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Best Camping in Idaho

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Twin Lakes Campground

1. Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Lakes Campground is nestled high in the woods in an area that is lush, scenic, and absolutely perfect for tent camping. While you won’t find...

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French Creek Campground

2. French Creek Campground

Named for a bubbling brook on the grounds, Boise National Forest’s French Creek Campground is perfect for private camping beneath towering...

Boulder View Campground

3. Boulder View Campground

Boulder View Campground sits along Big Wood River among cottonwood and aspen. Campers will enjoy shade and lots of privacy between campsites....

Willow Creek Campground

4. Willow Creek Campground

Draped in biotic bliss, WIllow Creek Campground is a small string of primitive campsites that are nestled alongside the area’s like-named...

Lucky Peak Lake Access Boat-In Campground

5. Lucky Peak Lake Access Boat-In Campground

Boaters gather ‘round and listen up! Lucky Peak Lake Boat-in Campground is top notch. You’ll have your days filled with refreshing watery cheer....

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Pine Flats Campground

6. Pine Flats Campground

All the spas booked up? Never fear: come stay at Pine Flats Campground and you’ll leave with the same rejuvenated feeling! Once you settle in,...

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Hidden Creek Campground

7. Hidden Creek Campground

Hidden Creek Campground may be one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets. Nestled in a cedar grove along the banks of the North Fork Clearwater River, the...

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Whiskey Rock Bay Campground

8. Whiskey Rock Bay Campground

We don’t know who Sam Owen is exactly, but we’d like to thank him personally for his namesake. Sam Owen Campground is a camper’s dream. Once you...

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Redfish Cabin

9. Redfish Cabin

How does staying in a historical, quaint cabin sound? Yep, make Redfish Cabin your own little cozy home for the weekend. Tucked away in a...

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Turner Flat Campground

10. Turner Flat Campground

Turner Flat Campground was made to satisfy your ADHD and then some. With more than ten activities to keep you busy here, it may be hard to choose...

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Tower Rock Recreation Site

11. Tower Rock Recreation Site

Camping, fishing, and a little bit of history. The Lewis and Clark Expedition camped at the Tower Rock Site. Pretty cool, right? The small, serene...

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Priest Lake Campground

12. Priest Lake Campground

Just 30 miles south of the Canadian border, Priest Lake Campground is enveloped by vegetation-kissed views and brushed by a slew of both modern and...

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City of Rocks Campground

13. City of Rocks Campground

City of Rocks Campground is moated by The City of Rocks, an amassing of monoliths and escarpments towering sixty stories tall, and the campground...

Rose: One of the most gorgeous places I have ever camped, and that was when I was only 11 years old. Huge sites, I could boulder and...
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Lower Penstemon Campground

14. Lower Penstemon Campground

If you like to avoid feeling crowded while camping, you’re bound to find the design of Lower Penstemon Campground appealing. It’s an awesome little...

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Riverside Campground

15. Riverside Campground

Riverside Campground sits in a narrow valley along the Salmon River. The campground is shaded by the surrounding forest of lodgepole pine. In...

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Mill Canyon Campground

16. Mill Canyon Campground

Mill Canyon Campground is a small, remote campground ideal for campers looking for a few days of seclusion. The campground sits between Mill Creek...

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Castle Rocks Campground

17. Castle Rocks Campground

Sitting atop of Smokey Mountain range at a breathtaking—yes, pun intended—7,200 feet, Castle Rocks Campground is one of the highest elevated places...

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Dworshak Campground

18. Dworshak Campground

Occupying an 850-acre expanse of hardwoods, Dworshak Campground is strung together by four cabins and a slew of both primitive and modern...

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Round Lake Campground

19. Round Lake Campground

A great place to visit for the paddle savvy, Round Lake Campground is a welcoming recreational area for the water-loving outdoorsmen and women...

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Rainbow Point Campground

20. Rainbow Point Campground

One of the only campgrounds in the area with a boat ramp, you can expect Rainbow Point Campground at Boise National Forest to be popping with...

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Bonneville Campground

21. Bonneville Campground

One visit to Bonneville Campground and you’ll have spring fever. Not only does Warm Springs Creek run right alongside camp, you’ll have the...

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Little Roaring River Lake Campground

22. Little Roaring River Lake Campground

Explore both lakes and rivers at Little Roaring River Lake Campground. There are no motorboats allowed on the lake, but feel welcome to fish for...

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Boiling Springs Rental Cabin

23. Boiling Springs Rental Cabin

Need a mental health day. . . or week? Ease your mind and soothe muscles at Boiling Springs Rental Cabin. Accessible by car in the warmer months...

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Deadwood Lookout Rental Cabin

24. Deadwood Lookout Rental Cabin

This place is panoramic defined! The views from the Deadwood Lookout Rental Cabin are totally off the hook. The historic, former Forest Service...

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Grayback Campground and Group sites

25. Grayback Campground and Group sites

Grayback Campground and Group Sites are the perfect getaway for the weekend—located a decently short drive away from Idaho, you’ve got the...

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Porcupine Campground

26. Porcupine Campground

If you consider yourself a jack of all trades, Porcupine Campground is the first place you should pitch a tent. Located in St. Charles Canyon, this...

Kris: This is a great campsite. You're close(ish) to Bear Lake's North Beach, but far enough up in the mountains that you get cooler...
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Bruneau Dunes Campground

27. Bruneau Dunes Campground

Bruneau Dunes Campground is situated alongside the largest sand dune in all of North America. Standing a staggering 427 feet, the small mountain...

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Marijuana Flat Campground

28. Marijuana Flat Campground

Marijuana Flat Campground is about nine miles drive from Preston. Yeah, the same town Preston in Napoleon Dynamite. Call up Pedro, Summer, and Deb...

Carlo: We arrived late, right after the sun set. When we got there, we weren't sure if this was truly the campground because there was...
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Iron Bog Campground

29. Iron Bog Campground

Finally, a campground that gets you away from the crowds but doesn’t require Bear Grylls survival skills for you to spend the night. The lightly...

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Beauty Creek Campground

30. Beauty Creek Campground

If you want to be transported to another world for a weekend, you’ve got to come check out the campgrounds at Beauty Creek near Idaho’s gorgeous...

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