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Tall-Grass Prairie and River Stay

in Draco Hill Farm, Iowa
Ben D.
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(Site 2)
August 17th, 2018

Had a great time at Draco Hill Farm. We never met our host but the path was pretty clear to the campsite. We have a Subaru Impreza and the clearance was fine. We initially booked the site which had more coverage from trees, but ended up going to the other site since no one was there.

Had a great time in the sun the next day and swimming in the river. We found FANTASTIC HUGE fossils in the river. I think we got lucky with the one enormous fossilized coral we found it was about 5" x 4" x 2" complete coral fossil. Still need to identify it.

The camp site areaFossils from the riverThe riverCyanotype on tshirts

Pleasant View Gettaway

in Pleasant View Gettaway, Iowa
Ben D.
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(Site 1)
July 28th, 2018

Had a great time here and saw an adult bald eagle and juvenile bald eagle in their giant eagles nest a super short walk from the campsite. Also we could hear them talking to each other from our campsite :)
So beautiful there!


in Gilles Family Dairy & Woodland, Minnesota
Ben D.
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July 7th, 2018

The wooden tent was great and Mike was awesome. There are lots of trails he cut into his woods which are really nice. This was my first hipcamp experience and it makes me want to do another one.

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