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Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
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Dora-Rozi Retreat

Dora-Rozi Retreat

100% Recommend – 5 Responses
Landa: We were looking for a last-minute place with very little light noise to watch the Persieid meteor show...
Direct book $45/night
A Place to Stay

A Place to Stay

90% Recommend – 57 Responses
Paul: This was better than we could have ever guessed. I don;t want to spoil the surprise but it has inspire...
Request book $45/night
Limekiln Campground

Limekiln Campground

98% Recommend – 72 Responses
David: The area is beautiful. My review is specific to the camping context. Looking at the photos, the sites...
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Rusty Hill Farm Homestead
Steven: This place is absolutely amazing. Christine and David are amazing hosts and have created a truly uniqu...
Request book $50/night
Camp WagMore

Camp WagMore

96% Recommend – 49 Responses
Casey: This property is a blast! Not only is it fun to pick a site amongst the oak trees, it is close to so m...
Direct book $25/night
Kirk Creek Campground
Aja: Listen raccoons. You think you're gonna sneak up up on me? This is not my first time at the rodeo. Don...
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Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground
Sasha: Rather than parking in the JPB lot and schlepping your stuff, drive another 1/4 mile or so down Hwy. 1...
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Bar SZ Ranch

Bar SZ Ranch

95% Recommend – 11 Responses
Maria: Bar SZ Ranch is a stunning property with the most hospitable land owners you’ll meet. My friends and...
Request book $50/night
The Corral

The Corral

100% Recommend – 4 Responses
Sean: Super fun spot! Buddy was wonderful in being in contact with us immediately and checking in occasiona...
Direct book $30/night
Plaskett Creek Campground
Hipcamper: I'm a fan of beaches, and Sand Dollar Beach is pretty dang rad (and directly across from the campground)!
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Pinnacles Campground
Oshie: Site 18 is secluded. Located at the end of the road, right by a closed gate. Few hundred feet beyond t...
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Arroyo Seco Campground
Tim: Hike in two miles to find camping riverside. From there, proceed another mile or so up the canyon, alt...
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Organic Farm in Wine Country
Colleen: We had a great time camping on Barbara's farm! The stay was very affordable, we had so much space to o...
Request book $25/night
Tash Creek

Tash Creek

67% Recommend – 3 Responses
Robert: Sharron, we had a great time and really appreciate your hospitality! We checked out Los Padres Nationa...
Request book $40/night
Off the Grid Camping in Nature
Stephanie: Bring your own tent to our private property in Cambria!  We can provide bell tents upon request!If you...
Direct book $50/night
Pianetta Ranch & Winery Camp
Tim: We had a short but sweet stay at Pianetta Ranch. Everyone we dealt with, from reservation to on-site, ...
Request book $80/night
Andrew Molera Trail Camp
Sasha: These sites are in a big open field, and while it makes for nice, flat camping, there is ZERO privacy....
First come, first serve
Redwood Rain Forest Camp
Kate: We had an amazing celebration and were so impressed at what the space had to offer. Kids paradise and ...
Request book $440/night
Flying Pig B'n'B

Flying Pig B'n'B

98% Recommend – 80 Responses
Sabrina: My boyfriend and I stayed at the Flying Pig B'n'B for one night and had an amazing time! Kim was a wo...
Request book $125/night
Nacimiento Camp Campground
Tori: This is a perfect option for peak times in Big Sur, when camp spots is hard to find. There are plenty ...
First come, first serve