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Lake Koocanusa
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The best camping near Lake Koocanusa, Montana.

Trego Base Camp
Natalie: It's a bit difficult to find... to ask the local pub up the street where to find them! :) AWESOME place!
Direct book$12/night
The Hunter
Mirabai: A nice clean small camper on the Yaak River. Stove, sink. Full Bed and couch bed. Outdoor Shower....
Request book$35/night
The Aspen Lodge
Mirabai: A clean bright roomy wall tent on a deck. Fully furnished with 2 queen beds, wood stove, table and...
Request book$50/night
Oasis Camp Sites
Mirabai: Camp in the woods or in the open, many level sites. Outdoor kitchen with grill, fire pit, fridge. ...
Request book$15/night
The Prowler
Meredith: The Prowler is a very spacious camper set up on the property at Shameless Oasis in Yaak, Montana. With...
Request book$45/night
The Sun Room
Christina: Cozy little house in the yak, with a cool outdoor kitchen bungalow and quick access to river, walking ...
Request book$60/night
The Larch Lodge
Mirabai: A roomy furnished wall tent nestled in the trees under a huge Larch tree. Queen bed, couch, table and...
Request book$40/night
Sylvia Lake Campground
Prefer a sky of mountain-scapes over sea and sand? Sylvia Lake Campground is the place for you....
Public campground
Rexford Bench Campground
Popular among visitors to Kootenai National Forest, Rexford Bench Campground is an ideal destination...
Public campground
North Dickey Lake Campground
Who's ready to have a ball at North Dickey Lake Campground? This practically perfect place has...
Public campground
Webb Mountain Lookout Cabin
Webb Mountain Lookout sits high in the big, blue Montana sky. . . 5,988 feet up to be exact. This...
Public campground
Mt. Wam Lookout Cabin
When you pop open the shutters at Mt. Wam Lookout you’re going to be glad you endured the hike to get...
Public campground
Upper Ford Ranger Station Cabin
Upper Ford Ranger Station is comfy and quaint in all seasons! Whether you’re visiting in the winter to...
Public campground
Big Creek Baldy Lookout Cabin
The Big Creek Baldy Lookout offers panoramic mountain views perfect for those who want to get out and...
Public campground
Bull River Guard Station Cabin
Put on your widest brimmed hat and come play ranger at the Bull River Guard Station! Built in 1908,...
Public campground
Garver Mountain Lookout Cabin
Enjoy a pink sky sunset from the balcony of Garver Mountain Lookout. This quaint observation tower...
Public campground
McGillivray Campground
Find yourself a little slice of wilderness paradise on the west end of the 90-mile long Lake Koocanusa...
Public campground
Sylvan Lake Campground
Sylvan Lake Campground is one of those places that once you’ve discovered it, you can’t get it out of...
Public campground
Camp 32 Campground
For all you folks looking for a campsite that will not only accommodate you, but will really charm the...
Public campground
Peck Gulch Campground
It’s easy to see why Peck Gulch Campground is a favorite destination for travelers from all over...
Public campground