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Best Camping in Virginia

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Loft Mountain Campground

1. Loft Mountain Campground

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

The wilderness and wildlife of Loft Mountain Campground are bound to leave you bewildered and completely content to the core. As the largest...

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Wolf Gap Recreation Area

2. Wolf Gap Recreation Area

It’s just you and the crickets out here at Wolf Gap Recreation Area. Well, the crickets and your camping neighbors—but not many! This campground...

Ellen: Huge fan of this spot. No potable water, but nice sites and a reliable bathroom. Worth noting that there are a couple dispersed...
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1812 Virginia Farmstay
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3. 1812 Virginia Farmstay

Take a break from back country camping in the adjacent Shenandoah National Park. Two comfortable suites await in a National Register 1812 stone...

Katherine : Feel like visiting the English countryside without the long flight? The historic 1812 Caledonia Farm is just that. Tucked away...
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Big Meadows Campground

4. Big Meadows Campground

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

At Big Meadows Campground, prepare to experience a natural orchestra the likes of which you’ve never heard. Crickets in their thickets whisper...

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Tye River Cove
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5. Tye River Cove

Pitch your tent at Tye Cove and you will immediately experience a sense of peace that makes the the world a little lighter. The Tye River flows...

Hunter: This is the best location to camp along the Tye River. Other than the owners house (which is beautiful in itself) it is...
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First Landing State Park Campground

6. First Landing State Park Campground

A collection of tent sites tucked off in its own little corner, Loop A of the campground at super-popular First Landing State Park has the...

Tara: This park is in the city of Virginia Beach, so it's pretty busy, but it is a great way to explore this resort town without...
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Shenandoah River Campground

7. Shenandoah River Campground

100% Recommend (4 Campers)

Head to Shenandoah River State Park any time of year for a relaxing weekend or a whole week of adventure along Virginia’s favorite river. Whether...

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Belle Isle Campground

8. Belle Isle Campground

If the summer heat is making you cranky, you can wet your whistle and all the rest of you at Belle Isle Campground. This wild piece of water...

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Spring Hill Farm
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9. Spring Hill Farm

Spring Hill Farm is located in rural northwest Hanover County/Caroline County Border on the North Anna River in Virginia. We are between the Cities...

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Grayson Highlands Campground

10. Grayson Highlands Campground

100% Recommend (4 Campers)

Located almost right on the southern border of Virginia, Grayson Highlands is a gorgeous getaway no matter what state you're coming from. As the...

Jay: Don't miss this gem - especially for bouldering.
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Westmoreland State Park Campground

11. Westmoreland State Park Campground

At Westmoreland, you’ll get even MORE than you bargained for. The stunning scenery, tons of activities and a rich local history make this place an...

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Rocky Knob Campground

12. Rocky Knob Campground

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but if you’re shooting for that “wow” effect without dropping major Gs, the crystalline-crusted caves in...

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Mathews Arm Campground

13. Mathews Arm Campground

You can’t spell g-e-t-a-w-a-y without Mathews Arm Campground (well. . . some of the same vowels, at least). Nestled between cascading trees and...

Dan: Went there in the middle of the week and had no problem getting a camp site for just $10. Bathrooms were extremely clean. ...
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Smith Mountain Lake Campground

14. Smith Mountain Lake Campground

Camp beside the crystal-clear cerulean waters of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia’s second-largest freshwater lake, and enjoy an assortment of aquatic...

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Fairy Stone State Park Campground

15. Fairy Stone State Park Campground

Looking for somewhere to pitch that tent or park that RV? Post up at one of the Yellow campsites at Fairy Stone State Park and your arrival will be...

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Wilderness Road State Park Campground

16. Wilderness Road State Park Campground

Stayin’ the night in a frontier settlement from the 18th century? Why not! Reserve one of the primitive group campsites at Wilderness Road State...

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Old Virginia Group Horse Camp

17. Old Virginia Group Horse Camp

Dotted with hoove-stamps from previous equine fine visitors, Old Virginia Horse Campground is an ideal campground for those who prefer a saddle to...

Peaks of Otter Campground

18. Peaks of Otter Campground

What Peaks of Otter Campground lacks in actual otters, it more than makes up for in gorgeous Blue Ridge views, epic hiking trails, and plenty of...

Hazel River Hideaway
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19. Hazel River Hideaway

75% Recommend (4 Campers)

Our campsites are located along the scenic Hazel River in Culpeper, Virginia. River Hills is comprised of over 200 acres of private family owned...

Miles: This place was an absolute blast! Peggy, Tim and David were extremely friendly and fun to hang out with, and the location was...
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Oak Ridge Campground

20. Oak Ridge Campground

Beneath an expansive canopy of fluttering leaves lies Oak Ridge Campground, a haven for furry, flying, and fishy friends alike. Although this...

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Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Cabin
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21. Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Cabin

This is a nice cabin that has a kitchenette, a master bedroom with double bed, a propane fireplace, upstairs there are 8 beds (bunk beds)....

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Greenwood Point Campground

22. Greenwood Point Campground

Signs may lead you there, but you’ll have to carve your own path to Greenwood Point Campground. No road access is available for this isolated...

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Fairy Hill Wild Camping
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23. Fairy Hill Wild Camping

Tucked into a grove at the top of an old farm road at the back of our country campground, you'll have plenty of space to spread out, chill out, and...

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Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Camp
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24. Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing Camp

Campsites range from car camping in the center of base camp to choosing from dozens of different secluded campsites scattered throughout the...

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Hone Quarry Campground

25. Hone Quarry Campground

Hone Quarry Campground is the place for the serious adventuring. We’re talking about the kind of stuff that requires helmets and kneepads: rock...

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Blowing Springs Campground

26. Blowing Springs Campground

Night camping can be scary if you aren’t familiar with the sights and sounds of the outdoors, but if you feel a cold breath on your neck in the...

Gennette : A peaceful river borders one side of the campground and it's perfect for swimming and fishing. Our group had three children,...
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Hawk Recreation Area

27. Hawk Recreation Area

Nestled deep in the Alleghany Mountains, amongst high trees and quintessential wildlife, Hawk Campground is the perfect opportunity to peace off...

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Kiptopeke Campground

28. Kiptopeke Campground

Paint with all the colors of the wind next weekend in Kiptopeke State Park! This spot was once the stomping grounds of Captain John Smith in 1602,...

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Little Fort Campground

29. Little Fort Campground

Head out to Little Fort for a lotta fun. This minimally developed recreation area, believe it or not, was once a rest stop for a stagecoach line...

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Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area

30. Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area

Before you fall fast asleep under the lofty oaks at Camp Roosevelt Campground, make sure to thank the Civilian Conservation Corps for all they’ve...

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