Eleven Mile State Park

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About Eleven Mile State Park

Calling all starhounds! This is your chance to see the best of Colorado’s night sky. Find hot Milky Way action and some of the prettiest vistas in the state, day or night. When you aren’t setting up for the time lapse of a lifetime, spend your day discovering the hidden canyons along the reservoir by boat or hiking/biking the five miles of trails. Camp backcountry or along the shoreline for a truly wild experience, just be “bear aware” of the black bears that call Eleven Mile home. Other than the elusive bear (how could would it be to see one?!) there's tons of other wildlife to catch a glimpse of, including many migratory birds. An anglers paradise, you can catch ‘em and grill ‘em right here or try your hand at windsurfing if you’re not a prize fisherman. Eleven Mile is a truly special slice of Colorado that’s sure to fill your camera and your memory for a lifetime.

Campgrounds in Eleven Mile

Rockling Chair

1. Rockling Chair

This place a little shady and boy are we glad that it is! One of nine sites at Eleven Mile State Park, Rocking Chair campground is one of the few...

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Howbert Point

2. Howbert Point

An adorable little peninsula jutting into the Eleven Mile Reservoir, Howbert Point campground is a cozy place to snuggle up for the night. Wake up...

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North Shore

3. North Shore

Camp smarter, not harder is a good motto and if you plan on bringing your dinghy for some reservoir action, North Shore Campground is gonna make...

Rocky Ridge

4. Rocky Ridge

Holy campsites, batman! With five loops to choose from, Rocky Ridge is a surefire way to make friends with your campin’ neighbors. Trade brewskis...

Cross Creek

5. Cross Creek

Enter a higher state with a little waterfront yoga at sparsely populated Cross Creek Campground. Sitting near the northern tip of Eleven Mile...

Lazy Boy

6. Lazy Boy

An open vista of lake shore stretching for miles into the distance, Lazy Boy campground probably gets its name for stopping campers dead in their...

Stoll Mountain

7. Stoll Mountain

For the super adventurous, Stoll Mountain Campground offers a little more seclusivity than other campgrounds at Eleven Mile State Park but it also...

Witchers Cove

8. Witchers Cove

Infinity pools aren’t just for ritsy California chateaus. Welcome to Witchers Cove where the the liquid landscape drips off of the edge of the...


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Eleven Mile
June 5th, 2015
Eleven Mile
June 5th, 2015
Eleven Mile
June 5th, 2015
Eleven Mile
June 5th, 2015
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Eleven Mile


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History of Eleven Mile State Park

South Park, where both Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain State Parks are located, is a land of magnetic charms – rich in beauty, sparkling rivers, wildlife, mineral wealth, range land and legend. The immense upland valley is located in the geographic center of Colorado. It is a large plateau occupying approximately 900 square miles, varying in elevation from 8500 feet to 10,000 feet above sea level.