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Best Camping near Crawford's Camp, North Carolina with Kayaking & Canoeing

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Crawford's Camp (primitive sites)
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1. Crawford's Camp (primitive sites)

We have 10 Primitive Tent Camping sites, with-in a short walking distance of our restroom and shower facilities. . All of our sites back up to a...

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Crawford's Camp (w/electric & water)
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2. Crawford's Camp (w/electric & water)

We have 5 Water and Electric Camping sites, suitable for tents, pop-up or travel trailers. All sites with-in a short walking distance of our...

Priyanka: We rent this place via Hip-camp during Autumn. It was great and peaceful place to camp. Host was friendly and helpful. I would...
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Wildcat Campground
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3. Wildcat Campground

Wildcat Campground is nestled in Pleasant Valley at the base of Pilot Mountain. This secluded gap is surrounded by the mountains of the...

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Little River Camp
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4. Little River Camp

Pitch you tent in a hardwood forested campground beside the Little River. Easy access for wading, tubing and fishing. Some waterfront campsites. ...

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Glitter Hill Homestead Camp
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5. Glitter Hill Homestead Camp

We're a 3 acre homestead with U. S. National Forest land adjoining us on two sides, so you're welcome to either stay on our land or find a suitable...

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Snowbird Creek

6. Snowbird Creek

Fogged by the early morning white water dancing off rock faces and perfumed by the dew-swept breezes, Snowbird Creek is a place where adjectival...

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Swan Cabin

7. Swan Cabin

Ready to get rustic? Stay a night (or two) at the primitive Swan Cabin. Built in 1931, the three-room log structure includes a loft, a wood stove,...

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Santeetlah Creek FDR #81

8. Santeetlah Creek FDR #81

Ahh, sweet serenity—and not an illuminated smartphone screen for miles. Santeetlah Creek DR #81 is the thread that sews the surrounding, green...

Wolf Laurel Hunters Camp

9. Wolf Laurel Hunters Camp

Yet another campground in the Nantahala Forest that can tote the #dispersed moniker. But, regardless of its surface level similarity with the...

Joyce Kilmer Road NCSR #1134

10. Joyce Kilmer Road NCSR #1134

Much like the area’s other numerically named campgrounds, Joyce Kilmer Road NCSR #1134 is populated with dispersed, minimalist campsites. So pack...

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Rattler Ford Campground

11. Rattler Ford Campground

Shake-’n’-bake time, baby! Rattler Ford Campground is shaking, for sure. Strung together with just a few large-capacity campsites, this area’s...

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Fires Creek Hunters Camp

12. Fires Creek Hunters Camp

Much like its sister campground, Fires Creek Hunters Camp has little in the way of frills; all available campsites are primitive, without pump...

Horse Cove Campground

13. Horse Cove Campground

Tucked away in the rhododendrons, under mature hardwood and spruce forest, Horse Cove Campground is near the entrance of Joyce Kilmer Memorial...

Long Hungry FDR #2586

14. Long Hungry FDR #2586

Long Hungry FDR #2586 Campground will surely satiate your inner backpacker’s granola-heavy food pyramid. Dotted with numerous dispersed campsites,...

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Snowbird Backcountry Area

15. Snowbird Backcountry Area

A seemingly endless sea of tree tops and leaf litter, Snowbird Backcountry Area occupies nearly 8,000 acres of the Nantahala National Forest. And,...

Bear Creek Hunters Camp FDR#62

16. Bear Creek Hunters Camp FDR#62

Bear Creek Hunters Camp FDR#62 is a somewhat extravagant, long-tongued name. But, we can assure you, the campground is far from that—it’s...

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Pine Ridge Road NCSR #1147

17. Pine Ridge Road NCSR #1147

Pine Ridge Road NCSR #1147 is a string of comely, primitive campsites that lie in the heart of the towering hardwoods of Nantahala National Forest....

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Fires Creek Recreation Area

18. Fires Creek Recreation Area

If there was ever one enveloping adjective to describe Fires Creek Recreational Area, it’d be this: remote. Hidden away within the secluded...

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Jackrabbit Mountain Recreation Area

19. Jackrabbit Mountain Recreation Area

Jackrabbit Campground is jumping with natural, beguiling charisma—and breathtaking panoramas of Lake Chatuge. And, with accessible showers and...

Morganton Point Campground

20. Morganton Point Campground

Morganton Point Campground is a developed outdoor Disney World, of sorts; the area offers a myriad of recreational activities from grilling and...

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