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Lake Murray
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The best camping near Lake Murray, South Carolina.

Cooper's Farm & The Other Place
Cole: Plenty of room for privacy and primitively calling !
Direct book$20/night
Trail Blazer Survival Camp
Andrew: This location was a nice getaway. With primitive camping and free-range of the land, it was nice to be...
Request book$20/night
Rosewood Farm & Agripark
Katie: Ever feel like you need to just get away for a day or two? Have you ever fallen asleep under the stars...
Direct book$40/night
Lake Tata Grove
Kenneth : Come camp on a working farm with cattle and horses. Fishing, swimming, cooking out, and year-round...
Direct book$40/night
Starry Pines
Vaclav: Nice camping place, unfortunately the water in the little lake is not really suitable for swimming . M...
Direct book$15/night
Camper in the Woods
Judy: Beautiful wooded location with a 26' camper with all necessary amenities included. Full kitchen, bath...
Direct book$50/night
Camping by the DuckPond
Judy: Camping by the DuckPond is primitive to semi-primitive camping. Open areas surrounded by trees and...
Direct book$30/night
Horse Heaven
Kylie: Come set up camp in our plethora of pine trees, wake up to the sound of nature. Here on the farm we...
Direct book$20/night
Creekside in Edgefield
Paul: You can pitch a tent or hang a hammock near a small stream or up the hill away from the reek. It is...
Request book$11/night
Weekend at the Farm!
Brandon: We are a family farm in a small town out in the sticks. We own right about 90 acres of family land...
Request book$30/night
Georges Riverside Jungle Camp
William Reed
William Reed: Won't be able to stay
Direct book$150/night
Rosewood Rendezvous Tiny Cabin
Katie: This is the first of 6 cabins to be built at Rosewood Farm and Agripark! It will ultimately be a...
Direct book$80/night
Lake Wataree Campground
Patricia: Great campground, great boating and fishing but only one or two campsites where you can beach boat at ...
Public campground
Sequicentennial Campground
Patricia: Small area. Good for younger kids who like hiking and bank fishing. Kinda boring for older kids. Grea...
Public campground
Dreher Island Campground
Patricia: Great boating and fishing lake. Can't beach boat at the campsite.
Public campground
Aiken Campground
Liz: Were here in the off-season, and where one of 2 campers plus the campground host. Beautiful long-leaf ...
Public campground
Brick House Campground
Hike, bike, hunt, horseback ride, and just straight up chill to your heart’s content at Brick House...
Public campground
Rocky Branch Seasonal Camp
Rocky Branch Seasonal Camp is abundant with both migratory and resident fauna, populating the confines...
Public campground
Sedalia Campground
Rejoice, thirst-quenched campers! Water is near! Strung together by an otherwise thread of primitive...
Public campground
Lake Greenwood Campground
Patricia: Huge campgrounds but they pack you in like sardines. Great boating and fishing lake.
Public campground