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Best Camping in Alabama

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De Soto Campground

1. De Soto Campground

Someone ought to petition that De Soto State Park to become its own township—this place has everything. Everything. Can’t decide whether you want...

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Oak Mountain Campground

2. Oak Mountain Campground

Escape the hustle and bustle of Birmingham and camp out in the sweet home Alabama country! Oak Mountain Campground is nestled beside the recreation...

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Monte Sano Campground

3. Monte Sano Campground

Monte Sano Park offers unique and memorable lodging options for park adventurers! Visitors can choose from a variety of rustic cabins with mountain...

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Cathedral Caverns Campground

4. Cathedral Caverns Campground

It’s no church, but this is definitely a praise-worthy place to relax after taking in the sights of Cathedral Caverns. These campsites are nestled...

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Pine Glen Recreation Area

5. Pine Glen Recreation Area

Located just a skipping stone from Shoal Creek, Pine Glen Recreation Area is threaded together by a string of campsites lining the Pinhoti Trail....

Laura: First time at Pine Glen and we loved it! Each campsite has a fire pit, picnic table, and tent pad. Rustic, primitive site but...
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Clear Creek Recreation Area

6. Clear Creek Recreation Area

From the minute you enter the Clear Creek Recreation Area you’ll be scheming how to stay a little longer. Known as “The Land of a Thousand Lakes,”...

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Gulf Campground

7. Gulf Campground

Soft, white sand under foot, seagulls calling above, a pile of seashells in your pocket. Is this a state park or have we wandered into your...

Drew: Yes the park is lovely. The long unspoiled beach is a gem. So are the estuaries and wetlands. The camping, however, is a...
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Blue Springs Campground

8. Blue Springs Campground

You might have come for the natural springwater pools, but the campgrounds at Blue Springs are more than just a place to dry your suits and towels....

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Rickwood Caverns Campground

9. Rickwood Caverns Campground

Ever been inside a cave with 260-million-year-old geologic formations? If not we recommend adding camping out at Rickwood Caverns State Park to...

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Coleman Lake Recreation Area

10. Coleman Lake Recreation Area

Enveloped by the hardwoods of the Talladega National Forest, perfumed by the crisp air swept from Coleman Lake, Coleman Lake Recreation Area is...

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Chewacla Campground

11. Chewacla Campground

If you’re a sucker for masonry (and who isn’t, eh!) you’ll be blown away by the majestic stone bridges and cozy stone cottages available for rent...

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Payne Lake Recreation Area

12. Payne Lake Recreation Area

Like a mosaic of stained glass, Payne Lake Recreation Area is refracted by rays of differentiating colors—”colors” being recreational activities in...

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Brushy Lake Recreation Area

13. Brushy Lake Recreation Area

Carefully pack the singing bowls and meditation mats before heading out to the Brushy Lake Recreation Area in the William Bankhead National Forest...

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Open Pond Recreation Area

14. Open Pond Recreation Area

Whether you gravitate more toward a rod-and-reel or a pair of well-used hiking boots, Open Pond Recreation Area will please any type of outdoor...

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Buck's Pocket Campground

15. Buck's Pocket Campground

Buck must have aces in his pocket, because Buck's Pocket Campground really has it all. Whether you prefer a primitive site, or you need somewhere...

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Frank Jackson Campground

16. Frank Jackson Campground

Anglers arrive in herds to Frank Jackson Campground, eager to settle down next to Lake Jackson’s 1,000 acres of freshwater fishing paradise. Bass,...

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Lakepoint Campground

17. Lakepoint Campground

Let’s be real: Lakepoint State Park might boast that the best thing about it is the “resort lodge,” but we all know that no fancy lodge can...

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Meaher Campground

18. Meaher Campground

If you’re hunting down some inexpensive camping close to Mobile, check out Meaher Campground at the Meaher State Park. Campsites are cozy and...

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Paul M Grist Campground

19. Paul M Grist Campground

Looking for some lakeside camping? Paul M Grist Campground offers RV enthusiasts a little slice of paradise on a sparkling 100 acre lake. Imagine...

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Wind Creek Campground

20. Wind Creek Campground

Wind Creek Campground will blow you away with its rolling ridges, tall pines, stunning wildflowers, and beautiful lake. It will also recharge your...

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Old Burleson Camp
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21. Old Burleson Camp

Plenty of open space for a tent, RV, camper, etc. City Water available. Leads to a trail head. Seven miles to a small town (Red Bay, AL) that has...

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Lake Lurleen Campground

22. Lake Lurleen Campground

Find your inner athlete ASAP, because Lake Lurleen has 23 miles of trails that wrap around the shores of the water, and they’re perfect for a hike,...

Drew: A small state park centered around a lake with forests surrounding. The park is most popular with mountain bikers and rv ers. ...
Houston Recreation Area

23. Houston Recreation Area

Just relax at the Houston Recreation Area where mostly standard sites with lake views will ease you into the laid-back southern charm of the lazy...

Corinth Recreation Area

24. Corinth Recreation Area

Decidedly a nice place to stay, the Corinth Recreation Area is a small gem within the Sipsey Wilderness of William Bankhead National Forest....

Chickasaw Campground

25. Chickasaw Campground

If you think black belt is just for karate kids, it’s time for a trip to Chickasaw! This campground is the perfect access point for Alabama’s...

Florala Campground

26. Florala Campground

Florala’s main attraction may be Lake Jackson, one of the best places in the state for clean and clear freshwater fun, but most impressive is this...

Big Oak Physically Disabled Hunting Camp

27. Big Oak Physically Disabled Hunting Camp

The only handicap accessible hunting area in Talladega National Forest, Big Oak Physically Disabled Hunting Camp sits atop of...

Bladon Springs Campground

28. Bladon Springs Campground

Bladon Springs was once a mecca to those who believed in the healing power of springwater. Even though the spa has been defunct for some time, the...

Joe Wheeler Campground

29. Joe Wheeler Campground

This campground ain’t for your average joe. Waterfront lodge, championship golf course, full-service marina? Spoil yourself with a trip to Joe...

Lake Guntersville Campground

30. Lake Guntersville Campground

On the banks of the Tennessee River, hidden amidst 6,000 acres of lush woodlands, America’s greatest jewel awaits: the Bald Eagle. Camp on the...