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Best Camping in Kansas

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The Yurt
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1. The Yurt

100% Recommend (3 Campers)

The Light Center offers camping in a 30 ft. diameter Pacific Yurt which is off grid and in the woods. This beautiful structure has a raised...

Ferrell: We had a wonderful time staying here. Robin was a great host and made sure that we felt welcome and had everything that we...
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The Barn
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2. The Barn

The Light Center "barn" is actually our retreat center which has been updated to provide some lovely accommodations. You are invited to "camp" in...

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The Walk In Campground
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3. The Walk In Campground

The creek on our land runs wild at times of high rainfall and can be quite low in drought. People do jump in occasionally with the water is high. ...

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Five Star Campground

4. Five Star Campground

With rolling hills, tall Southern-style grasses, and loads of friendly wildlife, Five Star Campground certainly lives up to its expectation. This...

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Clinton State Park Campground 1

5. Clinton State Park Campground 1

There is no shortage of space for camping at Clinton State Park, and no shortage of visitors. It’s no wonder with the wildflower filled terrain,...

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Praire Dog Campground

6. Praire Dog Campground

Prairie Dog Campground is the biggest of the state park, providing lots of electric and water hookups for your vacation travel house. Here, you can...

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The Campground
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7. The Campground

The creek on our land runs wild at times of high rainfall and can be quite low in drought. People do jump in occasionally with the water is high. ...

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Sunset Point

9. Sunset Point

Lakefront camping at its finest always includes some glorious sunsets as part of the deal. At Sunset Point Campground in Elk City State Park you...

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Saddle Ridge Campground

10. Saddle Ridge Campground

Saddle Ridge Campground is geared toward the outdoorsmen (or women) who gallops rather than walks—atop of a horse, that is. Line by numerous...

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Sumac Campground

11. Sumac Campground

Sumac Campground is a little loop right in the heart of Kanopolis State Park. With a nearby playground, this spot is family-friendly, and a great...

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Marina campground

12. Marina campground

After days spent boating and swimming in Cheney Reservoir come back to your front row glampsite for some stellar nights overlooking the water. At...

Lakeview Campground

13. Lakeview Campground

When you roll up to the Lakeview campground at Cheney Reservoir you know what you are going to get. Every site has a front row lakeview along with...

Wichita Point Campground

14. Wichita Point Campground

Leave the guys with the big RVs in the dust as you scoot right in to your primitive lakefront campsite for a simple and serene getaway on the...

Arrow Rock Campground

15. Arrow Rock Campground

If there’s one thing Kansas is known for other than corn (and Dorothy and Toto), it’s the state’s hot and sticky summers. We recommend beating the...

Despatch Campground

16. Despatch Campground

Wanna get back to camping the good old fashioned way? Check out the primitive sites at Cedar Bluff’s Despatch Campground. Despatch is super...

North Loop Campground

17. North Loop Campground

Its time to plan that boating and camping extravaganza of your dreams. At the North Loop Campground at Cheney Reservoir you can camp in style for a...

Turkey Point Campground

18. Turkey Point Campground

Time to gobble up some summer fun at Turkey Point Campground! Campsites are located on a sparkling lake. Swimmers will enjoy the waterfront day use...

Ninnescah Campground

19. Ninnescah Campground

Motor boats are sooo last century. Maybe its time to leave the loud rumbling motors behind you and take a new approach to lake recreation with the...

M&M Point Campground

20. M&M Point Campground

At M&M Point campground you won’t find oodles of colored chocolate candy, but you will find a boatload of primitive campsites with front row...

Overland Campground

21. Overland Campground

If you’re looking for a campground right on the gorgeous Cedar Bluff Reservoir, Overland Campground is the place to be. With both RV-friendly and...

Wagon Rut Campground

22. Wagon Rut Campground

Calling all RV-ers! Wagon Rut Campground is one sweet spot in Cedar Bluff State Park. Sites all have hookups, amenities, and there’s a heck of a...

Broken Spur Campground

23. Broken Spur Campground

Camping with friends? We’re not gonna lie—the great outdoors is better when shared. If you’re searching for a group campground in Cedar Bluff State...

Butterfield Campground

24. Butterfield Campground

Butterfield Campground in Kansas’s beautiful Cedar Bluff State Park is one stellar spot to camp… especially for RV-ers. With plenty to keep you...

Arapaho Campground

25. Arapaho Campground

Looking for a stellar campsite with all the hookups? Check out Cedar Bluff State Park’s Arapahoe Campground. Perched right on the shores of the...

Whitetail Campground

26. Whitetail Campground

Shady trees, a fresh breeze, and sandy shores? If you’re looking for some prime primitive camping alongside the Cedar Bluff Reservoir, Page Creek...

Prickly Pear Campground

27. Prickly Pear Campground

For some quality time with the water and land pay a visit to the Page Creek area of Cedar Bluffs State Park. Located near the the south shore of...

Crooked Arrow Campground

28. Crooked Arrow Campground

Get your fix of boating, soaking, fishing, and chillaxing while getting primitive at the Broken Arrow campsite at Cedar Bluffs State Park. Located...

Pronghorn Campground

29. Pronghorn Campground

Whether you want to bring your home on wheels and hookup to electricity when you arrive, or get closer to the earth and camp in primitive...

Heimerman Point Campground

30. Heimerman Point Campground

Grab your boat, the fam, and your home on wheels (or a tent if that’s your style), and head down to Heimerman Point for some sweet camping along...