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Carson National Forest

Carson National Forest, New Mexico

Come get lost in the wild, enchanted lands of New Mexico! One of five unearthly National Forests in this great state, Carson National Forest is open for business all year round, and never fails to Read more...
Come get lost in the wild, enchanted lands of New Mexico! One of five unearthly National Forests in this great state, Carson National Forest is open for business all year round, and never fails to bring the heat with magnificent mountain scenery and some seriously stunning natural features. If solitude is your muse than look no further! Cold mountain streams, ample trout fishing, and out of sight camping is sure to give you your fix. With over 1.5 million acres laden with high ridges, dense vegetation and some of the cleanest air you’re likely to find west of the Mississippi, Carson is simply the epitome of Southwestern frontier!
Santa Barbara Campground
Mia: Beautiful campground. We practically had it to ourselves. We visited in late September 2016 just befor...
Public campground
Fawn Lakes Campground
Kate: Do you like to fish? Are you exploring the Enchanted Circle? Stay here! The campground is nice with...
Public campground
El Rito Campground
Maddy: This spot was way better than I imagined. The camping is sort of dispersed but there were bathrooms wh...
Public campground
Canjilon Lakes
Experience the latest craze of high altitude picnicking at Canjilon Lakes Campground. OK, so maybe...
Public campground
Canjilon Creek
A small camp located on a primitive road, Canjilon Campground will build your aerobic endurance. It’s...
Public campground
Hopewell Lake Campground
Kate: This is one of my favorite places to camp. Sites are mostly well separated and there's just the right ...
Public campground
Cebolla Mesa Campground
Located about eight miles southwest of Questa, is Cebolla Mesa Campground. It puts you about one mile...
Public campground
Trout Lakes
Set among quiet green forests in the New Mexican landscape, Trout Lake Campground’s beauty only...
Public campground
Lower Hondo Campground
Nestled in the forest off the Rio Hondo is Lower Hondo Campground. It makes a decent spot to camp if...
Public campground
Cuchillo Del Medio Campground
Cuchillo Del Medio is a small campground located right on the Rio Hondo. That being the case, you’ll...
Public campground
Cuchilla Campground
Ashlee: Great little campsite on a creek. Easily accessible, on the road from Taos up to the Ski area. The bes...
Public campground
Las Petacas Campground
Placed in a scenic canyon, Las Petacas Campground gives anglers some great fishing opportunities on...
Public campground
Goat Hill Campground
Just four miles east of the village is Goat Hill Campground. This camp is limited on sites, but...
Public campground
Echo Campground
Echo Campground is a year-round site located about 10 miles southwest of Canjilon. Scenery is pretty...
Public campground
Lagunitas Campground
Adjacent to the scenic Cruces Basin is the lightly-used Lagunitas Campground. It’s an extremely serene...
Public campground
Cruces Basin Campground
Cruces Basin Campground is for anyone who has the gumption to survive for a couple days out in the...
Public campground
La Sombra Campground
La Sombra Campground is a popular family spot with easy access to the Rio Fernando for fishing. There...
Public campground
Capulin Campground
For a popular roadside spot, check out Capulin Campground. It is conveniently located along US Route...
Public campground
Los Pinos Campground
Featuring awesome river fishing just west of the New Mexico Game and Fish Recreation Area, Los Pinos...
Public campground
Twining Campground
Located near the Taos Ski Valley, Twining Campground is a small camp that would be great for those...
Public campground
La Bobita Campground
La Bobita Campground is an overflow camp open only when all other nearby sites are maxed out. That is...
Public campground
Cabresto Lake Campground
Amber: It's a bumpy ride to this campground-I wouldn't recommend it for vehicles that are not 4wd. We camped...
Public campground
Comales Campground
Comales Campground is located right on the Rio Pueblo, and at the head of the Comales Canyon and Cañon...
Public campground
Junebug Campground
Keely: Nice little campground. All sites are either directly on the river or just across the small road that...
Public campground
Agua Piedra Campground
Kate: This is my favorite campground in this area! The improvements are nice and it's usually not too crowd...
Public campground
Agua Piedra Group Shelter
Agua Piedra Group Campground features two shelters located on the Rio Pueblo. They are located in...
Public campground
La Junta Canyon Campground
Dillon: La Junta is a Forrest Road with nice dispersed sites and a few small campgrounds scattered. Pit toilet...
Public campground
Duran Canyon Campground
Located just off Duran Creek, Duran Canyon Campground is situated at an impressive 9,000 feet of...
Public campground
Upper La Junta Campground
Daniel: Stayed at this site one night each week from late Sept. thru mid November, 2016.
Public campground
Cimarron Campground
Amber: Beautiful!!! We showed up on Sunday eve of Labor Day wknd and there were only a handful of people! E...
Public campground
McCrystal Campground
McCrystal Campground is located in Valle Vidal (Valley of Life). This is prime elk and bear country...
Public campground
Cedar Springs Campground
Cedar Springs Campground is a lightly used camp located at 7,300 feet of elevation in the New Mexican...
Public campground
Buzzard Park Campground
Buzzard Park Campground is a small camp at 7,300 feet of elevation amongst a ponderosa forest west of...
Public campground
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Bus House Hostel
Maegen: We had such a fun time at the Bus House Hostel! It was within 15 minutes of Taos and some nearby hot s...
Request book$25/night
Vintage Trailer with Open Skies
John: I think my great experience first starts with Patrick, your host. Aside from being very accommodating ...
Request book$95/night
1953 Camper with Outside Deck
Patrick: Meet our classic 1953 Vagabond, Judd. He abides to showing everyone a good time. Vagabonds are a...
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Taos Style Vintage Airstream
Patrick: Meet Ralphie, a 26’ Airstream Overlander that’s spent his life exploring the canyons, shredding the...
Direct book$80/night
Tiny House, Big River
Tyler: Tiny house and tipi on the river. Just off the highway 15 minutes from Taos
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Lavish Vintage Trailer
Patrick: We call him Capitan. No, he's not your average sailer. Capitan has come from the crests of the...
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Chameleon, Rustic Cabin
Maddy: We had a much-needed relaxing time at this charming, rustic cabin. The deck + fireplace right on the P...
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DH Lawrence Eco-Cabin
Kat: We had such a great stay here! Everyone was so friendly and the owners took us around for a tour of th...
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Darby: I had the most enjoyable time with Arvo and Mallory! They took me swimming, mushroom hunting and on a ...
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Beautifully Restored Trailer
Patrick: Meet Dona, your coolest family member that surfed the 60’s Americana wave and makes you wonder if you...
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Charming Vintage Trailer
Sam: Only problem with our visit at Hotel Luna Mystica was that we couldn’t stay an extra night! Tiny littl...
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Vintage Trailer with SW Decor
Patrick: Meet our beautiful 33’ Spartan Imperial Manor, Jazzy. Known for being an entertainer and true fifties...
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Luxurious Vintage Trailer
Patrick: Meet Esmerelda! This mysterious gem is waiting to show you a good time. Her open layout and copper...
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Riverside Refuge
Aurolyn: Couple acres of undeveloped farmland on the banks of the Rio Grande, 3 miles from the charming little...
Direct book$20/night
Tent camping in Taos!
Nyna: The SpaceThe tent space available is located on our 3 acre sustainable living project. We are a family...
Direct book$25/night
Perfect Spot for Budget Campers
Patrick: Meet Thelma, the more playful sister of our Avion pair. When we found Thelma she was just about to...
Request book$80/night
Frieda Lawrence Eco-Cabin
Kat: This cabin is attached to the DH Lawrence cabin, so it has the same amenities but with its own unique ...
Request book$99/night
High Road Farmstead Camp
Andi: We enjoyed our time at High Road Farmstead Camp. The setting is beautiful! The outhouse is the coolest...
Direct book$33/night
Taos Goji Farm Campsites
Kat: This is seriously a unique camping experience! You are camping on a farm under apple trees, next to go...
Direct book$40/night
Mountain Valley Serenity &River
Anastasia: Pitch your tent in our cottonwood grove beside our trout filled stream. Our main house is just a...
Direct book$35/night