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Redwood Guide
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The 20 best camping spots near Redwood, California.

Otter Space Meadow
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1. Otter Space Meadow

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Jay: The meadow camps are situated in the nooks along the edge of the huge meadow under tall trees so you’re in a good spot on the...
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Romantic River TeePee
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2. Romantic River TeePee

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

The Romantic River TeePee is located next to the yurt. It overlooks the Klamath River flowing below and is ideal for two people. HIPCAMP – OTTER...

Jay: I had an incredible stay. Otter Space is truly a hidden gem. I arrived much later than expected in the evening but Peter was...
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Elk Prairie Campground

3. Elk Prairie Campground

100% Recommend (9 Campers)

Elk Prairie Campground features 75 campsites nearby an open meadow in this expansive park. Most of the campsites are situated far beneath the...

Nick: There are few campsites adjacent to the fields where the Elk graze, but the most beautiful sites are the among the mossy trees....
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Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

4. Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

92% Recommend (12 Campers)

Gold Bluffs Beach Campground is located next to the sand dunes, literally only a few hundred yards away from the beach. There are 25 campsites...

Monica: One of my absolute favorite campsites. Not mentioned here are the wild elk roaming around the campsite and the amazing Fern...
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Jedediah Smith Redwoods Campground

5. Jedediah Smith Redwoods Campground

100% Recommend (13 Campers)

This campground is set in a grove, not far off the banks of the Smith River. The campground has a total of 86 campsites, and access to fire pits,...

Beth: Easily one of my favorite sites on a cross country trip from New York to Los Angeles. The river was very accessible, and a...
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Otter Space Cottages
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6. Otter Space Cottages

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Jay: These cottages are awesome! The cottages are very spacious and both have a loft area and multiple beds. It has all the goods...
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Otter Space Riverview
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7. Otter Space Riverview

Otter Space is off the grid, through a Redwood forest and over a mountain down into the Klamath River valley. We have a 5 acre meadow, and orchard...

Meghan: Otter Space is a fantastic place to camp. Getting there is a little difficult, since you basically drive down a logging road...
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Agate Beach Campground

8. Agate Beach Campground

Agate Beach Campground can be a wonderful place to call “home” while exploring the beauty of Patrick’s Point State Park. This campground is located...

Alex: Don't leave without hiking down to the beach, even if it seems too foggy to enjoy, there is an incredible view from the bottom...
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Red Alder Group Camp

9. Red Alder Group Camp

Red Alder Group Campground is located in the heart of the park. It is the closest site to parking and the visitor’s center, which is super...

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Penn Creek Campground

10. Penn Creek Campground

Penn Creek, combined with Abalone and Agate campgrounds, has 124 campsites. The campsites each have a picnic table, barbecue pit and food locker....

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Abalone Campground

11. Abalone Campground

The Abalone Campground in Patrick’s Point Park is located just a couple yards from the water. The campground features picnic tables, barbeque pits,...

Ivan: Great privacy for each camp site; your'e surrounded by very tall shrubs.
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Beach Creek Group Camp

12. Beach Creek Group Camp

Beach Creek Group Campground is perfect for large parties to have some space to kick back and relax. Located in the southern end of the park, there...

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The Corn Crib
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13. The Corn Crib

100% Recommend (8 Campers)

Sorry, winter campers. Summer CampingPitch your tent in the orchard! We are a farm business, so be prepared for tractors or pick-ups loading up in...

Alyssa: Corn Crib is a fantastic place to camp!! Ginger and her family are great hosts and this sweet farm is surrounded by redwoods...
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Fish Lake Campground

14. Fish Lake Campground

Grab the brewskis, the hot dogs, and the power bait, and head on up to Fish Lake Campground. Fish for trout, blue-gill, or bass. Enjoy the spacious...

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E-Ne-Nuck Campground

15. E-Ne-Nuck Campground

E-Ne-Nuck Campground attracts anglers from all over for some of the best fishing in the region. The campground is located near great fishing holes...

Aikens Creek West Campground

16. Aikens Creek West Campground

Aikens Creek West Campground is near Klamath River, Aikens Creek, and Indian Creek. Swap fishing stories with the many visitors - you’ll find some...

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17. Pantilokpom

Our forty acre retreat offers wildflowers, wifi, a year round creek, and a pond that supports endangered pond turtles. . Pitch your tent or enjoy...

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East Fork Campground

18. East Fork Campground

Sitting in a shady area near East Fork Willow Creek, East Fork Campground is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This spot...

Boise Creek Campground

19. Boise Creek Campground

Smothered between the bosom of Brush and Brannan Mountain’s, Boise Creek Campground is a forested haven that will do your tired soul some serious...

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Sasquatch Meadows
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20. Sasquatch Meadows

100% Recommend (13 Campers)

Sasquatch Meadows (named after the man, or "thing" himself) features two private campsites, which are nestled in a grove of pine trees. You can...

Julian: This place is rad, enjoy the whole meadow to yourself or bring a group of friends. (Think of it like your own private...
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