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Kickapoo Cavern State Park

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Kickapoo Cavern State Park, Texas

Want to live out one of your biggest superhero fantasies? Come to Kickapoo Cavern State Park and recreate the moment where Bruce Wayne’s life was forever changed and the masked vigilante known as Read more...
Want to live out one of your biggest superhero fantasies? Come to Kickapoo Cavern State Park and recreate the moment where Bruce Wayne’s life was forever changed and the masked vigilante known as Batman was born! This park has a lot to offer, like mountain biking, hiking (trails aren’t well marked, though), camping, and birding. The real reason to come here, though, are the caves and cave-dwellers. 2-3 hour long cave tours are offered at a reasonable $10/person, though be advised - if there aren’t at least five people present the tour is a no go. And the bats, oh the bats. There are a couple of spots to sit atop cave entrances so that you can be right in the mix of it when the bats fly out en masse at dusk to grab their dinner (they won’t touch you, don’t worry). Then just add a few million dollars in gadgets and a bad raspy voice and boom: superhero you.
Kickapoo Cavern Campground
Sleep beneath the stars and to the soothing sounds of bats hunting insects via echolocation....
Public campground
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