for a private, rustic spot, this is the place for you. Beautiful fields with mountains in the distance, and...
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Piñon Flats

3. Piñon Flats

You absolutely can’t beat the views at Piñon Flats… for realsies. As the sun sets, watch the light dance over the massive sand dunes, creating a...

Mitch: Be sure to come stocked up on beer, food, and firewood. There is a general store where you check in, but I recall spending...
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Holy Cross Refugio Tree Camp
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4. Holy Cross Refugio Tree Camp

This is for choice of sites is right at the junction of trees, meadows, and talus with the right blend of privacy and views. Over 11k in elevation....

Jonathan: I had a great time staying at HCR. Ben was very thorough in his information and was great with communication leading up to and...
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Sol Mountain Farm Camp
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5. Sol Mountain Farm Camp

Set up camp on one of our ancient Tepee sites and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Colorado Rockies. Take in the mountain views and small organic...

Northbound and
Northbound And: We loved Sol Mountain Farm. You should check it out if you have ever dreamed of living on a farm, are interested in...
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The Lavender Bunk Room
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6. The Lavender Bunk Room

Enjoy a stay at a small lavender farm near the Colorado Nat'l Monument. Meander down a solar-lit dirt path surrounded by trees and wildlife, to the...

Ferrell: We had a wonderful time at the Lavender Bunk Room, and we'll definitely be staying here the next time we're in the area. ...
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Ansel Watrous Campground

7. Ansel Watrous Campground

Colorado is chock-full of canyons, but the Poudre Canyon of the northern front range just might be the best of them. This is where you’ll find...

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100's of acres 2 Hike Bike Hunt
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8. 100's of acres 2 Hike Bike Hunt

Driving about 40 minutes outside of Canon City, Colorado, on the back side of Pikes Peak and above the Arkansas River is where three county...

Kyle: Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a small, comfortable, cozy cabin in the middle of the Colorado wilderness? Lucky...
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Angel of Shavano Campground

9. Angel of Shavano Campground

Angel of Shavano Campground is a small, tranquil site in a forest of aspen and spruce. The site is named for the angel image that appears as snow...

Brian: Very well maintained - we had a lovely stay. There was also drinking water available at the time of our visit.
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Lost Park Campground

10. Lost Park Campground

Nestled within the well-hidden confines of the areas heavy vegetation, Lost Park Campground is inundated with a string of a few, primitive...

Ryan: This is a great place to camp the night before starting out on the Lost Creek loop backpacking trail. There is also a lot of...
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Zapata Falls Campground

11. Zapata Falls Campground

High on top of the hill, Zapata Falls campground is located 9,000 feet in Sangre de Cristo Mountains, painted with chromatically cohesive sunsets...

Ryan: Awesome campground 10 minutes outside the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The Zapata Falls are a 1/2 mile from the campground...
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Elbert Creek Campground

12. Elbert Creek Campground

This campground is the jump off y’all! If you want a place to pop-up your tent (or park your RV) but plan on spending lots of time out on the...

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High Desert Hideout Camp
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13. High Desert Hideout Camp

40 acres of High Desert plateau land, in the river canyon rim country of western Colorado. Remote limited access just 3 miles off the interstate....

Northbound and
Northbound And: For us the the rugged campsite and the remote setting were perfect, but this won't be true for a lot of people. We enjoy...
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the "Dome-i-cile"
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14. the "Dome-i-cile"

A domicile is a place of residence, but ours is much more exciting: a comfortably furnished, 20ft diameter geodesic dome built into the the...

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Lavender Fields Tent Camping
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15. Lavender Fields Tent Camping

Pitch your tent near our lavender fields and have access to your own picnic table. The site is a 2 minute walk from the main house, allowing for...

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Sig Creek Campground

16. Sig Creek Campground

Sig Creek Campground is not only in a super gorgeous spot, but its seclusion is unmatched. 6 miles up a gravel road (no worries, your sedan is cool...

Joseph: We towed our 23' Airstream into Sig Creek in Aug 2015. We do a lot of boondocking in BLM & NF sites. The access road was no...
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Rainbow Lakes Campground

17. Rainbow Lakes Campground

A little ways west from the hippie mountain town of Nederland, Colorado lies Rainbow Lakes Campground. A popular spot for Boulderites seeking a...

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Aspen Meadow

18. Aspen Meadow

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is just wonderful, so you might as well stay for a night or two. Tent campers will adore the tent-only sites at Aspen...

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Alta Lakes Campground

19. Alta Lakes Campground

You know that saying, "If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it. "? That sure applies to Alta Lakes Campground, which is accessed only via rugged...

Dillon: This is one of the best campgrounds in the lower 48. Bring a water purifier and make use of the natural spring that flows...
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Echo Lake Campground

20. Echo Lake Campground

Come shout it out at Echo Lake Campground, named after its namesake lake at the base of Mount Evans. With a dramatic spruce forest, ample wildlife,...

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Moraine Park

21. Moraine Park

Other campgrounds: take a note from Moraine Park because this is how it’s supposed to be done. There’s not a bad site here, so don’t worry about...

Mark: Camped in 87, walk in. Was about the shortest walk of the ones near us. 88 was better, bigger area under canopy. One behind 87...
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Clear Lake Campground

22. Clear Lake Campground

A small rustic site four miles south of Georgetown along Guanella Pass Road, Clear Lake Campground’s visitors come to give weary screen-tired eyes...

Cami: This campground was great mostly because of its location. I love the little town Idaho Springs about 20 minutes away (if you go...
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Parry Peak Campground

23. Parry Peak Campground

Cloaked behind the white waters of Lake Creek, Parry Peak Campground is landscaped by the area’s endemic towering ponderosa pines. A walk-in style...

Eva: Cute small campgound. Easy access to river, Twin Lakes and Mt. Elbert. Back sites best for long camping weekends. Have nice...
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Kelly Dahl Campground

24. Kelly Dahl Campground

What better way to spend a weekend than with Kelly Dahl! With outdoor activities right outside your tent, Kelly Dahl Campground is a magical escape...

Mary Jane: This is a great smaller campground when you want a quick escape from Denver but still close to fun Ned and great trails. Vault...
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Guanella Pass Campground

25. Guanella Pass Campground

Come camp by ghost towns and old wagon trails at Guanella Pass Campground and get in touch with your inner pioneer. When not re-enacting the wagon...

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Cement Creek Campground

26. Cement Creek Campground

Just like your favorite coffee shop that you only tell close friends about, Cement Creek Campground flies under the radar. It’s rarely crowded and...

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Ouzel Campground

27. Ouzel Campground

River access? Yes, please! Ouzel Campground is one of several places in the area to enjoy the South Platte River along with some some quality peace...

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Modern Scandinavian Alpine Hut
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28. Modern Scandinavian Alpine Hut

Stay in comfort in the middle of Holy Cross Wilderness. Scandinavian design meets Colorado nature. One room cabin with full bed for two and extra...

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Almont Campground

29. Almont Campground

Take in gorge-ous scenery at Almont Campground in the stunning Rocky Mountain region! Stretching out along the Gunnison River and surrounded by...

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Thistledown Campground - Ouray

30. Thistledown Campground - Ouray

Popular with hikers, nature-viewers and all-around explorer-types, Thistledown Campground is a convenient base of operations for connecting with...

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