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Best Camping in New Mexico

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1. Chameleon

Chameleon: 2 room cabin, NO running water and no toilet facilities in the casita, sleeps 4, possibly 5, two (2) double beds in the bedroom, and a...

Maddy: We had a much-needed relaxing time at this charming, rustic cabin. The deck + fireplace right on the Pecos River was so dreamy....
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The Pond House  (April-October)
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2. The Pond House (April-October)

The Pond House is a 10' X 10' waterproof gazebo, covered in flowering vines, bordered by the 'lower' pond and surrounded in orchard trees. ...

Maddy: For those of us who crave the night sky, the symphony of trickling water and the scent of early morning dew before coffee, The...
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Billy's Bungalow
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3. Billy's Bungalow

The Bungalow's spacious studio floor plan is complete with a queen sized bed, reading lights (with USB ports), commode, sink, closet, ceiling...

Maddy: Absolutely blown away! This handcrafted oasis beat all my expectations. Beth was such a thoughtful, caring, creative host with...
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Black Canyon Campground - Upper

4. Black Canyon Campground - Upper

Approximately 30 miles from the Wilderness Ranger District’s offices, Upper Black Canyon Campground can really give you some privacy. Just be sure...

Pete: Quite the drive, but extremely worth it. Very secluded spot of two primitive campsites. No water, but there is a vault toilet...
San Antonio Campground

5. San Antonio Campground

Completely rebuilt in 2010, San Antonio Campground is located right next to the river of its namesake at 7,600 feet of elevation. Ponderosa pine...

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Anasazi Ruin Family Glamping Cabin
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6. Anasazi Ruin Family Glamping Cabin

Anasazi Ruin Family Glamping Cabin is located within the only twenty mile long gated box canyon in the Chama Wilderness. The cabin includes a...

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Black Canyon Campground

7. Black Canyon Campground

Probably the most popular camp in the area, Black Canyon Campground is just eight miles from downtown Santa Fe. There’s a choice one mile hiking...

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El Rito Campground

8. El Rito Campground

Fishing and hiking are the activities of choice at El Rito Campground. And once you’re tuckered out, there is plenty of space to grill up a...

Maddy: This spot was way better than I imagined. The camping is sort of dispersed but there were bathrooms where we stayed. We pulled...
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Jemez Falls Campground

9. Jemez Falls Campground

Your intuition is correct, Jemez Falls Campground has a waterfall! The campsites themselves are located amongst ponderosa pine trees and forest...

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Bluff Springs Dispersed Campsites

10. Bluff Springs Dispersed Campsites

Wouldn’t you love to just listen to the sound of a rushing waterfall all day? The partially developed picnic and dispersed camping area at Bluff...

Jenny: Beautiful spot, beautiful forest! We were blown away, you would never guess this is all in the US, much less New Mexico. Lush...
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Saddle Campground

11. Saddle Campground

Travel up, up and away from the desert floor at Saddle Campground. The 9,000 feet of elevation lets you experience a refreshing mountain cool...

Johnross: Stayed specifically on Saddle Campground -- Lot 12. Website of the campground were tricky, but getting there wasn't too...
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Lagunitas Campground

12. Lagunitas Campground

Adjacent to the scenic Cruces Basin is the lightly-used Lagunitas Campground. It’s an extremely serene setting with several small lakes at the head...

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13. Hermitory

The Hermitory is a single efficiency with futon, sink, rain-water catchment, outhouse wood-stove and trombe wall. Friendly pets ok. Located on 10...

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Upmarket yurt peaceful Setting
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14. Upmarket yurt peaceful Setting

Our yurt is close to The Turquoise Trail (20 mins), Santa Fe (1 and half hours), and Albuquerque (40 mins). You’ll love our place because of the...

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Maverick Campground

15. Maverick Campground

This spot is the ideal getaway for all you free-spirited individuals. Maverick Campground is located on the east end of the Cimarron River, several...

Mark: Campsites are tight. Stayed at site 39, right off lake, but on top of neighbors. Aim for sites on the outer edges, they're...
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Sleepy Grass Campground

16. Sleepy Grass Campground

Located in a quiet forest setting, Sleepy Grass Campground lives up to its name. Hiking is a good recreational activity here and just about anyone...

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Las Petacas Campground

17. Las Petacas Campground

Placed in a scenic canyon, Las Petacas Campground gives anglers some great fishing opportunities on the Rio Fernando. You’ll be only four miles...

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Cottonwood Campground

18. Cottonwood Campground

Mermaids, fish, and other water lovers will be enchanted by Navajo Lake. It’s a haven for boaters of every stripe including motorized boaters,...

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Fawn Lakes Campground

19. Fawn Lakes Campground

With a recent makeover, Fawn Lakes Campground is looking better than ever. It features two paved camping loops, each with its own small fishing...

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Big Tesuque Campground

20. Big Tesuque Campground

Just a dozen miles from downtown Santa Fe, Big Tesuque Campground is a small forested camp off a scenic byway (NM 475). In the fall, space becomes...

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West Camp
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21. West Camp

West Camp Is Available only with Anasazi CabinWhen two families "Glamp" together and wish to sleep in separate areas, West Camp is available for...

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Aspen Basin Campground

22. Aspen Basin Campground

Primarily serving backpackers on trips into the Pecos Wilderness, Aspen Basin Campground is a relatively undeveloped camp near the Santa Fe Ski...

Jillian: Terrific campsite, right on top of the Santa Fe National Forest. If you follow the road until you can't go any further, you've...
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Jacks Creek Campground

23. Jacks Creek Campground

For that full mountain experience, choose Jacks Creek Campground. Tree lovers will rejoice among the aspens and mixed conifers, and everyone can...

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Silver Campground

24. Silver Campground

Silver Campground’s sites are close together, so be prepared to get a little cozy with the neighbors if you come here. The good news is that with...

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Rockhound State Park Campground

25. Rockhound State Park Campground

Welcome to Rockhound State Park campground where the tallest vegetation is a cactus. Put on your sombrero and slap on the sunscreen before taking a...

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Oliver Lee Memorial State Park Campground

26. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park Campground

Wild desert flora, and the dramatic escarpments of the Sacramento Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert make up the awe-inspiring backdrop of Oliver...

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Goat Hill Campground

27. Goat Hill Campground

Just four miles east of the village is Goat Hill Campground. This camp is limited on sites, but certainly not on things to do. This area is ripe...

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Cuchilla Campground

28. Cuchilla Campground

Just 13 miles north of Taos is Cuchilla Campground. What it lacks in number of sites it definitely makes up for with fishing access to the Rio...

Ashlee: Great little campsite on a creek. Easily accessible, on the road from Taos up to the Ski area. The best sites (in my opinion)...
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Pasture Lake Campground

29. Pasture Lake Campground

You won’t mind putting yourself out to pasture at Pasture Campground; with space for RVers and tent-lovers, this quiet little loop provides access...

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Devil's Inkwell Campground

30. Devil's Inkwell Campground

The water of Devil’s Inkwell is stained turquoise by submerged aquatic plants, giving it the illusion of great depth. . . like an inkwell! The...

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