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Mashamoquet Brook State Park

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Mashamoquet Brook
Mashamoquet Brook
Mashamoquet Brook
Mashamoquet Brook

Mashamoquet Brook State Park, Connecticut

Like a J.R.R. Tolkien book, Mashamoquet Brook State Park is rich with legend and lore. The most famous tale is of Israel Putnam who, in 1742, crept into a wolf den and shot a wolf that had preyed Read more...

Like a J.R.R. Tolkien book, Mashamoquet Brook State Park is rich with legend and lore. The most famous tale is of Israel Putnam who, in 1742, crept into a wolf den and shot a wolf that had preyed upon local farm animals for years. That very same wolf den can still be visited in the park today, where you can craft your own tale of heroism.

After you’ve saved the day, there’s still lots of the park to explore. The name Mashamoquet is Indian for “stream of good fishing,” so it’s no surprise the catches here are fat and frequent. Pull up a lawn chair by the water and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. When night falls, warm fires from the campground beckon. When day breaks, it’s time for a whole new adventure.

Mashamoquet Brook Campground
Lisa: Just FYI - was just looking into camping here and found out that pets are not allowed. thought i'd le...
Public campground
Wolf Den Campground
The Wolf Den Campground offers more sites than Mashamoquet Brook Campground, and also restrooms and...
Public campground
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