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Devil's Postpile National Monument

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Devil's Postpile National Monument, California

While the Devil’s Postpile National Monument has no real satanic undertones (from our experience at least), the geologically-stunning and sweet honeycomb of the columnar basalt that make up the 60 ft Read more...
While the Devil’s Postpile National Monument has no real satanic undertones (from our experience at least), the geologically-stunning and sweet honeycomb of the columnar basalt that make up the 60 ft towering formation is one of the most awe-inspiring topographical artifacts you will ever come across. Seriously. We aren’t kidding, go see for yourself and write us an angry email if you aren’t stunned that something like the Postpile was created naturally. Coupled with the 101 ft Rainbow Falls just a couple miles away, these two attractions make up the major allure of Devil’s Postpile National Monument and cannot be missed on any trip from Yosemite or the Mammoth Lakes.
Devil's Postpile Campground
Boasting a modest 21-site, first-come first-serve campground, Devil’s Postpile Monument quickly fills...
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