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Keowee-Toxaway State Park
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Chattooga Belle Farm Lakeside
Kassidy: We enjoyed our stay at Chattooga Belle Farm. The Farm has tons of features -- the store, vineyard, cam...
Direct book $30/night
Swamp Rabbit Trail Camping
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: Y’all we just found a sweet little base camp in the Swamp Rabbit Trail Campsite. This site is located ...
Direct book $20/night
Pisgah Forest Mountain Meadows
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: Oh wow have we found a great camping spot! This site is only 5 and a half miles from downtown Brevard,...
Direct book $15/night
Waterfall Cove
Emilia: Waterfall Cove glampsite was amazing! Everything I hoped for and more. My friend and her dog enjoyed o...
Direct book $75/night
Beechwood Cabin Tent
Andrew: These covered tents are a perfect compromise for wanting to be surrounded by nature, while having a co...
Request book $50/night
Camping at Celestrial Halley
Juliana: Looking for a peaceful escape in the mountains? This is the spot! With the sound of flowing creeks all...
Request book $40/night
Destination Outdoors! DO IT!
Emilia: The property Matt and his son Cole have acquired has had an interesting past. Almost turned into a dev...
Direct book $20/night
Fern Creek Tiny House
Andrew: This location was incredible. It felt like a home away from home, and Bill & Mary were incredible host...
Request book $85/night
Table Rock Tea Company
Amelia: Steve has created the perfect private area on his property that has a great view of Table Rock. All su...
Request book $39/night
Hatch Camp and Art Farm
William Reed
William Reed: Hosts Scott and Nicole are kind and hospitable. The land is being worked into a fly fishing ground. Qu...
Request book $40/night
Dark Horse Farm
Ashley: Dark Horse Farm proved to be a wonderful farm and outdoor experience. The hosts were warm and welcomin...
Direct book $25/night
Hickory Cabin Tent
Ashleigh: Great stay! Bill and Mary are kind and helpful hosts!
Request book $50/night
Just Ripe Farm Camping Spot
Jason: We had a great time camping here the night before the eclipse. Everything was just as described. Rache...
Request book $30/night
Lake Summit RV Getaway
Erin + Caroline
Erin + Caroline: The Lake Summit RV Getaway was a really cool place to camp. We had our 16 foot RV with us and the pul...
Direct book $55/night
Secluded Waterfall Haven
Kim: New favorite campsite!!! It’s hard to overstate how awesome this spot is – and how amazing it was to h...
Request book $75/night
Wild Turkey Primitive Campsite
Ivan: Thanks a lot to Bill and Mary. Thus far farm is a majestic place where you want to stay forever. The ...
Request book $20/night
Sky High Ridge Campground
Jeffrey: If you truly enjoy the wilderness but still like the convenience of electric and sewer hookups, this i...
Request book $25/night
Primitive River Camping
Jane: Chris’ property is tucked into the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia and is a wonderful place to ...
Direct book $20/night
Destination Outdoors
Matt: Summerset Ridge Yurt:  This awesome 16' yurt is conveniently positioned in the middle of a 100 acre...
Direct book $139/night
Radical Inclusion Campsite
Dan: Radical Inclusion - Incredibly cool town, with lots to do in the area for nature walks or if you're m...
Direct book $15/night