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The 20 best camping spots in California.

The land where ‘Ski, surf, hike, and camp in one California day’ rings true.

Old Yosemite Base Camp
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1. Old Yosemite Base Camp

98% Recommend (29 Campers)

Pitch your tent at one of five Old Yosemite Base Camp drive in sites located just a few hundred feet from OYBE walk in camp. OYBC offers six acres...

Lesha: Nice site, off in the woods with beautiful views, fire pit with cooking grill over the top, plenty of wood for our fires. The...
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Wawona Campground

2. Wawona Campground

98% Recommend (53 Campers)

Next to the Merced River, at an elevation of 4000 ft, and towards the southern end of Yosemite National Park, lies Wawona Campground. Wouldn’t it...

Alicia: Campsites are packed quite close together, so not the best campground for privacy. Mosquitos can be vicious in the summer as...
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Camping in California is about as diverse as it gets from camping near the lowest point in the United States in the Death Valley desert to the highest point in the lower 48 states at Mt. Whitney in the Inyo Forest. Nearby, you can camp near, and hike among the oldest living organisms in the world, some over 5000 years of age in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Head west and Read more...
Camping in California is about as diverse as it gets from camping near the lowest point in the United States in the Death Valley desert to the highest point in the lower 48 states at Mt. Whitney in the Inyo Forest. Nearby, you can camp near, and hike among the oldest living organisms in the world, some over 5000 years of age in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Head west and you’ll be greeted with 1,100 miles of coastline, perhaps most renowned by those looking to pitch a tent or park an RV along the Big Sur coast. City-dwellers take advantage of the micro-climates when camping near San Francisco, and Los Angeles where you can comfortably pitch your tent nearly 365 days a year. Find almost anything your heart desires from bike-camping, wine-camping on vineyards, to snow camping in Sierra huts and yurts to tree-houses galore throughout. Golden in the summer, and often green in the winter, the Golden State welcomes campers with open arms.
Upper Pines Campground

3. Upper Pines Campground

95% Recommend (75 Campers)

As with most things in Yosemite, bigger is better. Same goes for Upper Pines Campground (this spot has 238 campsites yo!). It very well may be the...

Courtney: Upper Pines: not for getting away from people. You are crammed in. People will walk through your campsite. But it really can't...
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Pianetta Ranch & Winery Camp
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4. Pianetta Ranch & Winery Camp

100% Recommend (50 Campers)

Located just north of the Paso Robles wine region, Pianetta Ranch and Winery is the perfect spot to pitch a tent and relax around a campfire (maybe...

Tim: We had a short but sweet stay at Pianetta Ranch. Everyone we dealt with, from reservation to on-site, went out of their way to...
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Reaching more than 14,000 feet toward the sky, Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48 states.
Lodgepole Campground

5. Lodgepole Campground

100% Recommend (11 Campers)

Nothing beats Sequoia National Park camping if record-breaking trees are what you’re after. But if you appreciate a little scenic variety,...

Peter: Lodgepole is one of the best campgrounds in Sequoia National Park. Much more favorable summer temperatures than the lower park...
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Tuolumne Meadows Walk-In Campground

6. Tuolumne Meadows Walk-In Campground

97% Recommend (36 Campers)

Jacquie: We love the Tuolumne Meadows backpackers camp before and after our main trek. The walk-in camp is behind the A loop. Family...
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The summit of Mount Diablo State Park offers views more expansive than from any other peak in the world besides Mt Kilimanjaro.
Guest Cabin
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7. Guest Cabin

100% Recommend (25 Campers)

This quaint little one room cabin overlooks our 110 year old barn and garden. In the heart of the living space of our working farm, hipcampers can...

Clara: The Guest Cabin at Wondernut Farm (WF) is a peaceful refuge nestled in the hills ~30 min outside of Yosemite. While the farm is...
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Sunset Campground

8. Sunset Campground

94% Recommend (8 Campers)

Despite being one of the larger campgrounds in Kings Canyon (there are 157 individual sites and 2 group sites), the high elevation means nice...

Jeremy: We showed up on a Friday morning in July without a reservation and had our pick of about 4 sites that were still open.
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The buffalo soldiers who initially patrolled Yosemite pioneered the distinctive hat worn by National Park Service rangers.
Dinkey Creek Campground

9. Dinkey Creek Campground

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

If the phrase “something for everyone” was ever 100% true, it would be used for Dinkey Creek Campground. Named for the creek it sits beside, there...

Jeff: Pay showers are available just outside of the camp at the general store.Wasps (AKA meat bees) can be aggressive when water is...
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Songdog West Campsites
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10. Songdog West Campsites

99% Recommend (71 Campers)

Open air sites for car and motorcycle camping on a 200ft mesa looking over a vast central California Valley to the west.

Abraham: This place is a gem. I'm almost afraid to rate it so well because I don't want it to get crowded, but credit is due. I hung out...
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The tallest tree in the world can be found in Humboldt Redwoods State Park at 368'-369'.
Lakeshore Car Camping
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11. Lakeshore Car Camping

100% Recommend (16 Campers)

We're a husband & wife team and this is our adopted home - a small RV Park & Campground located directly on the shores of Bridgeport...

Nate: There were 6 of us who stayed on two campsites, and the views were spectacular. The bathrooms were clean, and you have full...
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Hume Lake Campground

12. Hume Lake Campground

100% Recommend (4 Campers)

Mark your calendar for a visit to popular Hume Lake Campground. . . oh anytime, really! With hiking, biking and water recreation as well as...

Jennifer: We stayed here on a Saturday, it was a very pretty campsite. However, the spots fill up quickly so I recommend you make a...
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Mono Hot Springs Campground

13. Mono Hot Springs Campground

100% Recommend (5 Campers)

Mono Hot Springs Campground sits in the High Sierra, on the South Fork of the San Joaquin River in an area known for, you guessed it, hot springs!...

Fresh Off
Fresh Off: Be sure to take the 1 mi hike to Doris Lake - it's a great place to swim - warmer than the river! - and there are lots of...
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Hodgdon Meadow Campground

14. Hodgdon Meadow Campground

97% Recommend (16 Campers)

Hodgdon Meadow Campground is definitely a “no-frills” experience. The sites are rather vanilla, a little tight, and privacy is limited. It’s also a...

Paulina: Crowded campground, and extremely noisy with campers who leave the city to party in the woods. Close to Tuolumne Grove of Giant...
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Lower Pines Campground

15. Lower Pines Campground

100% Recommend (8 Campers)

Lower Pines is equally as cool as Upper Pines Campground. The site is smaller with 60 spots, but the relaxed vibe and convenient amenities remain...

Jeff: It's a short walk from Lower Pines Campground to Curry Village, where you may find bears foraging for apples under apple trees...
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16. Overnighter

Designed for overnight, in transit guests. Attached to main ranch house with private deck and private entry. Bedroom has a queen bed and sitting...

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Rancho Notso Grande Guest House
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17. Rancho Notso Grande Guest House

Rancho Notso Grande is a family farm with a You Pick focus. We have a 24' x 36' guest house that is the loft in our barn. It is finished with...

Jay: The land owner, John, was incredibly welcoming as we arrived later in the evening than expected. After giving us a tour of the...
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Rancho Notso Grande Camp
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18. Rancho Notso Grande Camp

We are a small you pick family farm that offers seasonal fresh fruit. This includes: Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Boysen berries,...

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Tuolumne Meadows Campground

19. Tuolumne Meadows Campground

100% Recommend (9 Campers)

This massive campground has 304 spots-- some even for horses and a handful of group and backpacking sites. Here you can find Mountaineering School,...

Jacqueline: Camp here and hike up to Lower Cathedral Lake, about 5 miles, for some of the most beautiful sights you will see. Make sure to...
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Porcupine Flat Campground

20. Porcupine Flat Campground

100% Recommend (7 Campers)

This campground offers many more secluded camping sites. Porcupine Creek forms a semicircle around this gorgeous patch of woods and it is a great...

Michael: Basically, you should bring your own water. You can filter from a creek with poor water quality.
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