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Best Camping in Arizona

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Boot Mesa
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1. Boot Mesa

Nestled under the Boot Mesa of Narrow Canyon, striped purple sediment woven into the heels of the red rock Mesa loom over you. This campsite has a...

Brianna: Staying here was a great experience. There was a great view and our hosts were extremely hospitable. I would undoubtedly...
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Mather Campground

2. Mather Campground

100% Recommend (16 Campers)

Storybook forest camping at the Grand Canyon, who knew? Mather Campground provides spacious and shady RV, tent, and even horse sites with stars at...

Jaymie: Mather Campground is GREAT. It's a little hard to find when driving from the entrance so check your map a head of time and pay...
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Cave Spring Campground

3. Cave Spring Campground

One look at Cave Spring Campground and it won’t be a mystery any longer why this is one of Coconino’s most popular campgrounds. Surrounded by...

Logan: Cave Spring Campground lies just along the 89A in Sedona and is perfectly situated deep in the canyon. During summer months,...
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Manzanita Campground

4. Manzanita Campground

Looking to get away from the RV busyness at other campgrounds in Coconino National Forest? No problem—Manzanita Campground has got you covered....

Brett: A nearly hidden turn off about 10 minutes north of Sedona. Crickets nearly drown out the sound of the water flowing down Oak...
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5. Wilderness

If you want a true high desert wilderness experience, this is the place for you. 40 acres of undeveloped ranch land nuzzled between state and...

Maddy: This was definitely remote and wild! It was so nice to be fully immersed in this gorgeous landscape. We saw no other people the...
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North Rim Campground

6. North Rim Campground

100% Recommend (4 Campers)

The North Rim Campground is filled with towering trees, shady sites, and the quiet nostalgia the North Rim is known for. Sites for RVs, tents, and...

Steve: Stayed here at least four times in the past three years. It is great! $1.50 shower for 6 minutes; plenty of time! SHOWERS CLOSE...
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Lockett Meadow Campground

7. Lockett Meadow Campground

Arizona has no shortage of incredible campgrounds, and Lockett Meadow is no exception. Set up camp among the warm yellows of aspens with a backdrop...

Nick: One of the best campgrounds in AZ - imo. Stock up in Flag just before heading out of town and get into the wilderness! It's a 3...
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Temple Bar Campground

8. Temple Bar Campground

When the air outside is sizzling you can either stay inside by an A/C (boring!) or grab the RV and roll up to Lake Mead for some swimming and...

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Flowing Spring Campground

9. Flowing Spring Campground

Nothin' but serene beauty surrounds you at Flowing Spring Campground in Tonto National Forest. Find your pastoral adventure amongst the calm waters...

Emy: Flowing Springs provides free, dispersed camping. The surrounding area is beautiful, especially in the autumn! However, some of...
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Mingus Mountain Campground

10. Mingus Mountain Campground

It’s time to elevate your camping trips a little and treat yourself to some eye candy vistas instead of wallowing down in the woods and valleys....

Ryan: Doing a cross country camping trip, and after I couldn't find access to another site, I settled to Mingus Mountain. I'm really...
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Greenleaf Canyon Campground
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11. Greenleaf Canyon Campground

Welcome to Greenleaf Canyon Campground! We are dedicated to the adventurous traveler that would never be satisfied with a stuffy hostel or...

Lauren : I couldn't be happier that the path lead us to Greenleaf Campground. The land parks itself so perfectly under the endless,...
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Lost Dutchman Campground

12. Lost Dutchman Campground

At Lost Dutchman Campground, you'll surely find nature. Lined by both primitive and modern campsites, the campground combs Arizona’s Superstition...

Daniel: Camped here over President's Day. Got really lucky and there was only 1 campsite open, hike in spot 3, and couldn't have been...
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Fossil Creek Campground

13. Fossil Creek Campground

In the middle of a dry and brittle desert hides a lush riparian area that is full of surprises. Fossil Creek is the centerpiece of this oasis,...

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Canyon Vista Campground

14. Canyon Vista Campground

If you’re searching for just an all-around stellar camp spot in Coconino, check out the totally picturesque Canyon Vista Campground. Set up camp...

Ryan: I imagine this is a prime spot for RVers, but pretty average for tent campers. Close to town, which can be good or bad. Right...
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Ten-X Campground

15. Ten-X Campground

Ex marks the spot—and it lies directly over Ten-X Campground. Criss-crossed by towering pines and other secluding vegetation, the area offers a...

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Ashurst Lake Campground

16. Ashurst Lake Campground

Lakeside livin’ at its finest. Ashurst Lake Campground offers campsites right on the lake, sure to please campers of all sorts. Ashurst is known...

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Jacob Lake Recreation Area

17. Jacob Lake Recreation Area

Located on the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon, Jacob Lake Campground is lined by single and large group campsites, all just a curb-check off the...

Mary: Jacob Lake CG had clean facilities and a very attentive host. Don't expect much privacy though... The sites are pretty...
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Picacho Peak Campground

18. Picacho Peak Campground

Geocatchers, this is right up your alley! Picacho Peak Campground sits adjacent to—you guessed it, Picacho Peak, a mecca for geocaching—but,...

Gina: Loved this State Park! Beautiful backdrops from 2 directions, nice trails to hike etc… friendly staff too!
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Plateaucamp- Conscious Living
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19. Plateaucamp- Conscious Living

I have a small house for rent, its very modern and sweet. I live in a yurt on the property and invite people in often. I have tent space. And I am...

Maddy: Plateaucamp is an entire experience in itself. In less than 24 hours we rode bikes, hiked, bouldered, climbed a tree, grilled...
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Catalina Campground

20. Catalina Campground

Situated within the Catalina State Park, adjacent to the Coronado National Forest, the beguiling Catalina Campground offers a chance to experience...

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Clear Creek Campground

21. Clear Creek Campground

Want to experience the beauty of northern Arizona with, well, just about everyone? No worries—Clear Creek offers both regular and group campsites,...

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Spencer Canyon Campground

22. Spencer Canyon Campground

Mountain camping? So much yes! At Gordon Hirabayashi Campground, you'll pitch your tent above it all—well, okay, except for the trees. Those you'll...

Rachel: Spencer Canyon campground and Gordon Hirabayashi campground are NOT the same, and are thousands of feet different in elevation....
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White Horse Lake Campground

23. White Horse Lake Campground

Quite possibly the holy grail of angling in the Kaibab National Forest, White Horse Lake Campground sits alongside the comely shores of the area’s...

Marshall : We camped here in June, Site 53, which we Thought we were Lucky to get as it is Right on the lake. Turns out that the wind...
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Bonito Campground

24. Bonito Campground

Arizona is known for some seriously beautiful landscapes, and Bonito Campground is no exception. Located right in the heart of Coconino National...

Logan: Camping at Bonito campground makes you feel as though your sleeping at the edge of the world. My tent sat on lava rocks right...
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Dead Horse Ranch Campground

25. Dead Horse Ranch Campground

Dead Horse Ranch Campground is anything but lifeless. Populated by numerous flora and fauna, including healthy populations of grey foxes, the...

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Bonita Canyon Campground

26. Bonita Canyon Campground

Rest those weary legs at Bonita Canyon Campground after your next adventure at Chiricahua National Monument. This “Wonderland of Rocks” will keep...

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Mt. Bigelow Campground

27. Mt. Bigelow Campground

The Santa Catalina Mountains is home to Mount Bigelow, a southwestern haven for sunny exploration and mountaineering. Get up to the peak for a...

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Alderwood Campground

28. Alderwood Campground

There’s swimming holes, pristine fishing, shady campsites, and incredible canyons to be found at Alderwood Campground. Sittin’ beside Haigler Creek...

Brianah: You'll need 4x4
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Alamo Lake Campground

29. Alamo Lake Campground

If you’re looking for some epic camping in the Copper State, head on over to Alamo Lake Campground. Enjoy a crystal clear lake filled with the best...

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Patagonia Lake Campground

30. Patagonia Lake Campground

Secluded among its like-named lake's heavy vegetation, Patagonia Lake Campground is aimed toward the outdoorsman or woman who appreciates solitude...

Marshall : Patagonia is only "isolated" in it's Location. The campground itself is quite compacted with sites, some too close to the...