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Chilkat Islands State Marine Park

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Chilkat Islands

Chilkat Islands State Marine Park, Alaska

Only the chillest cats seem to make it out to Chilkat Islands State Marine Park. Getting there by plane or kayak can be an adventure with the area's gusty winds, but once you arrive...pure paradise! Read more...
Only the chillest cats seem to make it out to Chilkat Islands State Marine Park. Getting there by plane or kayak can be an adventure with the area's gusty winds, but once you arrive...pure paradise! Rocky beaches, insane mountain views, and plenty of fish in the sea. The bumpy ride there is worth it, and with Chilkat's nearby eagle preserve, you can—ahem, kill two birds with one stone (but for real, don’t harm the birds, they’re pretty ya know?). There are over 6,000 acres of pure Alaskan Wilderness to be had at Chilkat and with adventure like this, what’s a little wind on the way?
Chilkat Campground
Chilkat Campground keeps it simple. This mid-sized collection of sites is pretty stripped down when it...
Public campground
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Elizabeth: Short hike in, wheel barrows available, bear cannisters available
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