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Best Camping in Louisiana

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Keachi Acres Cabins
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1. Keachi Acres Cabins

We have two screened bunkhouses that sleep up to 8 each. This is luxury camping with hot showers. There are roll down vinyl curtains for really...

Danny: Loved our stay here. Mary was an absolute delight, as well as her amazing border collies. The cabin was a perfect replica of...
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Cozy Cabin
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2. Cozy Cabin

Book a charming one room cabin loaded with amenities. Enjoy the solitude and star filled night sky.

Rachel: Our experience at Donna's cabin was lovely. After a long day on the road, we were greeted by a friendly farm kitten, some...
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Stuart Lake Campground

3. Stuart Lake Campground

Fancy yourself a little lakeside retreat? Why not send yourself and the crew on a well deserved getaway to Stuart Lake Campground? This is a small...

Marisa: 2 beautiful days away from civilization spent at this campground. We stayed in January, so there were only a handful of other...
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Fontainebleau Campground

4. Fontainebleau Campground

After having arrived amid the expansive 2,800 acres surrounding Lake Pontchartrain, campers at Fontainebleau Campground will be treated to a...

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Valentine Lake North Campground

5. Valentine Lake North Campground

Pay a visit to Valentine Lake North Campground, and you will get some love in the form of a sweet little lake where you can float your canoe, cast...

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Pine Woods Tent Camping
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6. Pine Woods Tent Camping

Pitch a tent in the pine woods near the pond and let the frogs and crickets sing you to sleep. Enjoy the solitude and star filled night sky.

Rachel: This sweet, secluded piece of land is nestled in the beautiful Piney Woods of northwestern Louisiana. The smell of the trees...
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Lower 9th Ward- Bayou Bienvenue Wetlands Triangle Camp
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7. Lower 9th Ward- Bayou Bienvenue Wetlands Triangle Camp

Sleep among true nature in a wetlands preserve in the heart of New Orleans. This is a private plot of land in Bayou Bienvenue Wetlands Triangle. It...

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Grand Isle Campground

8. Grand Isle Campground

Just off the Gulf of Mexico sits a peculiar, transfixing land mass. A body of terrafirma that serves as both a breakwater and scenic getaway for...

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Butterfly Camp
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9. Butterfly Camp

Come pitch your tent, and stay on our nature-oriented property. You'll be surrounded by butterflies, flowers, moths, humming birds, owls, night...

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Cypremort Point Campground

10. Cypremort Point Campground

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, we highly recommend camping at Cypremort Point. There’s a sandy beach with nearby picnic...

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Chicot Campground

11. Chicot Campground

Whether you rent one of its deluxe cabins or pitch your tent on its grounds, Chicot Campground has everything you need to explore Mother Nature on...

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Bogue Chitto Campground

12. Bogue Chitto Campground

When the bayou starts to get a bit too sticky, we recommend heading on over to Bogue Chitto Campground. With access to Bogue Chitto River for...

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Lake Bruin Campground

13. Lake Bruin Campground

Expanding over 3,000-acres, Lake Bruin is one of the most popular bodies of standing freshwater in all of Louisiana. Here, campers will be treated...

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North Toledo Bend Campground

14. North Toledo Bend Campground

Pack those po’ boy sandos, and head up to North Toledo Bend Campground. Here you can take your pick of premium and group campsites, or opt for the...

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Jimmie Davis Campground

15. Jimmie Davis Campground

Moated by surrounding Caney Lake, Jimmie Davis Campground is situated on the area’s jutting peninsula, inundated by a myriad of both flora and...

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Lake Fausse Pointe Campground

16. Lake Fausse Pointe Campground

Fishing, boating, canoeing, the lot! As you might have already guessed, Lake Fausse Pointe Campground is geared toward the water-loving among us,...

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Saint Bernard Campground

17. Saint Bernard Campground

Combing the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Bernard Campground is an ideal camping outlet for any outdoor-savvy individual visiting nearby New...

Lauren: HIPCAMP - I think you may want to double-check the location of your featured photograph for this camp spot. Mountains and...
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Boy Scout Camp

18. Boy Scout Camp

Totally primitive, totally beautiful, and totally free. Boy Scout Camp is used primarily by motorcycle campers, not boy scouts, but you’ll...

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Cloud Crossing Campground

19. Cloud Crossing Campground

The Cloud Crossing Campground is a mighty fine place to camp along the Saline Bayou National Wild and Scenic River. The campground has some lush...

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South Toledo Bend Campground

20. South Toledo Bend Campground

Echoed by the area’s vocal wildlife, South Toledo Bend Campground is a favorite among both naturalist and like-minded outdoorsmen (and women). Also...

Fairview Riverside Campground

21. Fairview Riverside Campground

Shaded by the surrounding hardwoods, branched by the foliage-cloaked bodies extending from their thick, keeled trunks, Farview River Campground is...

Palmetto Island Campground

22. Palmetto Island Campground

Featuring improved RV sites, some with an extra tent camping pad, Palmetto Island Campground is a fine choice to explore the waters of the...

Bayou Segnette Campground

23. Bayou Segnette Campground

Only a half hour drive from the illustrious city of New Orleans, you'll find satisfaction in beating the sticky heat while camping at Bayou...

Chemin-A-Haut Campground

24. Chemin-A-Haut Campground

Time to grab the whole fan-damily and head on over to Chemin-A-Haut campground. This place was designed with nature-lovers and kids in mind....

Lake D'Arbonne Campground

25. Lake D'Arbonne Campground

With the area’s crescent hills, metaphorically crashing into opposing meadows, this 655-acre natural landscape is a tranquil getaway, inundated by...

Lake Claiborne Campground

26. Lake Claiborne Campground

Sunscreen, check; tackle box, got it. Now just make sure to reserve a campsite. Lake Claiborne Campground is a natural water park of sorts, combed...

Lake Bistineau Campground

27. Lake Bistineau Campground

Combing the shores of Lake Bistineau, the area’s like-named campground is a mecca for the everyday angler. Born from a “log jam” in the adjacent...

Poverty Point Reservoir Campground

28. Poverty Point Reservoir Campground

With your choice of waterfront cabins, spacious lodges, RV digs, and tent camping, Poverty Point Reservoir Campground is far from spare change....

Hodges Gardens Campground

29. Hodges Gardens Campground

Hodge Gardens Campground is just that—an amassing of beguiling vegetation. Nestled within seven-hundred acres of the like named State Park. Better...

Sam Houston Jones Campground

30. Sam Houston Jones Campground

Taking its moniker from one of the Lone Star State’s most recognizable heroes, Sam Houston, this like-named campground is a bird watcher’s...