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Just off of Panoramic Highway in Mt. Tamalpais State Park, the Pantoll Campgrounds are about 100 yards from the parking area. Feeling wild? Try hiking up from the Matt Davis Hiking Trail to arrive by foot for some awesome Mount Tamalpais camping. Head out with your gear from the Stinson Beach Community Center to arrive at camp 1. 5-2 hours later. The reward? Sites stacked with Read more...

Just off of Panoramic Highway in Mt. Tamalpais State Park, the Pantoll Campgrounds are about 100 yards from the parking area. Feeling wild? Try hiking up from the Matt Davis Hiking Trail to arrive by foot for some awesome Mount Tamalpais camping. Head out with your gear from the Stinson Beach Community Center to arrive at camp 1.5-2 hours later. The reward? Sites stacked with all the basics so you can get your s’more, sip, slouch, and sunset on, far (but not too far) from civilization. Campsites offer drinking water, firewood, and restrooms with flush toilets. No showers are available, but who needs ‘em.

Fires are allowed
Potable water is available
Pets are allowed
  • Listing type: Public
  • No. of sites: 16
  • Phone: (415) 388-2070
  • Accessible by: Drive
  • Accommodation: Tent Only

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Hipcamper Sasha

Follow Old Mine Trail to the Easy Grade Trail for a *spectacular* place to watch the sunset. It takes less then 20 minutes to hit a spot with 270 degree views of the Bay Area and ocean.

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Hipcamper Andy

Perfect location for trail running in Mt Tam. 6.5 mile loop from here down to Stinson Beach via Matt Davis trail is a must -

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Hipcamper Pierre

We came by bike and enjoyed their bikers-and-hikers spot for only $5 per person. We shared the space with an old man who basically "hiked" from the bus stop.

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Hipcamper Nelson

Great experience. Even though we arrived at 9:30AM on Saturday we were able to get one of then last available first come, first serve campsites. We stayed at the smallest site (#14), which is directly in the fog line, so we would recommend getting one of spots closer to the parking lot, to avoid getting wet feet :)

In the night, went to the mountain theater (Check the schedule) to listen to lecture about astronomy and had the chance to watch the stars afterwards, through one of the provided telescopes.

Pantoll is a great place to start various hikes including Stinson beach and Muir woods. On Saturdays and Sundays 9:30AM they have guided hikes too.

For hikers and bikers they always have an extra spot.

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Hipcamper Caleb

A nice site within 30 minutes of San Francisco. We headed up there Friday after work and had no problem getting a site, though it was early December and a low of 40°F, so I didn't expect there to be too many people there.

Bring $25 cash per night to put in the box. You have to put a tag in your car so they know whether you've paid or not.

The sites are very close together. Not much privacy.

Each site has a fire ring and a little cabinet to put wood and stuff in. You can purchase firewood from the person in the RV at the bottom of the parking lot if the office is closed.

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Hipcamper Anthony

love our campsite we called and the ranger said to get 6 which we did he also said 11 and 16 are good. the rangers are so nice and helpful if you need any help call them beforehand trust me and be ready to carry all your stuff to the campsite have fun

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Hipcamper Sal

Very Popular spot to camp, as it is first come first serve there are people showing up as early as 6:30AM to secure a campsite on the weekends in summer time so show up early. It's $25 a night and it can be tough to find parking between 10Am-4PM during summer.

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Hipcamper Tessara

This was such a beautiful and ideal spot to camp at. Super close to the beach (4 miles), and so many trails to go hiking! LOVED camping here.

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Hipcamper Amy

We had a great weekend here! The sites are perfectly located for some great hiking down into Muir Woods or up to Mount Tam's peak. We arrived Thursday afternoon since it was a long weekend and we wanted to be sure to get a spot - we were the first ones there and had our pick. The sites are sort of close together and not far from the road, but still great bang for your buck. Will come back!

Hipcamper jon

Easy drive to get to and perfect location to do any of the numerous trails around. You can hike up the mountain or hike down to Stenson Beach.

We got here on Sunday at 6pm and there was still several of the 'first come first serve' camps left. We didn't bring any firewood and were easily able to collect everything we needed to keep a fire going for several hours. We got here and decided it would be nice to have a beer or two and found a market at Stinson Beach only 12 minutes away. Be sure to bring warm clothes; during the day you're above the fog and it can be sunny and warm but at night the fog will roll in and it can get very cold.

Hipcamper Haley

Awesome location for hiking--we did the Stinson Beach loop on day one, and hiked to the summit of Mt. Tam on day two. We were able to get a spot on a Saturday in August, but only because we got there EARLY--I got there before 7am and there were people already waiting for a spot. Same goes for parking: the lot had completely filled up by 9am. (That said, when we left on Monday there were a ton of sites left unoccupied.)
Best spots are 16, 15, 13, 10, and 11, although 6-9 aren't bad. We were at 16, and while it was a steep little hike to get there, it was one of the most secluded spots. I personally would try to avoid 1-5 if possible....while they're an easier walk, they are very close to the parking lot with very little privacy.

Hipcamper Timothy

Great little first come, first serve campground.
Got there around 6:45am on a Friday (Veterans Day Weekend) to secure my spot, and there were already 3 parties ahead of me.
If you arrive before the camp ranger, there are envelopes for you to put your camping fee in.
Cost is $25 bucks a night, and that includes parking.
Stayed in site 9, which turned out to be a perfect spot to solo camp. If you're coming with a group, definitely try to grab spots 10&11. They are stacked on top of each other, but are more isolated than most of the other spots.
They sell firewood at the Rangers office for $8 a bundle.

Hipcamper Maggie

Can anyone tell me how much space there is in the food lockers? Approximate dimensions? Thanks guys!

Hipcamper Cydney

Camping here was a nightmare. Had yellow jackets swarm us from sunrise to sunset. Couldn't cook without them flying around us. I'm surprised that I did not get stung.
We stored our food in the lockers provided and that too, was just covered in bees. We ended up eating in out tent. Packed up the next day and left as we were unable to even cook breakfast and enjoy the crisp air. Very unfortunate.

Hipcamper Jenny

I planned a camping trip here with my boyfriend for his birthday so we could hike Alamere Falls. It's a perfect location to stay at for a few days and check out all the hikes in the area. There's a great parking lot, with clean bathrooms and water fountains to fill up water bottles. You don't have to go far to find amazing views, and there are hikes to suit all skill levels. It is first come, first serve though, so make sure you plan ahead for that!

There are fire pits at the camp sites, and there's not too much privacy between each site.

Make sure you bring cash.

Hipcamper Alex

Parked at the Stinson beach community center and hiked up. Theres a small general store near the base if you forget anything.
Its a 3.9 mile hike to the campsite which starts uphill. Its a gorgeous hike with views of the beach and woods. Save some weight by not bringing as much water, there is water at each campsite. There is also firewood for $8.
Campsite is a slope uphill, numbers start 1-16 from the bottom of the site / parking lot with the higher numbers on the ridge. Best sites are 16, 11, 13 as they are on the peak and more secluded. 6 is also OK.
$5 per person camping if you hike or bike in.
$8 for your car.
$25 per camp site.
Great hike!

Hipcamper Sue

Super convenient as it is so close to the city. The campground is beautiful and well maintained. Each site has a firepit and its own water source. It's so close that you actually get a view of the city / bridge on one side if you're on site 16 (site at the top of the campground hill).

The only thing I didn't like was that I had to lug all my stuff up the giant hill from the parking lot. I was solo camping, so it took a few trips back and forth.

They sell bundles of wood for $8. Cash only.

Hipcamper Sully

Vangoers- it's all hike in (but the campsites are just a stone's throw from the parking lot). But you can park in the lower parking level and be undisturbed for the night. There's one van/RV spot (bottom right of the parking lot) that has access to its own fire pit and picnic table.

Hipcamper Delaney

First come, first serve.

I came up on a Sunday so it was no problem to secure a spot. Very friendly ranger that allowed me to browse spots before choosing.

It gets darker earlier because of the canopy, so set up camp before heading out on any sunset hikes. You are right at the base of a ton of trailheads so take your pic of coast or bay.

The sites had a fire pit, grill, table and a sizable lock box.

Hipcamper Stephanie

Camped here last minute I think we were at #14. Close by Stinsons :) Loved this site because it was so pretty. The weather wasn't the best when we stayed here. Wasn't sure if it was just raining or just the mist from the trees. Started at night til check out night- Thankfully our tent (Marmot Limelight) stayed dry all night. I didn't mind it cus of the experience but some people left early. I guess my only suggestion is to not camp here if your tent gets moist? hahaha

I would totally be down to go here again!

Hipcamper Michael

This site is in the mountains near the ocean, so be aware that heavy fog will build up condensation on the trees which will rain down over the site starting in the middle of the night until the early morning. Anything left out will get wet. Great spot with lots of hiking options to choose from. The info booth has all the details on the activities available. The lower campsites are very close together and close to the parking lot/ road. If you want some privacy it's best to choose the campsites higher up.

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