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Wild Dunbar Hill in Kentucky

Host Amy Dunlow says:

My husband, Ethan Dunloe is the Grandson of Suzy Dunbar. This property was bought for her by her father. Villines is a family name in and around this little area of Kentucky, and we are related. Suzy has always wanted to keep the hill in it's beautiful natural state, not wanting to have it logged or turned into a dump station. With her ability to care for this property gone, she is leaving it to her child and grandchildren to ensure the property stays wild!

This is a beautiful chance to experience a truly wild Kentucky forest. White tail deer, wild turkey, James John Audubon recognised birds all available every day. You can hike for miles around the rolling hills, through the forest on a deer path, or make your own. Camping is easy as all of the property is available to camp.

We ask only people with 4x4 vehicle access use the easement (drive way) up to the property, or you can park your vehicle at the gate. The money we earn through Hipcamp will help us to fix up our drive for easy access. If you don't have a 4x4 don't worry, a short hike up the slope will get you directly into the woodland!

Just down the road in Clay Kentucky is Jerry's Cafe. A beautiful restaurant with a 100% rating. They have a natural and rustic look to their business. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Available foods include a strawberry spring salad, thick delicious hamburgers, fried fish, and ice creams.

We are only 2 hours away from Nashville TN, 1 hour away from Owensboro KY and 4 hours away from St. Louis MO.

Recommended only for those well experienced in the wild. No running water, or shelter. No firepit, but camp fire is allowed with a hole dug into the ground, and later covered up to help prevent any fires. Snakes are around, be aware of Western Kentucky natural animals of the wild such as Copperhead, Cottonmouth snakes, and coyotes.

Posted on: July 05, 2017 14:59
Zip code: 42409
Number of listings to be photographed: 1

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