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Caywood Lakeside Campsite

in Caywood Lakefront Campsite, New York
Alex D.
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July 16th, 2018

Bill's place is something special. He is a thoughtful host. There was firewood, water, s small charcoal grill and various sundries available at the site. The land itself is gorgeous with rolling fields, woods, and a gorge area. The screened in "cabin" with deck had wonderful views and the location is convenient to wineries and the various state parks and natural wonders around Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. No need to pitch a tent unless you want to, there was plenty of room for two adults and two children in the shelter. Very private setting and a short, scenic, but sometimes steep walk to the large beach area (Mulberry tree with tasty berries by the beach). There is a canoe and kayak there for exploring as well. Of added convenience was access to a bathroom on site.

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