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Sedona Oasis in Arizona

Host Jim Reich says:

For nearly ten years, I have had a vision of bringing people to live together harmoniously, consciously, and sustainably. In 2016, I bought the land that I now call Sedona Oasis. My dream is to create a place where there are full-time resident dwellings built out of cob, sandbags, adobe bricks, straw bales, and other natural forms of building. I also want to have community gardens, an orchard, a vineyard and greenhouses—all growing food naturally, organically, and sustainably using permaculture techniques and aquaponics. 

I envisioned a community kitchen where residents and visitors can gather, and a place where there is daily meditation, yoga, and ecstatic dance. I imagined there would be yurts on the property for visitors to rent and for workshops. Putting all of these fundamental ideas into form is my dream and I wish to share this dream with the world so others may use this platform of Sedona Oasis as an educational tool to learn and grow themselves. Perhaps in time, through my vision, the world will be a healthier, more conscious, and peaceful place.

At present, things are moving very slowly. So in order to raise funds to complete the visions I have, I am putting Sedona Oasis on Hipcamp so others may enjoy this sacred piece of land that is close to the red rock vortex sites of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, Meteor Crater, Canyon de Chelley, and countless Native American sites, including one pueblo right above the property. With many hiking trails nearby, the national forest bordering our property, the tranquil waters of Oak Creek, and much more, Sedona Oasis can be your oasis as you travel through this place that I am so grateful to call home.

Posted on: June 13, 2018
Zip code: 86325
Number of listings to be photographed: 2

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