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Week of September 24
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Moran State Park
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Putting final touches on my tent. Also notice how close you can park your car, for added security.
After my quick tour of the site, heading to set up the tent. Huge bonus points for me, those woodchips make for a very soft and pretty dry ground.
Two Pond Farm
After packing up the tent, and walking back the next morning. Bonus points for the port-a-potty, table, and log chairs.
A short drive to a store (most of them close by 8 or 9 on the island), I found myself a drink and a sandwich. Living the good life.
Two Pond Farm
100% 4 Responses
Laura: Hosts were wonderful and gave perfect directions! We were even surprised to see they su...
The whole space was set up perfectly!
The views are beautiful!
There are great little beaches near the ferry terminal! Great for stretching your legs before the boat ride!
The tent has a queen size bed and linens are provided! We still brought sleeping bags, as it was a little chilly, but it was nice and homey!
forest people lodging
Jillian: We had a great time staying at Nate's place! The island is so beautiful and it's a grea...
Flat ground and plenty of space. There is another camping area closer to the pool.
Big Rock Basecamp
Yaaay for blackberries!
So many furry friends.
Some of the critters in the adjacent field.
Big Rock Basecamp
100% 7 Responses
Reese: Wonderful place to spend the evening, hosts were very gracious making our stay even bet...
The morning light poured through the trees.
We returned to the farm to find Jeff and Danielle weeding.
The rolling hills glowed in the distance.
Such a magical spot to enjoy the cool morning air.
It felt special to dine in-between working fields.
Organic Farm
100% 4 Responses
Erinn: Highwater Farm is beautifully located on rolling farm land in close proximity to hiking...
Wandering through the woods on the property.
The outhouse.
A friendly cat we ran into.
The roundhouse.
Heading out of the tent cabin to tour the property.
Andrew: This site was incredible! The placement of the sites, along with the included amenities...
Little boat to take out if you so please
Issa gave me a tour of the property, which had impressive features at every turn
There is an outdoor kitchen up by the cabins that have monthly renters
forest people camper
The shower (and sauna!) are in there
Ravensong Refuge
92% 6 Responses
Sherry: I was very happy to be able to get a campsite in an otherwise booked up area. The site ...

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Jess Cabin
Sleeping nook in the Jess Cabin (Tiny House)
Tiny house (Jess Cabin)
Cute doggo
dog animal
Megan: If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of other vacation beach towns, Guemes...
Trying my luck at slack-lining.
Another shot of this gorgeous tree!
A cool maze to walk through.
The most beautiful tree with a fun swing.
Walking through the apple trees.
Happy Little Farm
100% 12 Responses
Brooke: This is such a beautiful property! Very easy to find, not far from the freeway but far ...
enjoy the golden mornings right outside your door when you stay at the analog room
decisions, decisions
a golden field, right outside of your room, when you stay at the Analog room. It's perfect for dancing barefoot in the sunshine.
let the music play you,
Analogue Heart of Cascadia
Kathryn: I didn't want to go home! Reg was incredibly gracious and I was able to relax and sleep...
The cottage is very inviting.
All windows are antique.
The bedroom is so comfortable!
The main flow has an amazing feeling of space.
Your cottage borders Lily Point Park.  Over 250 acres of trails and over a mile of Pacific tidelands to explore.
Gingerbread Cottage
100% 2 Responses
Elizabeth: Great little getaway. Heated floors were awesome and the surroundings beautiful. What a...
Camp in my Beautiful Yard
Camp in my Beautiful Yard
Camp in my Beautiful Yard
Camp in my Beautiful Yard
Camp in my Beautiful Yard
Colin: Lisa was an awesome host and we really enjoyed our night on the farm. If you're looking...
Lotus Bud!
Inside the Lotus Buds
Red Lotus Bud tucked away in the woods
Here comes the train!
Colorful Lotus Buds!
Kristi: The first word that comes to mind is, Magical. This property of 80 acres was so quaint,...
camp ever nook
Moon River
Cool western barn door bathrooms
Hosting a wedding
camp ever nook
camp ever nook
100% 2 Responses
Jon: Great place on the Nooksack River. Very cute set up and close to Everson should you fo...
Cabin exterior
One of the nicest people you'll meet.
Cozy cabin.
The exterior of the bathroom.
Checking out the records in the analog room!
Brooke: This place was absolutely amazing! The cabin we stayed in was a perfect place to hang o...
Pumpkin Patch with a View
Pumpkin Patch with a View
Pumpkin Patch with a View
Pumpkin Patch with a View
Pumpkin Patch with a View
Robert: Park your camping trailer or RV, water, electricity, sewer are ready for you.  Once...
Fort Liberty
Hanging out down at the lake.
A campfire with the wood provided!
Parked my car at my campsite.
Walking the path down to the lake.
Fort Liberty
83% 12 Responses
Meredith: Fort Liberty is a great jumping off place to explore all the awesome sites on San Juan....
Coriander Creek - Southfield RV
Brad: Nice to see an old farm coming back to life. Great place and great people, would stay a...
Historic Heart of Cascadia -Cabin2
Historic Heart of Cascadia -Cabin2
Historic Heart of Cascadia -Cabin2
Historic Heart of Cascadia -Cabin2
Historic Heart of Cascadia -Cabin2
Laurence: This place is seriously heaven on earth. This is by far the best find on Hipcamp for ...
A happy camper roasting marshmallows at one of our fire pits.
Family gatherings
We have a full gauge train on a 2-mile track.  All aboard!
Our antique train
All campsites come equipped with a fire pit and picnic table
Thea: This campsite is an awesome adventure and worth taking the extra time to explore all ar...
Tenting -In the Heart of Cascadia
Tenting -In the Heart of Cascadia
Tenting -In the Heart of Cascadia
Tenting -In the Heart of Cascadia
Tenting -In the Heart of Cascadia
Nika: This was a beautiful property and Reg was an exceptional host. A very magical experienc...