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Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

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Lake Roosevelt
Lake Roosevelt
Lake Roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, Washington

Named for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area spans three radically different physiographic provinces: the Okanogan Highlands, the Kootenay Arc, and the Read more...
Named for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area spans three radically different physiographic provinces: the Okanogan Highlands, the Kootenay Arc, and the Columbia Plateau. Most water in the lake comes from glacial ice and snow high in the Canadian Rockies. The area’s climate varies with location. The south experiences hot, dry summers, while the north sees significantly more rainfall that supports Ponderosa pines and Douglas fir forests. The varying landscape provides potential for all kinds of activities including camping, boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing and hunting. There are more than 75 species of mammals, 200 species of birds, 15 species of reptiles and 10 species of amphibians in the area.
Hunters Campground
As the name suggests this campground is most popular for hunters and fishermen. However, it works just...
Public campground
Enterprise Boat-in Campground
You’ll find Enterprise Campground on the shores where the Oh-Ra-Pak-En and Wilmont Creeks meet the...
Public campground
Halversen Canyon Boat-in Campground
The Halversen Canyon Campground is located on the banks of the Columbia River. You’ll have views of...
Public campground
Ponderosa Boat-in Campground
Located on the banks of the Spokane River, you’re just a short boat ride away from the Fort Spokane...
Public campground
Sterling Point Boat-in Campground
The Sterling Point Campground is located on the banks of the Columbia River. You’ll have views of the...
Public campground
Goldsmith Boat-in Campground
You’ll find Goldsmith Campground on the banks of Lake Roosevelt where the Sanpoil and Columbia Rivers...
Public campground
Jones Bay Boat-in Campground
Jones Bay Campground is located on the banks of the Roosevelt Lake and it has its own boat dock....
Public campground
Penix Boat-in Campground
You can camp in Penix Canyon, which is on Lake Roosevelt, where the Columbia and Sanpoil Rivers meet....
Public campground
Plum Point Boat-in Campground
Plum Point Campground is located on the banks of Lake Roosevelt, near the Coulee Dam. You’ll be a...
Public campground
Summer Island Boat-in Campground
Your own private island getaway! Summer Island Campground is located on a tiny island just off the...
Public campground
Crystal Cove Boat-in Campground
Located on the banks of the Spokane River, Crystal Cove is a short boat ride to the Fort Spokane...
Public campground
Detillion Boat-in Campground
Located on the Spokane River, you can reach the Fort Spokane Visitor Center and several trails with by...
Public campground
Hunters Group Site
No red herring here. Have your meat and catch it too at Hunters Group Site, popular among hunters and...
Public campground
Gifford Campground
Head over to Gifford Campground and make your outdoor dreams of ‘boat heaven’ a reality. Don’t worry...
Public campground
Gifford Group Site
Knock knock. Who’s there? Gifford Family Reunion! No worries, you don’t have to be a Gifford to host...
Public campground
Cloverleaf Campground
Pitch your tent at Cloverleaf Campground and it will be your lucky day! This small camp is situated on...
Public campground
Fort Spokane Group Site
Recreation plus history plus Ponderosa pine equals get here now. Fort Spokane Group Campground sits on...
Public campground
Porcupine Bay Campground
If you don’t have a boat beware of Porcupine Bay Campground. These grounds are known to give...
Public campground
Fort Spokane Campground
Rich with history teamed with intoxicating natural beauty, Fort Spokane can be the campground for...
Public campground
Hawk Creek Campground
Wanna know a secret? Hawk Creek Campground isn’t just awesome for its gorgeous lakeside campsites or...
Public campground
Jones Bay Campground
Are you jonesing for some lakeside R&R? Take the trip to Jones Bay Campground. Here you will find...
Public campground
Haag Cove Campground
You and the Columbia River makes two. Sound like a date? Plan your steamy date in the wilderness at...
Public campground
Locust Grove Group Site
Locust Grove Group Site located 0. 35 miles from the Keller Falls Campground has two group sites...
Public campground
Kettle Falls Campground
Marie: Perfect in every way
Public campground
Spring Canyon Campground
Feel like you might have been a fish in your past life? Revisit those happy times at Spring Canyon...
Public campground
Spring Canyon Group Site
Hello gorgeous. Let the jaw drop upon arrival at Spring Canyon Group Site. Large enough for six...
Public campground
Marcus Island Campground
Untie your boats and break out your swimsuits! It’s time to head to Marcus Island Campground and get...
Public campground
Kamloops Island Campground
Water babies rejoice! Kamloops Island Campground is perched on a wide expanse of the Columbia River....
Public campground
Evans Group Site
Thank heavens for lakeside Evans Group Site, answer to your group camping prayers. Gather up a crew of...
Public campground
Evans Campground
Looking for a fantastic view on Lake Roosevelt? Head up to Evans Group Camp located on the north...
Public campground
Kettle River Campground
Locals know Kettle River as one of Washington’s best kept secrets, and now that you’re in on it,...
Public campground
North Gorge Campground
If boatings your game, North Gorge Campground is your utopia! Sites are waterfront with views of Lake...
Public campground
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Painted Sacred Tipi
Ann: Mary Alice's Painted Sacred Tipi is absolutely magical. The experience of sleeping on the ground next ...
Direct book$50/night
Big Blue Yurt on a Sheep Farm
Ann: Bring produce to make your own meals - they have a fully equipped kitchen. Also, make use of the sauna...
Direct book$100/night
Camp Bitcoin
Andrew: Pitch a Tent or stay in a Play House 5 acres campsite between Davis lake and Sacheen Lake...
Direct book$125/night
Farmhouse with Sweeping Views
Ann: I absolutely loved my stay here! This beautiful farmhouse has a lot of modern touches, and yet kept a ...
Direct book$180/night
Glamping on the Farmstead
Rachael: Willow Creek Retreat is a private nature retreat situated on a farmstead on the West Plains of Spokane...
Request book$50/night
Quillisascut Goat Farm
Lora Lea
Lora Lea: Pitch your tent under a wild pear tree or hang your hammock between the Ponderosa pines. Close walk to...
Direct book$45/night
The Last Resort
Dana: Impoving and Close to nature, surrounded by mountains trees and pastures. Off the Grid 2.5 acres. Appr...
Direct book$20/night
Bunkhouse Cabin
Daniel: Stay in our private bunkhouse that sits in the middle of the Colville National Forest next to Lake...
Request book$600/night
RV Camp
Kat: Good piece of land to stay on if you are in need of a place to stay in the area. They provide you with...
Direct book$10/night
Serene Tipi on Private Lake
David: We have a 40 acre plot of land with our own fish-filled lake, surrounded by timberland. No neighbors;...
Direct book$25/night
Super-Glamping Option
Kathy: Beautiful, cozy 4-BR house with SUPER amenities. If you want to enjoy the majesty of 40 lush acres of...
Direct book$125/night
Secluded Cabin
Jonathan: The cabins are comfortable, off-grid, and very secluded! We have all the ammenities and it's easy to...
Direct book$150/night
Steamboat Rock Campground
Stephanie: Lots of amenities and very popular. I prefer some of the smaller campgrounds along Banks lake that don...
Public campground
Camp Bitcoin Tent Site
Andrew: Pitch a tent hang by the Fire Have a good time Stargaze And enjoy a hot coffee and breakfast
Direct book$20/night
Lily Ridge
Rebecca: Tamsin and Duke are excellent hosts! They are enthusiastic about sharing what they have learned while ...
Direct book$15/night
Sunset Forest
Jason: Excellent Privacy with a paradise like forested surrounding. Seasonal creeks, waterfalls, and ponds,...
Direct book$25/night
Willow Creek Retreat
Rachael: Willow Creek Retreat is a private country retreat situated on a farmstead on the West Plains of...
Request book$30/night
Rustic Enchantment
Tawnya: We have a beautiful camp ground with artesian well right on site. Across the way is a huge...
Direct book$40/night
Pasture by Tamarack Grove

Pasture by Tamarack Grove

90% Recommend – 5 Responses
Christine: We were Andy's first guests! Andy was accommodating and helpful. The place was close to town. He was s...
Direct book$15/night
Lake Ellen West Campground
This tiny campground sits at the west end of the 75. 5-acre Lake Ellen. With just five wooded...
Public campground