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Best Camping in Iowa

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Pikes Peak Campground

1. Pikes Peak Campground

Come to Pikes Peak State park for camping in style near some awesome hiking trails with a view! The campground is modern and developed with many...

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Maquoketa Caves Campground

2. Maquoketa Caves Campground

Calling all cavers and explorers! Come on down to one of Iowa’s most unique natural wonders, Maquoketa Caves State Park. First set yourself up in...

Green Valley Campground

3. Green Valley Campground

Getting your greens does a body good, and that does include camping in them! At the Green Valley State Park campground you’ll find modern RV...

Wildcat Den Campground

4. Wildcat Den Campground

Wildcat Den Campground is as wild as it sounds. Combine a unique natural landscape, the solitude of Mother Nature, and rare historical structures,...

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North Overlook Campground

5. North Overlook Campground

Who knew you could camp in the dense forest while also having quick access to the beach? At North Overlook Campground on Lake Red Rock, your dreams...

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Bellevue Campground

6. Bellevue Campground

When you get a glimpse of the mighty Mississippi River you are probably going to want to take your time to see the parade of boats passing by, and...

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Six Pine Campground

7. Six Pine Campground

With the awesome hiking, geology, fishing, climbing, and much more around Backbone State Park your best bet is to get on down here asap! Six Pine...

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Prairie Rose West Campground

8. Prairie Rose West Campground

Grassy fields, colorful wildflowers, and the beautiful blue Prairie Rose Lake. Yup, things don’t get much better than camping at Prairie Rose’s...

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Ledges Campground

9. Ledges Campground

Make your next camping trip extraordinary with a visit to Ledges State Park. The park campground is modern and has standard, hike-in, and RV...

Ben: Living near the Des Moines metro, Ledges is one of the closest parks that offers you that, "I can't really be in Iowa still"...
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Clarks Ferry Campground

10. Clarks Ferry Campground

Oh man, it doesn’t get much better than camping on the Mississippi River! Clarks Ferry Campground is a totally gorgeous spot in this classic neck...

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Lake Macbride Campground

11. Lake Macbride Campground

If you like to bring your second home on wheels with you into the outdoors then the north campground at Lake Macbride State Park is the place for...

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Lake Manawa Campground

12. Lake Manawa Campground

Boating, biking, and basking in the sunlight. Get your B’s in one place when you come to Lake Manawa State Park campground. You will get your...

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Viking Lake Campground

13. Viking Lake Campground

With a bright blue lake, lush greenery, and loads of wildlife, it’s no wonder why Viking Lake State Park is one of southwest Iowa’s most popular...

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Walnut Woods Campground

14. Walnut Woods Campground

Looking to gather around the campfire with the whole fan-damily, and perfect the art of marshmallow roasting? Give the shady campsites at Walnut...

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Wilson Island Campground

15. Wilson Island Campground

There is a reason Wilson Island campground is a popular place to pitch your tent, it’s spectacular! Witness abundant wildlife, the wave-like Loess...

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Whiskey Camp
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16. Whiskey Camp

East Grove Farms Winery and Vineyard invites you to pitch your tent at a site affectionately known as Whiskey Camp. Nestled in the trees to the...

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Beeds Lake Campground

17. Beeds Lake Campground

Sandy beach sunbathing and lake swimming followed by camping under a blanket of stars in the beautiful outdoors? Hell Yeah! Bring the RV if you...

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Buck Creek Campground

18. Buck Creek Campground

Grassy rolling hills, incredible wildlife, fresh air…. you’ll find all of this and more at Buck Creek Campground. Nestled right on Rathbun Lake,...

South Lake Campground

19. South Lake Campground

There is so much to explore and do at Backbone State Park that you might as well load up the camping gear and make a weekend (or longer!) out of...

Black Hawk Campground

20. Black Hawk Campground

For the sports fans and game lovers in your crew, Black Hawk Campground is sure to please. Not only does this huge campground have modern amenities...

Beach Campground

21. Beach Campground

Next time you feel like camping don’t forget to bring along your trusty steed! At Brushy Creek State Park there is a killer equestrian campground,...

Clear Lake Campground

22. Clear Lake Campground

Next time the heat rises don’t battle it out in misery, or park yourself in front of the A/C. Head down to Clear Lake State Park to cool down in...

Acorn Valley Campground

23. Acorn Valley Campground

Step into Acorn Valley Campground and you just might swoon at how perfectly picturesque this little spot is! Situated right near the shores of...

Dolliver Campground

24. Dolliver Campground

Camping is always better with a river running through it. How about the beautiful Des Moines River? Now we’re talkin. At Dolliver Memorial State...

Elk Rock Campground

25. Elk Rock Campground

Livin large in luxury in the great outdoors! At Elk Rock State Park’s Campground you can roll up in your RV and get modern showers, electric...

Bob Shetler Campground

26. Bob Shetler Campground

Pitch your tent (or park that RV) and get ready for some riverside livin’. Located right on the Des Moines River, Bob Shelter Campground has tons...

Equestrian Campground

27. Equestrian Campground

Why settle for rustic equestrian camping when you can have modern electric hookup sites with a modern shower building and even a horse washing...

Bridgeview Park Campground

28. Bridgeview Park Campground

Lakeside camping under a few hours from the big city of Des Moines? No sweat—Bridgeview Park Campground has got you covered with picturesque...

Emerson Bay Campground

29. Emerson Bay Campground

At Emerson Bay State Park’s campground you will find modern, RV friendly campsites, some with full hookups, along with a playground and boat ramp...

Ambrose Call Campground

30. Ambrose Call Campground

Settle down like a pioneer for some good ol camp'n in the countryside. At Ambrose A. Call State Park the campground will treat you right and give...